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  • ImaginaryRuins
    407 posts

    @vanraposu Agreed. I'm surprised they didn't adopt the same design from AC Unity, where Arno can read all previous letters. It just makes the feature kind of pointless post-game.

  • DonParic
    23 posts

    @vanraposu Yeah +1 from me as well makes 0 sence to not be able to reread em.

  • UbiT00n
    Community Manager 73 posts

    @vanraposu I've raised this feedback with our teams. Thanks for bringing it up

    Official Response
  • VanRaposU
    Original poster 14 posts

    Thank you for listening!

  • rctx81
    7 posts

    One more upvote for this. I totally missed reading Erke's and two other characters letters. They should at least be logged in our journal or readily accessible like in Unity's case. As it stands, Eivor's inbox feels useless.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    Agree. And why are there sometimes 2 letters, but we can only read one of them?

  • Sam_Boo26
    148 posts

    I would love to re-read them too. And yes, there seems to be a bug because when we have more than one letters, we can only read one of them.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    Like sometimes they say: would love you to visit blabla, but with my memory for names, I have no idea who I was meant to visit. Probably nothing there anyway, but still xD

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    its worth it though, i wrote every down whilst reading the letter.
    There were some nice cutscenes but thats it. some characters never came back.like the one you organized a wedding for, but yeah..

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @asgardian02 lol well I'm not that organised. I read them and was them like: wait, wot??!!!

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