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  • RedArrow182
    5 posts

    @frede_spade did you get a response? I'm having the exact same issue.

  • RedArrow182
    5 posts

    Same issue. 75 hours in I don't particularly want to restart...

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 438 posts

    Hey everyone,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue.

    The team are looking into this but have requested save files of affected users, to assist in their investigation. If you could reach out to our support teams on Facebook and Twitter, they will be able to gather than information from you.

    Official Response
  • Frede_Spade
    4 posts

    @redarrow182 No not yet, but hopefully soon..

  • annatomia
    4 posts

    I’m supposed to search for him. I’m in an underground chamber where a cutscene is supposed to start, but it doesn’t and I’m blocked here.

  • iwajabitw
    23 posts

    @annatomia If this is where the lady is washing the floor/body, this happened to me last night. What I found out that finally got it working was simple but stupid. The upper room where the guards are, I came in through a side window and took them all out, then proceeded through the door and down stairs. Well you cant do that. Odins sight finally revealed I had to enter castle through that entrance that over looks the lower fort. Then it allowed me to get the clue in the guard room and the cut scene started when I got downstairs. Hope that works...I noticed on several quests you are locked into procedure on what triggers the next scene or event. Really stupid they did it that way. Clear a whole fort out, but then you have to go all the way back to the main gate walk through they way they wrote it to get someone to follow you or trigger the next step.

  • Esmeralda1458
    7 posts

    I am also having this issue. I was able to track it, saved game mid mission and upon reloading it wouldn't load the quest objective. I went and talked to the people in the hospice but it won't progress any further.

  • dcusato24
    1 posts

    Has anyone got any updates on this?? Finally got to the point where I’ve done everything except for finish the story because of this ONE quest. 102 hrs in. Help us @ubisoft ,your our only hope

  • xDAMONx2k
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  • davidl70
    1 posts

    While i was gathering the ability books i seem to have pick up a quest item before it was needed and now im at the quest and i wont progress further nothing works so im reporting this to be fixed while i do other alliance areas

  • annatomia
    4 posts

    @iwajabitw thank you but unfortunately that doesn’t work 😞 I can’t even select the quest, like even though I’m already following the quest it doesn’t show up. I keep getting the message to go to the quest menu to choose one...

  • GrimReefer6769
    7 posts

    @UbiKobold Any news would be better than no news, so has there been any updates on if this issue is going to be fixed? With nearly 100 hours played and currently sitting at a power level of 248 I'd rather not start over again and HOPE that I don't run into this bug the second time through... We are all waiting for any kind of news or info regarding this major bug being fixed.

  • st3v3423
    1 posts
  • waterbrid
    8 posts

    @ubi-swaggins How long should it take them to respond. I contacted them 7 hours ago but have not gotten a response.

  • thewizardhalo
    1 posts

    having the same problem i have the brooch in my inventory but can't turn it in hoping there is a fix soon because there is no way i'm starting a new game already have over 100 hours and over 400 skill points.

  • RBradigan
    11 posts

    I'm on PC and I am experiencing a game breaking bug that physically will not let me progress in the game. I have 70hours in my playthrough, and I am stuck on the "In the absence of an Ealdorman" quest. During this quest, I am required to search the Ealdorman's body for something I can bring back to his son as proof that he is dead. I have already collected the Ealdorman's brooch earlier in my playthrough, and the game doesn't recognize that I already have this item. Now the quest in the top left corner is blank, and there is no quest objective. It only says the quest name, and there are no markers, or anything else for me to do because I cannot collect the brooch again. I picked it up earlier in the story as I was exploring for new items. I have tried verifying my game files but nothing helps. I have already contacted customer support but they have not responded in 24 hours so far and I know many others are experiencing this problem so I hope this post can shed some light on other peoples problems as well. This is the worst type of bug in a game, as it literally disables me from playing anymore. This quest is a part of the main storyline, so I can't do anything until this is resolved. Someone help please.

    7 posts

    Just ran into this bug, thought I would see if anyone else is having the same issue and yep... seems so ugh
    On all platforms too ... this is EXTREMELY frustrating

    7 posts

    This mission, “In Absence of the Ealdorman” is still bug, I have the item (Brooch) from the Fathers dead body but after that cannot do/progress any further in this story arc, MANY people on ALL platforms are having the same issue.

  • Cm23xTuRnErx
    9 posts

    Still haven't heard anything back from ubisoft support on twitter they clearly don't give a [censored] about us... they take the actual [censored].... At this rate I'm going to end up buying call of duty... 😂

  • Dayer69
    3 posts

    The quest stops tracking when I am supposed to search the area for clues where the Eldorman's boby is.

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