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  • fe4r_0f_G0d
    3 posts

    Stuck with Galwyna

    hope this can be fix. Two story cannot proceed since there's a bug.

  • Titolumus
    1 posts

    Same problem. I started playing the game on the ps4 and it happened then. Now I'm on a PS5 and have the same problem.

  • natekoelmeyer
    1 posts

    Same issue, looted the brooch and now cannot progress...

    Ubisoft could you please provide me with guidance of obtaining a refund from JB Hi Fi in Australia?

    Thank you.

  • downloadtaky
    19 posts

    On PC, no crash but I can't return the brooch (?) to hunwald because even if I am in front of him.
    It seams like I have to choose a mission (that is chosen in the backend) because it doesn't shows it in the frontend

  • Lyngamer
    1 posts

    I reached the point where i should investigate the scene and then my game crashed now i can not read the contract made between the bandits and the soldiers

  • downloadtaky
    19 posts

    @ubiexcellent do you know if there is the same bug on Stadia? If no, I'm actually playing it on PC using my Ubisoft+ account (i am italian, in Italy).If I buy the game on stadia, will I be able to load my saved games there, go on with the quest on stadia and then keep on playing it on PC?

  • jbyers0422
    1 posts

    So this quest is bugged for me. I have activated 2 of the 3 clues but cannot interact with the last clue that is inside the locked room. The game froze as I was clicking the last clue that is located on the table. Now I have the key to open the door but I still see the key icon floating in the water below. I changed the questline and came back but still cannot click on the last clue to complete the mission. Any help please?

  • TomCo92
    4 posts


    Its been logged and under investigation, fingers crossed the bug will be fixed in the next update. No idea when that is though 👎🏻 The link below is from 04/11/2020 so I doubt it’ll be any time soon.


  • Aerial_Arts
    29 posts

    @chenec04 I completely agree.

    The interesting thing is the point that the exp farm was patched out so quickly in time with the fact that they dropped the "permanent xp boost" on the store...
    It's almost as if they protect the additional channel for micro transactions and instead of actually giving the costumers that have already coughed up the cash to by the game at full price, at the very least a game that we can actually play through the entire scripted story of.

  • LoudAssassin410
    10 posts


    a few notable youtubers/streamers as well as reddit threads are voicing their displeasure and annoyance with Ubisoft's [censored] practice and service, they touch base on the REAL game breaking bugs, the opal gains,the quick fixes to farming stuff while ignoring major bugs and how its unrealistic for players to get helix items and the fact that there will be more items in the store than in game. Good to see that these problems are being brought to attention but I highly doubt [censored] will address it in a timely manner or if they will even address it at all, they reap what they sow😂 😂 😂 🖕 🖕 🖕

  • CheleMagic
    1 posts

    The absence of ealdorman mission. Please fix this bug so I can continue with my 145+ hour journey. I reload the mission from earlier save points and a mission icon no longer appears in the nearby fortress

  • downloadtaky
    19 posts

    @ubiexcellent could you please answer to this at least: is this bug present on all the platforms? I saw it reported on PC and PS4, is it also on Stadia? Ty.

  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3694 posts

    Hello everyone, thank you all for your latest replies to the thread. Just to give a more transparent overview of the five issues I identified previously that are being looked into, here are the current statuses of each and what we need from those affected (if anything):

    I fully appreciate that the above issues with this quest are preventing further progress, and they are being looked into by the developers as a priority. If any affected players for the issues where save files are required could submit one to us, and write the case reference number here in this thread so that we can retrieve and forward them, it would be much appreciated.

    As soon as we have an update to share, or if we need further information from you all, we will post again here. I've requested updates on the ongoing investigations from the developers, but for the moment, as my colleague UbiExcellent stated on page 17, we do not have any updates from the team as to the progress of the investigation. Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding. 🙂

    @natekoelmeyer We are unable to provide specific advice relating to unrelated retailers; if seeking a refund, you'd need to contact the retailer directly for guidance on their process and eligibility criteria. Thanks!

