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  • Dan0athome
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    I would like to share my experience with you here, so that you also get the last two trophies "Completed Completer" and "Viking Legend". I describe below where and how I found the woman and what was the reason in my case why the woman didn't show up at the actual point in Norwic:

    - Fast travel to the viewpoint "Britannia's Watch" ( On the screenshot north of where I was standing).
    - From the viewpoint "Britannia's Watch" performed Death Jump and directly called my mount
    - On the map I marked the last side mission in Norwic (Edmund's arrows).
    - After that I held down square, so that my mount automatically rides along the path - Then directly tapped triangle, so that my mount rides to the marked destination (Norwic). On the route between the viewpoint "Britannia's Guard" and Norwic, I spotted the woman in a crouched position. She was crouching because she was surrounded by enemies, which I had to defeat first, so that the woman can come up from the crouching position again, so that I can talk with her via triangle.

    The rest is self-explanatory. So you can complete the quest. The links to the screenshots, where I found the woman exactly and all important information you can see here:


    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!

    Best wishes,


  • Killertoker420
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    @dan0athome I did the same exact as you said and it worked the only thing different was she was back at the throne instead of being surrounding by enemies thanks

  • Redhoo95
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    This post is deleted!
  • Redhoo95
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    I don't know how but finally i did it. 😉

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    Here's what worked for me -

    1. I went inside longhouse and there was no arrow lady there and no arrows stuck in throne.
    2. So I fired 15-20 light bow arrows into throne and confirm that you can see there are arrows stuck in the throne (even 1 will work)
    3. Fast travelled to the nearest travel point.
    4. Walked back to the quest location in the longhouse and lady was back near the throne.

    Hope it works for you. I'm going for plat now. Hope there are no more bugs 🙂

  • Garbo3
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    @maxxdank I highly recommend you to save before talking to any mission related NPC,or performing any important action,like before confronting bosses,legendary animals,world events. I save always before and after if everything went OK. As this game is still plagued with bugs.
    I finally platinum it but had to wait months for a fix on a world event. I always save every 20 minutes since I had to load an old save to fix a bug on main story arc,lost plus 20 hours gameplay.
    So yes. Manual save as a maniac. Good luck with your platinum 😊

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    @garbo3 Today I faced another bug in my last region to 100%, Even loading previous games didn't help in that one. Damn i'm tired of these bugs. 😞

  • Garbo3
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    @maxxdank Damn,I understand you. I quit playing the second mastery challenge training yesterday as it was bug. Got upset and quitted the game.

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    hi everyone, I got a big problem!! Please help! I did everything in the game except one side mission , but every time I’m there I can’t talk to the guy. And more I’ve finished all the world but to finish raven Thorpe is missing 400 materials..I miss this for the platinum.
    thanks for your help everyone

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3529 posts

    Hello there @UTIEPOLINO! Welcome to the forums 🙂

    I apologise for the delayed response. I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered trouble in a side quest. Can you please let us know which side quest you're unable to interact with an NPC in?

    If you haven't already, I'd recommend checking out the Megathread list to see if the world event you're experiencing an issue in is already being investigated further.

    Thanks! 😊

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