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  • ImaginaryRuins
    397 posts

    The thing about gender choice in the AC series is not the same as all those RPGs out there.

    You see, in AC, you play as a historic character, someone who existed (in the AC world) instead of one which the player creates, so the main character's gender is not a player's choice really. Very very strictly speaking, in my opinion, Odyssey should not let players decide whether to be Alexios or Kassandra, especially when the two of them were not twins.

    It is only in Valhalla that they gave a rather logical explanation about why players are able to play as both male and female (and I am okay with it). Still, in the end, if an ancestor was a male, then surely his memories should be retrieved as a male - himself, and vice versa. Do we really want to for example play as female Ezio or Altair?

  • ADarklore
    91 posts

    @kormac67 Um, say WHAT? Valhalla is way bigger than Odyssey?!? In what way?

  • ADarklore
    91 posts

    @imaginaryruins Plus, they should base gender upon historical context as well. Kassandra NEVER would have done what she did in Odyssey during that time period... and for hundreds of years after. Women just weren't accepted as 'equal' back then, and while female Spartans had 'some' warrior training- their role was mostly to keep the state running. Athens would never have asked for, nor accepted, a woman's help. So for them to make Kassandra the 'canon' role for that game was historically wrong, let alone the fact they made so many of those mighty mercenaries were women.

    Same thing with Valhalla... there is no evidence of any significant (significant as in "named") female warriors let alone female viking kings or jarls. With everything that Eivor is accomplishing in the game, surely them being female would have been a significant historical notation. Yet, the only significant historical vikings we know of, are all male.

  • azullFR
    682 posts

    Your arguments are strictly correct, but in the otherway I would'nt have play Odyssey with Alexios like I did with Kassandra (I don't how much hours... it's insane...) just because of his french voice, witch I find too "Modern Testosteroned Alpha Male" like some voices you can find in some "films-comics-cartoons".
    It's totally personal... but for sure I'm not the only one...
    You're right, and for sure there is many people thinking like you 🙂
    Nice day to all 🙂

  • Barney_1104
    20 posts

    Not quite true on Vikings. Lagertha's legend is surely based on some real people(s).
    The fact that you can choose one or the other gender is in my opinion a question of no sexism rather than realism...

  • Kormac67
    613 posts

    @adarklore Full playthrough including side quests took me more than twice the time in Valhalla than in in Odyssey.

  • Sam_Boo26
    148 posts

    @barney_1104 Exactly. Ubisoft, with Assassin's Creed games, rewrites History, and they can take some liberties to make the games feel better in our modern world. I study literature and rewriting past texts and history, and it's not just Ubisoft who does such things; it's quite common. That being said, there were female warriors in Ancient Greece, even if they weren't as common as male ones. It's fine for me that Kass and Alexios have the same story when you play them as protagonist, same for the two versions of Eivor. It's part of rewriting History.

    People are glad when they have a choice, so I don't see why they should remove it. In Valhalla, it's quite well explained with the Animus, so as long as they do something similar, it's not lore breaking either.

  • Dj0rdje12
    36 posts
    @kormac67 Um, say WHAT? Valhalla is way bigger than Odyssey?!? In what way?

    It is it took me 120 + hours to complete entire map ? marks , every main and side quest and beat both DLC ( I did not clear entire DLC map but did Greece one )

    It also took me 120 + hours to finish Valhalla and this was without DLC , Main story of Valhalla around 1/5 longer than Odyssey.

  • kdnl29_8
    5 posts

    My only issue is if you play as the male Eivor, a few characters refer to him as her, if the game is gear towards the female Eivor as cannon version for NPCs to interact with, why bother with the male version. I have no problem with playing as Aveline, Evie and Lydia Frye or Kassandra, so why not just release the game with a female

  • pesto.
    109 posts

    Ok so here’s the plus side - they want to have the lead be a girl for politically correct and accountancy reasons only, hey half of gamers are women so 90% of lead characters need to be “kickass girls” despite that being an incredibly dangerous role model (based around pervy old dudes sexual fantasies) for the most physically vulnerable portion of the population who in reality are not “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability”. The trouble is every Chad out there will flip their snot and it’ll be a hellscape of incel tears. Therefore choice lets them off the hook and in some marketeers eyes “everyone wins” despite in fact everyone losing.

    Why does everyone lose? So the downsides. Instead of having a man or woman written as a man or woman you have a bland characterless twit who can only depend on the actor going above and beyond in the most grueling sessions “Yes, yes?, Yes! YES YES YES YES oh Yes Clem Fandango!” to bring life to the character, and because audio is precious they won’t record multi character scenes with all actors but instead separately to cope with this you end up with broken cutscenes and stilted dialog. Their dialog can’t reference their gender, or even their uniquely gender based position and approach because we have painted ourselves into a corner of “everyone is the same” which is patently not true and is also patently forking boring. So you end up with not only the super generic Ubisoft worlds and copy/pasted challenges, quests, items etc but also super generic stories, because stories are about what now class? Raise your hand and give yourself a star if you thought it was people. All Ubisoft can have stories be about is plot point and maguffin, world event. So you cut out all the interesting parts of the people that are related to gender which have fueled the arts and narrative for the last few thousand years and then you even cull the most important decisions of a character outside of life and death - their personal relationships and turn them into flippant empty choices of “winning” by bedding the most people to get the most content out of the game regardless of whether it makes any sense for the actual character. So giving gamers the choice compromises story, dialog, character development, character design, narrative choice, relationship choice regardless of your own gender or preference.

    Oh and finally there’s this fan-fic that Ubisoft put out as “official novella” that completely obviates the players actual choices.

    So caught between their lack of imagination to find a real justification for a female lead despite history being replete with femme fatales who maybe weren’t Xena warrior princess but still we’re strong authority figures, and the stick in the mud player base who aren’t mature enough to accept alternatives Ubisoft really have only one option and we all lose out for it.

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