    @downloadtaky The investigation is spanning all platforms; I don't recall seeing a report of the issue on Stadia however I cannot confirm it is not present on the platform. I hope this makes sense, and helps!

    Official Response
  • fallzing
    9 posts

    @ubi-woofer They have my game save and have had it for a month..... case number 13536615. This seems like it should be an easy fix. I have the issue where I can't turn in the brooch. Why do they even need to reproduce it in order to get it working for us? Can't they just add in some prompt that searches you inventory and triggers the next step of the quest if it is there? They can worry about how/why it broke later. It's BS that this hasn't been fixed yet and I'm about to start fighting to get my money back.

  • KAMLiOo10
    11 posts

    ok this is non acceptable now !!!
    we have almost 50 days without easy fix
    now guys we all should begin the steps of refund and take our money back .. obviously they don't care about how we finish their main storyline mission ..
    i am thinking there are a kids who are controlling this company
    this is really disgusting me and we must do something now

  • TunderNindzsa
    5 posts

    Are you joking, right?
    You acting like a time traveller, this is a one month old problem.
    We gave you every detail and infomation about that and you asking us again?

  • PoisonAkuto
    17 posts


    "You are unable to hand in the brooch, either after collecting it OR due to the fact that you looted it before starting the quest

    • Status: Could not be reproduced; further investigation ongoing"

    Im sorry... what do you mean it can't be reproduced!? How hard is this 'Development Team' trying? I can guarantee you with 100% certainty, if the go and pick the brooch up BEFORE starting the quest, THEN start the quest, this problem will reproduce itself. it happens EVERY TIME you pick it up before the quest starts. EVERY. TIME.
    I appreciate the crash issues do not happen every time and may be difficult to reproduce. But this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    So all I can deduce from this is either (A) You are lying to us (B) The Development team are lying to you (C) They haven't even bothered to attempt to look into this issue - (C being the most likely)

    This is THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced. Absolute shambles. I could go reproduce this issue 10 times over in a single night if it will help you fix the damn thing. FIX. YOUR. BROKEN. GAME.

  • downloadtaky
    19 posts

    @ubi-woofer Just sent a support request, ticket number: 13795305
    I had to choose US support because the Italian one was not available at the moment...
    Anyway they'll find my savegames and all the DXinfo dei need.
    Hope it helps.
    As stated before in my version of the bug (can't return the brooch because the NPC has no clickable button) seems like the mission is not selected only in the frontend, because if you go to the menu screen the mission is selected.
    Anyway, hope to hear soon.

  • Issaph9399
    2 posts

    My issue is a bit different. After analysing the clues at the end of the sewers and just after it told me to look for the ealderman in a castle, I realised my fighting difficulty was on skald ( really couldnt beat one boss) so i moved it up to normal and boom no more mission marks nothing, i eventually found the castle and the broche but its like if the mission wasnt active. Please helppp! By the way im on xbox.

  • Slothluvchunk84
    1 posts


    Wow. I am shocked that a nearly two month old game is still having this massive of a bug! But I guess I'm glad I'm not alone...?

    I am having the issue where I am unable to finish gathering the final clue in the cave investigation. Just as a full detailed picture, I did get the final clue, and it triggered a cut scene. But immediately after starting, the game on Xbox One X froze. I turned off the system and left for the day, as I was about done anyway. When I came back to play later, I was in the formerly locked room with the clue, still showing it needed to be investigated, but no way to actually investigate it. I've done side quests, finished the Asgard arcs, lots of contracts for Reda, but every time I return to the Ealdorman...I can't see that damn clue.

    I open up a case with ticket 13796541. Hopefully this is something that gets resolved soon. I don't mind doing more side quests, raids, and hunts. But I don't want to get to OP waiting on the fix that the main story because a cake walk.

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