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  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    I have to agree. Except in the early stages of the game I was way overpowered for the regions I was entering. Maybe on the higher level difficulties they should have scaled the enemies to a higher level. I've played on normal and now playing through the male character on Very hard and there doesn't seem to be much difference in the difficulty.

  • Akira1364
    Original poster 13 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Bob__Gnarly
    49 posts

    Yes it's obvious this game wasn't heavily play tested.

    I'm now over level 300, I've lost track and playing on the hardest difficulty and the game is an absolute breeze. I'm basically just going through the ropes, not being challenged at all. I'm not bragging either, I'm no pro, the game is just so easy at this point and there's still quite a lot to complete (which I won't bother with, the game is a real grind at this point).

  • Akira1364
    Original poster 13 posts

    Just went and played the game for literally like half an hour... oops, now I'm level 301! It's nuts. You gain levels for literally breathing. I can't imagine who exactly they had in mind as their example of a potential player of the game when they balanced all the mechanics.

  • MissM16
    213 posts

    Yeah, there's a way. But it's dependent upon us (the players) how challenging we want to make it, not the game mechanics which we can't change at the moment.

    We can reset our all our skills, equip our peasant starting outfit from Norway, (haven't tried it so don't know if we can unequip weapons?) and go bare handed, without special skills though even fully upgraded weapons will be limited to basic combat so that should still present a challenge. We can also self impose a permadeath rule. You died? Game over. Start back in Norway.

    So yeah, we can create our own Nightmare mode where enemy levels don't mean a thing.

  • XXeK37smaJHn
    12 posts

    "I can't imagine who exactly they had in mind as their example of a potential player of the game when they balanced all the mechanics."

    Ubisoft balance their game difficulty for people who have literally never played a video game before. You'll recall in Assassin's Creed 3 that a full volley from a full squad of 8 or so musketeers at point blank range, even with about a 3 or 4 second warning, did not do enough damage to outright kill the player. Then in Syndicate they up and removed the ability to jump off a building, and ever since then, fall damage has been negligible if not outright removed

  • FGx1988
    100 posts

    I would like to see a power level scaling option that is toggleable in the menu. This should have 2 different options. First options scales the enemies to your actual power level. The second option scales the enemies up to an power level 50 levels above of your power level. Because I really like to fight the enemies with a scull symbol. It forces me to sneak more, thinking more about what I do and make use of traps and I don't have the feeling that I could fight against more than 4-5 enemies at the same time and if I am still able to win against them, it feels more rewarding because you need to use all your abilitys and skills.

    If we could decide between "no scaling", "scale to you level" and "scale above your level" there should be an option for every player and everyone could play the game as they like it the most.

  • Lord_WarpGuN
    18 posts


    I did a complete reset of skill points when I noticed at the beginning of the trip to England that I exceeded the zones by 30-40 points, instead I put out the number of skill points for recommended lvl for the zone. I've been playing like this for 60 hours now, the game is far too easy even at very hard mode (except for some bosses around the world)

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    I think level scaling is the answer. Regardless of what difficulty you play at you should not be carving through large groups without even needing to use combos or abilities. It just becomes a spam mash of light attacks and everyone is dead. I don't think that's how they intended their combat system to work.

  • JamelSeyek
    5 posts

    I have played for almost 97 hours and at this point at power level 239 I find almost no challenges whatsoever (except the dang Daughters of Leron, of which I killed 2 since the third one is about power level 340 or so). I am playing on the hardest difficulty setting and I find that enemies even around power level 190 (Jorvik and some other areas) die too easily.
    I agree with the others asking for power scaling (optional) but also, in my opinion, harder and more difficult enemies (the Reaver, who dodges almost everything, Wolf-Stormr, the Banneret, Shield bearer, etc) should be encountered more often, even if it means turning them into elites for added difficulty.
    Also, enemies shouldn't die in 3-4 hits and they should block, dodge and/or parry often, forcing you to dodge behind their backs and attack from there or from their flank (which I find more fun than smashing them from the front in a couple swings).
    I really hope Ubisoft implements these changes in the upcomming patch on December or maybe the next one, since (besides random crashes and freezes) it makes the game not so enjoyable or challenging (like Odyssey was, imo).

  • jc_lvngstn71
    3 posts

    @jamelseyek On one hand, I do like to feel more powerful as I progress, and level scaling kind of takes that away. But, I've playing on hardest difficulty, and you're right. High end levels are a cakewalk, and if there is no feeling of challenge it takes away a LOT. When I first started, I snuck around everywhere and was very careful. Now...I just plow through entire towns of soldiers. Yawn.
    They need to increase the challenge, and not just by making things hit harder or have greater health. Maybe more numbers?

  • Vexxsis
    4 posts

    We need a enemy scale option.

  • kephalonix
    8 posts

    Same with Origins and Odyssey. If you are even half-thorough then by the time you are half way through the game with the gear and the skills you have you are so OP that apart from rare boss fights the game ceases to present a challenge so it is hard to find the motivation to carry on.

  • Akira1364
    Original poster 13 posts

    @kephalonix Odyssey, while fairly easy in the late game, wasn't nearly as bad as Valhalla in this regard, particularly when doing things like fighting mercenaries (who did remain an actual challenge in a lot of cases) since the game by default did actively scale content to within a few levels of your character.

    To me Valhalla's overall gear / ability system is such that nothing you do ever actually feels rewarding or like anything has changed in a noticeable way... it's just "oh, another chest with a unique cloak that I'm never going to wear or even look at", and "oh, time to put another two points in the illusion-of-choice scatterbrained skill tree like I did three minutes ago", and so on.

    In Odyssey you could actually make unique "endgame character builds" with a particular focus as far as what they were good at, whereas in Valhalla all characters are the same by the end.

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    Wow, OK. Here's the obvious choice. REMOVE/RESET ALL skill points from your build. Then, go back and very carefully chose the unlocks you either want or use i.e. Stamina bars, catching and throwing a ranged attack back, etc., but don't put anything else in. Leave your total skill points invested to 50-150 only and let rest go unused. Then go play the game.

    I noticed the game does have a dynamic enemy, which scales harder the lower your level is to discourage certain areas early on. Most notable, go to a raid with 50 skill points invested but say a 190+ area. Enemies will not only detect you w/o you even seeing them, but they'll swarm you and chase you (got chased across a river at one point, meaning they LEFT the Raid location to chase me off) and either 1 or 2 shot you. Have fun!

    People putting 300 points in and complaining it's too easy....

  • Bob__Gnarly
    49 posts

    Or we could play only using one hand? Maybe close our eyes too?

    Or maybe, just maybe, the devs could actually put some thought into their difficulty settings and skill system.

  • JamelSeyek
    5 posts

    I finished the game and I can say that (at least before the latest patch) combat was too easy. Following your suggestion, I nerfed myself and didn't spend more power points beyond power level 206 or so, which at some point had me facing skull level enemies, which didn't die in 2 hits and could potentially 1-2 hit me with heavy attacks. The game was more enjoyable afterwards for me and I only needed to increase my power level by the end of the game to face a few bosses which were way too hard at power level 206.
    I hope they make changes in upcoming patches to balance combat so it is more difficult (at least if playing in the hardest difficulty level).

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