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  • WErPSU4ever
    10 posts
  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3562 posts
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    Hello there!

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update. The development team have confirmed that they have deployed a fix in TU 1.3.1 for the issue wherein players were unable to complete the investigation. This issue should now be resolved.

    This means that all ongoing issues with "The Absence of an Ealdorman" should now be resolved, and we will be marking this thread as such. If you are still encountering issues with "In the Absence of an Ealdorman" following TU 1.3.1, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Please include a video that shows the following:

    • You have the latest Title Update installed on your platform. You can view this information in the main game menu in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • The issue that you are still experiencing in-game when progressing through "In the Absence of an Ealdorman."

    I'd recommend uploading any videos to a sharing platform, such as YouTube or Google Drive, as this will allow you to post a shareable link within this thread.

    Thanks! 😊

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  • WErPSU4ever
    10 posts

    @ubiexcellent I don’t see a brooch in my inventory. The lady who’s chat icon is stuck I believe I was supposed to follow from the courtyard but she was in the hospice the whole time.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @werpsu4ever Thank you for confirming that for me. As soon as I've received an update on this issue, I'll get back to you here. 😃

    Official Response
  • captainjack03
    12 posts

    Same issue here, except I, didn't loot the broach before the quest. During the quest, going through the castle, the quest marker and HUD text disappeared. I found the room, couldn't interact with anything other than the broach, and nothing has happened since.

    Happy to provide save files/videos/etc.

  • Pkdelos
    4 posts

    @ubiexcellent Hello there, is there a roadmap and a time table for the solution of this technical issue that is preventing us from experiencing the advertised experience? It is now more than 2 months that the issue in various forms is communicated to you in this thread from various users.
    If not please reply here with a digital and easy way (via email, form etc) where we can petition your company (not the intermediate platform eg. Sony) for a refund.

  • HateYourFace69
    10 posts

    Same issue here, except I, didn't loot the broach before the quest. During the quest, going through the castle, the quest marker and HUD text disappeared. I found the room, couldn't interact with anything other than the broach, and nothing has happened since.

  • UnweptMeat76
    1 posts

    Just tried completing this mission and ive already been here and i have the brooch in my inventory from when i went here previously and now i cant complete the mission any idea when will be patched

  • Zunkietiger
    5 posts

    My claim, which I reopened about a week ago, was closed again. Has the issue been resolved yet?

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1009 posts

    @captainjack03 It would be great if you could provide a video and save file if possible for you to do so. The video would be best uploaded unlisted to a site such as YouTube, so that the link can easily be shared with the teams involved in the investigation, while your save files should be submitted in a .zip file in a support case. If you experience difficulty in opening a case, let me know and I can create one for you on my side. Thank you very much!

    @Pkdelos I would need to know the specific issue you are having with the quest to advise as to the current status of its investigation further to what I previously posted, as each specific issue is being investigated independently. Regarding a refund request, this would need to be submitted to the respective retailer you purchased the game from. We are unable to provide refunds for any games purchased outside of the Ubisoft Store.

    @HateYourFace69 You have directly copied the above text from captainjack03 - is this because you have had an identical experience? If so, can you please provide a video of the issue as well as your save files via a support case if possible? Thank you.

    @Zunkietiger I can see that a colleague of mine added your submitted save file to the report of issues with collecting the brooch before starting the quest objective, so thank you for submitting these. The issue itself remains under investigation; your case has closed because we received no response from you within four days of our last message. This is normal and does not mean that we are not continuing to investigate the issue. You'll find the latest information with regard to the investigation posted here in this thread.

    Official Response
  • HateYourFace69
    10 posts

    @zunkietiger Nope. Keep waiting.

  • colinls17
    2 posts


    please review the video in the link above. I too have an issue with being able to move to a parchment in the cave while trying to complete In the Absence of the Ealdorman quest, but cannot interact with it to move on to the next clues.

  • gladjag57
    7 posts

    Funny thing how they ask us yo open a support request and within a couple of days and the answer they have forwared it to the team, your ticket gets closed. Just happen to me today, had to re-activate to make sure it sits open.

  • Hamza2K
    1 posts

    Someone mentioned this earlier, and I would like to echo it again, it would be much simpler to just fix the questline as a whole rather than just looking into each problems individually. Hard restart or if you can't do that, bit extreme...but just remove it. No point now anyway...its just in the way and clearly you guys are struggling with it for a while now, it'd save alot of time and alot of angry customers.

    Seriously Ubisoft...stop regurgitating the same response and get on it. Or kiss your business goodbye.

  • PoisonAkuto
    17 posts

    @ubi-woofer I purchased mine in the Ubisoft store, does this mean I am eligible for a refund and how do I go about this? I pre ordered the game from the ubi store, gold edition - and have not been able to finish it due to this broken quest. I am tired of seeing the same ‘investigation’ response being recycled to me when this issue is over 2 months old. How do I get my refund?

  • DatKidJayO
    1 posts

    Still can’t interact with item to complete this missing. Has been over a month pending a patch.

  • wrj95
    1 posts

    @colinls17 This is exactly my problem also! When will it get fixed aha

  • Pkdelos
    4 posts

    @ubi-woofer I have provided specific details here previously... Here it goes again. System is PS4. Looted the brooch while free roaming. Played the quest arch afterwards. Reached the milestone where I should loot the brooch. No brooh to loot obviously. Brooch is already in my inventory. System does not recognize that. Quest indicator on screen does not change. Quest does not progress. Event went to the NPC I was supposed to deliver the brooch but obviously is not responding. System/code (or whatever) should recognize that brooch is in inventory even without the trigger action of picking it up....anyways cant finish the game cause settlement cant reach lvl 6...very dissapointed...any recomendations on how to finish the game without finishing this quest arch?

  • imcrazyblah0
    17 posts

    @ubi-woofer would be nice but your horrid company refuses any kind of refund on its broken software. i have been waiting since mid nov for a bloody fix and this is not acceptable. you need to contact higher ups about issuing refunds to us.

  • AndyBroon81
    2 posts

    I've had this problem since early December - have completed over 80 hours in game, have pledged all areas I'm able to, and am basically unable to continue the game due to this bug.

    I'm playing on an XBox Series X - I didn't experience a crash before or after getting the brooch, and I didn't loot the brooch prior to the quest either - I retrieved it during the quest, and it simply doesn't show the quest marker on the map, or in the world. I can stand right next to Hunwald, and it won't prompt him to take the brooch off me.

    I've been waiting over a month for this to be fixed in one of the patches or updates, and nothing. Ridiculous considering how much money is charged for the game, and how long I've spent before now playing it.

  • cjf3rules2
    7 posts
    Yeah same here I can’t continue the main story quest at all, just stuck here and can’t turn it in as there no objective or turn in place or interaction

    Same here. This is ridiculous!

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