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  • nin8220
    9 posts

    No crash.
    Xbox one.
    Same issue like every one else.

  • sentryus12
    4 posts

    No crash
    Pc platform
    I looted the brooch before started the In The Absence of an Ealdorman quest.Now the brooch is in my inventory but the game doesn't recognize it,now i'm stuck without having any objective

  • Emazon_95
    4 posts

    No crash before

  • iwajabitw
    23 posts

    @frede_spade and others. What happened to me here is, i came in a side window and killed the guards and went down stairs to the body. Nothing happened. Took about an hour of trials to finally get an indicator that showed I needed to come through the front window facing the lower fort in the guards room. Then odins sight let me see the clue and I got the cut seen in the basement. Hope this works for you.

  • sentryus12
    4 posts

    @UbiExcellent exactly the same issue on PC,no quest objective if you loot the broch before the quest starts

  • Cm23xTuRnErx
    9 posts

    @ubiexcellent I play on ps4 and the game didn't crash I think I explored the castle and picked it up way before I even took the quest line on I've recorded a video but I don't know how to post it? Via phone as I don't own a computer

  • alkung30210
    1 posts

    I use dual-wield and get the mission item, which is the Hundbeorht's Brooch,before i start the mission.and when I do the mission, I cant get the brooch(cause it is already in my pocket)then I'm stucked. The mission just stop and I can't continue the task. I get the brooch long time ago(about 60 game hours ago)so I don't want to go back and play this all again. But it seems like I can never continue with the lincolnshire mission if this bug exist. I really love this game and enjoy it. Please fix it. Thx.

  • GrimReaper1979
    2 posts


    same as everyone.

    playing on ps5

    no crash

    just shows “in the absence of an Ealdorman “ no objective.

    I did pick up the brooch looting earlier in the game. Item shows in my quest item inventory.

    3 order members to go with all other missions I can do completed. This bug stops all progress.

  • GorgeousTim
    1 posts

    Another to add to this list, it worked the first time but then game glitched out and i lost a few hours worth of save and when i went back to this mission i cant get past the scroll it is visible but can't
    interact with it

    7 posts


    Im on Xbox Series X

    No crash or anything
    I happened to pick up the Brooch whilst exploring before doing the story mission, I generally find all wealth/artifacts and mysterious in a area then I’ll progress with the story so in doing so I accidentally picked up the Brooch which is story related but at the time I didn’t know.

    When I did the story and got upto the part where I need to pick it up to show his son that his father is dead, that is when the quest objective bugged and couldn’t progress.

    I did however load another save file, 4 hours back, in which I lost all weath/artifacts and mysterious for Licolnscire 😞 but I didn’t have the Brooch in my inventory

    Did the story first and worked fine, just now I have to repeat all the artifacts/weath and mysteries

    The problem is people are picking up the Brooch before the quest, resulting in that when you get to the quest and you need to pick up the Brooch, because it isn’t there, it’s already in your inventory, it bugs out.

  • matsmith19
    2 posts


    hey I’m having the exact same issue on Xbox. No more waypoint, and it won’t let me continue the mission in any way. Even loading old saves doesn’t help. My gamer tag is smithfromcincy. HELP!!!

  • matsmith19
    2 posts

    @ubi-spud I should also add that when I have the mission selected I get prompted to “select a new mission”. Something is definitely not clicking

  • RBradigan
    11 posts


    Can you please give us any sort of confirmation or assurance something will be done? These posts have been made for almost 2 weeks now and its not even on the known issues page. None of us can even play the game anymore. We all paid $60 and we literally cannot play the game. This is urgent lol it seems like nobody is paying attention to this game breaking bug.

  • TheChetu
    3 posts

    I have this same issue as well. Attached is an image of the quest with no objective and the item already in my inventory, obtained before starting the questline which seems to be the cause of the issue.

  • Aerial_Arts
    29 posts

    I'm completely stuck on the quest "in the absence of an Ealdorman".
    i previously found the room where you locate the ealdorman before i started the quest and found the brooch before the quest,
    now i have the brooch in my inventory and the quest won't update since i haven't picked it up..... so im stuck and can't make any further progress in the game.

    any workarounds for this or do i simply have to wait for a patch/hotfix?

  • Classic_Tv
    4 posts


    Didn't Crash

    Playing on PC

    After I got the brooch it didn't give me the following objective, to return the object to the son.

  • VcGalaxy
    1 posts

    Same here it’s just when you loot the brooch before doing the missions. I shouldn’t have to load a save from 5 hours before just to continue and lose all my other progress. Fix this cause the update we just had should’ve fixed all these bugs.

  • puckman63
    1 posts

    In chapter 3 of the quest i must find and speak to Ealdorman Hundbeorht. after making it through Bolingbroc Castle i head into a room with a lady cleaning the foot of a throne no one is sitting in and she appears to be talking to herself. there is a dead body on the ground and Eivor slows his walk as if about to enter a cut scene however no cutscene starts. i can approach the throne and nothing starts cannot interact with anything in the room and leaving it returns everything to normal however my quest is leading me to the room and i cannot progress. i have reloaded older saves restarted the game pledged to another area and then returned to the castle yet nothing has fixed the bug. please help

  • jacobirish123
    2 posts

    Hello, I'm on what appears to be one of the final missions in the Lincolnshire segment. After choosing Aulfgard as the new Ealdorman, I see him and his crew waiting across the bridge for me so we can go and raid the traitor Bishop, but actually speaking with the new ealdorman is not possible. I run all around him, prompt fights with passing guards that he will engage in, kill civilians to resynchronize - and am still unable to get him to speak with me. I have tried everything. Including completing entirely different pledge sections to return to Lincolnshire, unable to continue beyond this point "Speak to new Ealdorman". I also tried traveling to the mission's monastery to assassinate the Bishop on my own, but he is unable to be harmed. I'm unable to beat this section and therefore the game... Please help!

  • saikopk
    2 posts

    ps4 same problem i pick up the Brooch before the story mission (no crash) .2 weeks now i cant play the game

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