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  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    Yes, but we are the good guys, we kill sober, to ensure the enemy is death and not left scarred and burnmarked alive, so this human wont fell into depression, social justice working and alkoholism.

  • kmansp31
    46 posts

    .... really? In a game about raiding, hacking killing people... you are worried about drinking? 🤦

  • Bushwickedly
    Original poster 109 posts

    @souldrinkerlp You nailed it bud. Game has you playing as a mass murderer, that kills on a whim, breaks and enters into a home or location, robs them blind, menaces people that disagree, has a psychotic serial killer Ivarr (Blood dragon scene made me grimace and I've seen worse) that cuts out eyes and tortures, cuts along spinal cord; black out drinking games to see who will drink the most in the shortest amount of time people, of which die from this "game" all the time irl, etc. etc..

    And yet a Zealot description is the "line" they regret crossing. 100% hypocrisy.

  • Bushwickedly
    Original poster 109 posts

    Kinda sad only @SouldrinkerLP "got it."

    To reiterate, a person on Twitter with a partially obstructed profile pic, complained about a Zealot's description, and it was promptly responded to with an apology, and a promise to "patch it out." Personally, I found it infuriating as every one person that complains, probably 100k are OK with it or don't care. Drinking, especially as a "game" where amount consumed, quickly and betting is involved, is actually very dangerous and causes WAY more harm than a Zealot description, but it's not going to get patched out. Why?

    To those that didn't get the 1st post, re-read it then read @SouldrinkerLP and my follow up. Then re-read what you posted.

  • T.H.U.D.D.
    29 posts

    @bushwickedly Well, you can't be too sure these days. Just look at what has already happened, as mentioned in your post, and it's not too far-fetched for people to think "Oh great, here we go again." Things are more difficult to convey via text only, so a bit more sarcasm indication might have helped the message come across. Even Souldrinker had their doubts.

  • MitchThundercok
    27 posts

    @bushwickedly Toughen up, buttercup. Or find a safe, padded room.

  • zebatov
    13 posts


    You sound like that girl who cried about the burn scars. It’s a part of the game. What does it matter? You probably should have left out the part where you said you’re not a drinker. No point in reading any further than that.

  • Bushwickedly
    Original poster 109 posts

    @zebatov Next time read further as comments like this are pointless and make you look bad.

  • Bushwickedly
    Original poster 109 posts

    Oh yeah, game has bestiality (Loki made it with a horse and wolf apparently) and cannibalism. Why isn't that get patched out to with an apology?

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Why is no option for headscarf and pious behavior playing female eivor, i demand more respect for muslims.

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