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  • Optitron82
    4 posts

    It’s like they just don’t care so here is my thing I want a refund if you are not going to fix this. Cyberpunk gave refunds I want one also oh and people are still suing them maybe that’s what it will take filling a class action lawsuit against Ubisoft for putting out a broken game and refusing to fix it.

  • gladjag57
    7 posts

    It is not a good sign when you talk to other players of this game and warn them to save often due to a bug which will stop them from progressing. Now my hope lies that one of them gets through the quest safely so i know it is possible :"(

  • Kristharipper
    3 posts

    @meep2meep what’s more messed up is I got the trophy for catching all fish...yet 5 fish don’t ever show up so that’s clearly confusing.. hm

  • meep2meep
    10 posts

    @kristharipper hahaha it's only 3 fish that aren't in the game. Well one has been discovered as of the most recent patch, but its a flying fish (literally it flies, it [censored] hilarious). The trophy is for getting one of every type of fish (not size) so it's still obtainable. I have it too 🙂

  • usranger13
    2 posts

    Nice to see that I'm not the only one to still have problems with this mission. Bummed to see that we're all just getting the runaround from Ubi.

    I was able to get to the cave investigation part of the mission and it wouldn't let me interact with the final clue.

    So I said 'screw it' and pledged to and completed a couple of other territories.

    Now Lincolnshire is my second to last territory and I can't even get to the cave investigation part anymore. I walk up to the nurse in the hospice that you're supposed to talk to and the game won't let me interact with her. Instead of the bug being fixed, it seems to crap out even sooner in the mission now.

    I've been an AC fan since the Altair days but I might give the next installment a pass until I can see that it's a little more stable.

  • namelessray
    5 posts

    So folks, I used a save where I was 70 hours less progress and I also hadn't picked up the Count's blessed brooch, and finally I arrived in Lincolshire and managed to do this stupid quest. During my rejection, I was able to notice several bugs with several npcs in the missions where I couldn't interact and several times I went back to save.Ubisoft seems that this new update patch from the last day 16-02-2021 brought even more damage (and I am constantly keeping my saves on a pendrive, as I almost always need to close and open the game because sometimes it appears as if there was no save) this was the first and last time I picked up an ubisoft game near the release ...

  • Pkdelos
    4 posts

    @ubi-woofer scincirely there are no new info to pass on bla bla, its the same issue for more than 3 months now. Without this arc quest completed I can't get the necessary supplies to reach lvl 6 settlement thus I am unable to progress the main quest story line. I feel sincirely very bad mosthly with the handling of the communication and the way Ubi choose to handle us players. Honestly a clear sincere statement in the premises of we are well aware of the issue and we expect to have it fixed by <insert date> and iterate the date along the way if more time is needed rather than this.
    Honestly if not fixed Ubi games will be a big no no for me, even if provided for free by the PSN store.

    Please choose to respect your paying customer base.

  • savio2099
    1 posts

    I don’t understand why this hasn’t been fixed yet, it’s been 3 months. I have not experienced something like this in a game before. I’m unable to progress in the story, please fix it.

  • exSSNcrew
    2 posts


    I am still blocked on being able to turn in the brooch when my character returns to Lincoln. There is no interaction "E" available for the new young alderman who just stands there. No crash occurred. Nearly all other alliance quests completed now. Settlement is almost level 6. Character is power level 286. The game works fine in all other respects except this one quest. The update you released earlier in February did not help. How about a utility to re-start the quest from scratch?

    Platform is Windows 10 64-bit with latest updates applied. ASUS Rampage VI Apex motherboard. Intel i7-7500 CPU. EVGA geForce 1080ti display. 32Gb ram.

  • Aerial_Arts
    29 posts

    @UbiExcellent @Ubi-Woofer @Ubi-Wan
    How about proving people with an option to do a hard reset on quests in general including items etc? That way anyone that encouters a gamebreaking bug can have the option to reset that quest/questline and even though bugs WILL still exsist for the forseeable future.
    At least ten, we can choose to restart/reset ourselves.
    Instead of dumping 100eds of hour of gameplay, and just starting over when these kinds of issues with a any game is usually given a propper or alternative solution within maybe a week by pretty much ANY other company.

  • namelessray
    5 posts
    that's the price we pay for buying ubi games at launch ...

  • Hypercubus
    8 posts

    @UbiExcellent @Ubi-Woofer @Ubi-Wan

    OK Guys...what are you waiting for?
    Thousands of users have this game-braking bug.
    Thousands of replys in this thread shows that this is an BIG ISSUE!!!

    But what does Ubisoft do?... the released an new DLC with bugs!
    Finish your work on the bug-list.

    @ubi-whoever, ubi-wherever, ubi-whatever... Just do you job, fix this immediately and FIRE THE HEAD OF QA! This employee is INCOMPETEND!!!!!!

  • Harroguk
    11 posts
    This employee is INCOMPETEND!!!!!!

    There is a saying about glass houses and stones that probably applies here.

  • BroaderComb4560
    6 posts

    Having this same issue months later on the xbox one, is there no fix/patch?

  • bronargh
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • bronargh
    3 posts

    So, about a week since I posted about this problem, with thousands before me and plenty since, STILL no update on this? Not even a quick "I get your frustration, we're working on this now", NOTHING? I don't want a refund; I want to enjoy the game I was loving until almost 3 months ago. That said, I get where other posters are coming from. It's one thing to have such a major glitch still occurring months later, but the lack of communication from the developers and the moderators is avoidable and downright rude.

  • Creede2
    5 posts

    My son is a developer and tells me that all the big game companies are hurting because of Covid, short staffing, etc. I can appreciate that, but at 77 I'm beginning to think I won't live long enough to finish this game. Come on, Ubisoft, give an old lady a chance. Fix this mission

    15 posts

    Guys it has been 3 months with no fix. What is the deal?

  • SBHeathcote
    13 posts

    100 Days since report. Happy Anniversary! We made it guys! 100 days!!

    Progress : None!
    Updates from Dev : None!
    CS Mitigation efforts : None!

    Have a nice day, y'all. see you at 120 Days.

  • rustynailz121
    18 posts

    @UbiExcellent @Ubi-Woofer @Ubi-Wan

    Seriously, Doesn’t this embarrass you? 100 days have passed since a bug was reported in which players can’t progress any further in game. No hotfix, yet holiday content, river raiding, and other things?!? All while we are being left behind!

    100 Days since report. Happy Anniversary! We made it guys! 100 days!!

    Progress : None!
    Updates from Dev : None!
    CS Mitigation efforts : None!

    Have a nice day, y'all. see you at 120 Days.

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