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  • MitchThundercok
    27 posts


    This video has a simple, solid strategy. I win more than I lose now. My summary;

    ALWAYS go for dotted line dice as that will take a god favor. Hands will take them as well.
    --My first roll I only take dotted line dice.
    --My second roll I only take dotted line or hand dice.
    --Third roll is what it is.

    Building god favors allows you too hit them harder. And I always use the attack one.

    Lean toward playing offense more than defense;
    --God Favors-use attack to take stones.
    --Dice-After picking dotted lines and hands, favor arrows and axes over shields and helmets.

    Arrows are stopped by shields.
    Hatchets are stopped by helmets.

  • MitchThundercok
    27 posts

    @maledicus - Yes, like Gwent, you get some better ones along the way that are necessary for you to get better.

  • jdfdemocracy
    8 posts

    @maledicus easy when you get used to it no need to get all twisted up about it. Also it can give you what I call god mode 🤣

  • RietN7
    11 posts

    @sneaky_rafp i think this is just a case of git gud.. i never touched orlog before that same scenario and i won on the third attempt. also, why would you start of an entire franchise on their newest title.

    i can't even.

  • XXeK37smaJHn
    12 posts

    The only reason to complain about Orlog is how boring it is.

    You can win literally any game of Orlog by just stealing as many tokens as you can, and playing as many gold faces as you can. The actual strategy of playing particular die for each hand will just make you lose once your opponent uses their 40 God Favor tokens to do 60,000 arrow damage to you

  • Bob__Gnarly
    49 posts

    I just wish you could bet money on orlog games like you can for the stupid drinking game.

  • Killgore1981
    21 posts

    The absolute best god favor is the one they give you from the get go: Thor. Just build god favor and zap. ALWAYS play a steal and a dotted line dice. Don't worry about what it is. Build 12 god favor then hit for 8 damage. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • MitchThundercok
    27 posts

    You're welcome.

  • Mordule
    35 posts

    Just keep playing her, she will eventually let you win.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    402 posts

    At first I thought Orlog would be very hard but now I really like it. Already beat all players but now from time to time I still want to go for one or two rounds.

    Like some have said here, the god's favour tile which Evior begins with - the one which allows trading 12 points for 8 damage - is the one which helps the most. Get as many dices with golden lines as possible to build up god's favour points, and try to rob the opponents' god's favour points, will help achieve victory pretty easily.

    And this minigame is already WAY easier than those in Final Fantasy series.

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