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  • Bob__Gnarly
    49 posts


    I'm also a non-drinker, but I'm an adult and am not influenced by what I see in a game.

    If drinking and gambling was out of place, then fair enough, but this is a viking themed game. There is also killing in this game which is frowned upon in real life, should we patch this out as well?

  • JBBlack007
    9 posts

    If you patch out every bad thing the Vikings did, you would be playing chutes and ladders....

    "Noticed a person on Twitter commented on a Zealot being disfigured with description for it being suggestive, and promptly learned what "abelism" was and saw it was going to be patched out."

    The key word in that sentence is Twitter, TWITTER should be patched out...permanently!!

    NOTHING should be "patched out" of ANY GAME, if you don't like it, don't play!! This game is literally about hacking people to pieces and taking their stuff!! How the HELL could ANYTHING be worse than that??

  • Mordule
    35 posts


    I drink. I love beer. Does that mean I will go chop someone's head off with an ax or drive a Mustang? Also, someone being disfigured 1000+ years ago was probably pretty normal. This is a game, it's pretend. What would they patch it out with? Fruit punch drinking contest or bobbing for apples? Maybe a prayer circle with a scripture chase?

    "NOTHING should be "patched out" of ANY GAME, if you don't like it, don't play!! This game is literally about hacking people to pieces and taking their stuff!! How the HELL could ANYTHING be worse than that??" from JBBlack007.
    Best comment EVER..

    Ubi needs to stop apologizing to the PC crowd. We are all adults (or SHOULD BE) playing these games. We can make the decision to play or not.

  • Mordule
    35 posts


    Yeah, none of the Vikings were Islamic. Are all the Saxon Christians in the game Islamophobic as well? Oh I guess it was ok that we killed most of them.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    Yes, just dont drink and kill, like dont drink and drive.

  • Vexxsis
    4 posts

    ROFLMAO hopefully never it's a game. [censored] is wrong with all these fragile snowflakes online. If you don't like the drinking game don't do it or don't even go near it. But you're ok with beheading people and raiding churches in game for resources. And the whole thing with the zealot description that was total bs. It was her gf that was a burn victim and wasn't even playing the game. But what's funny before the change she had burn marks as a child and took that and made it a strength and became a strong warrior. Gtfo..I think people purposely look for bs to ruin just for no reason.

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    Remember kids.. don't drink and Vik.


    BTW the drink is Mead so "technically" not a grain or grape brewed drink. Think we have to accept there were significant and practical reasons to imbibe what we'd now feel were excessive amounts of alcohol in those late times. It was a part of life and as for it being a mini-game, I don't feel it should impact players of different cultures, remember in the game and one of the biggest parts of it is going around STEALING religious artefacts... surely just as offensive to perhaps the same people? I don't feel someone can complain about the drinking but wilfully still take part in the stealing and killing...

  • T.H.U.D.D.
    37 posts

    @bushwickedly This is a Viking game, and a rather tame one at that. It portrays Viking warriors, who could die at any time because they lived such a dangerous lifestyle. They lived their lives to the fullest, denying themselves no experience because there was no telling whether they would live another day. Take a look at our modern-day militaries. Heavy drinking is quite common, most likely because there is a very short life-expectancy in combat roles.

    Also, just because someone disagrees with something doesn't require it to be removed from everyone else's enjoyment. You don't have to participate in the drinking challenges, there are other activities to enjoy.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    I believe OP wanted to point out the hypocrisy of Ubisoft when it comes to the change they made in the description of the Zealot and I think he actually made his point brilliantly and hilariously good. If we can't have NPC which are disfigured according to their description we shouldn't have black out drinking games either.

    But maybe I am wrong and this isn't sarcasm and OP is dead serious?

    Edit: And to elaborate a bit more about the hypocrisy part. If Ubisoft changes the description they really should remove the drinking game as it is way more integral part (and will be seen by a lot more people) and is at least as "problematic" if not even more "problematic" than the description. My preferred outcome is for Ubisoft to just don't care. Not about the drinking game neither about the zealot description.

  • Vexxsis
    4 posts

    @souldrinkerlp Let's be real neither one is or was a issue.

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    @bushwickedly Go away, leave your judgement for politics, the arts don't need this kind of scrutiny.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @vexxsis Exactly what I think. These are games and meant for entertainment. You can get offended by stuff and decide to not play any longer and not buy products of the developer ever again (or if you are lucky get a refund) or you can make an educated buy and read reviews beforehand and listen to people who got offended before you and then decide to not buy it. It's also a way more powerful message to not buy something instead of whining about something on social media. Not every game is suited for every person.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    This reminds me so much of AC4 Black Flag, where some complained about hunting marine creatures an act of cruelty against animals. First, this is what people in the past did, and the animus is to accurately reflect history. Second, like many others have said here, it is content of a game, not the real life. Besides, the game is PEGI 18, the intended players are adults, not minors. As long as the adults keep the game away from children, the latter should not even have the chance to think the drinking and killing and other indecent elements are cool and imitate them.

    Yes, drinking irresponsibly should not be encouraged but why not view it as a reminder to self? Exercise critical thinking and decide what is presented in the game is right and wrong ourselves.

    And look at Witcher 3, there are some scenes definitely only adults should look at. Why not complain about why those are in the game (hailed as one of the greatest games for the last console generation) as well?

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @imaginaryruins I am sure Cyberpunk will cause a giant shitstorm because "soccer moms" will buy it for their 11 year old kids. I heard it is way more explicit in its adult scenes. Looking forward to the next debate about banning video games. yay.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Cd Projekt red is run by vicous slavs from the eastern block. They dont give a duck, they just make the game great for the normal average humen being.

    Ubisoft is western company who have to plaese every minority, make political correctnes statements and force transgender agenda.

    Moreover ubisofts Management are no developers and dont even like to play videogames, they just look at money. This managemant now think they made a great job cause of the sales, but unable to see how they ruin the reputation of their brand and the joy of the players by releasing this beta.

  • XXeK37smaJHn
    12 posts

    Kinda [censored] into the wind with this complaint. You will literally murder about 4000 people in a typical playthrough of this game

  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    Yes, but we are the good guys, we kill sober, to ensure the enemy is death and not left scarred and burnmarked alive, so this human wont fell into depression, social justice working and alkoholism.

  • kmansp31
    48 posts

    .... really? In a game about raiding, hacking killing people... you are worried about drinking? 🤦

  • Bushwickedly
    Original poster 109 posts

    @souldrinkerlp You nailed it bud. Game has you playing as a mass murderer, that kills on a whim, breaks and enters into a home or location, robs them blind, menaces people that disagree, has a psychotic serial killer Ivarr (Blood dragon scene made me grimace and I've seen worse) that cuts out eyes and tortures, cuts along spinal cord; black out drinking games to see who will drink the most in the shortest amount of time people, of which die from this "game" all the time irl, etc. etc..

    And yet a Zealot description is the "line" they regret crossing. 100% hypocrisy.

  • Bushwickedly
    Original poster 109 posts

    Kinda sad only @SouldrinkerLP "got it."

    To reiterate, a person on Twitter with a partially obstructed profile pic, complained about a Zealot's description, and it was promptly responded to with an apology, and a promise to "patch it out." Personally, I found it infuriating as every one person that complains, probably 100k are OK with it or don't care. Drinking, especially as a "game" where amount consumed, quickly and betting is involved, is actually very dangerous and causes WAY more harm than a Zealot description, but it's not going to get patched out. Why?

    To those that didn't get the 1st post, re-read it then read @SouldrinkerLP and my follow up. Then re-read what you posted.

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