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  • guest-VaMVJN3Z
    2 posts

    Helloooo i just joined this group of people. Can't believe that after so many months this bug is still unfixed. I'm so frustrated

  • tempete0390
    53 posts

    @guest-vamvjn3z If you're the person I came across on reddit, I posted the long version lol

  • tempete0390
    53 posts

    @epicaar Acceptable reparations: every forthcoming AC game free on the platform of my choice for the rest of my life. Since I beta-tested Valhalla involuntarily and gave them money to do it.

  • victoruchiha82
    31 posts

    @tempete0390 good idea. I think some helix points(2000) or so would be nice. Think ubisoft will come out with some armor “onesie” like we got before and think all is fine

  • stevenmtfc
    3 posts

    Someone above posted a pic of Eivor waking up and then they couldn't do anything due to the 'Brewing a Storm' bug.

    Someone even earlier touched on this regarding the Hunters hut. In the pic above it shows that the hut has been build, but they encountered the bug. In my first game, I built the hunter's hut and my game was bugged. However, when I restarted a new game i didn't build the Hunters hut and I got past the bug.

    It does make me wonder its connected or just coincidence.

    Those who have the bug, have you built the Hunter's Hut already?
    And for those that got past the bug, was the hunter's hut built or not?

  • Amboahaolo
    8 posts

    I don't think the hunter's hut is part of the problem. I didn't build it, but it didn't stop the bug from happening. 😕

  • FrustratedGamer
    28 posts

    @stevenmtfc First time round when I hit the bug, I had built the Hunter's Hut.

    On restarting, I did not. I only built Gunnar's workshop, The Hidden Bureau, Trading Post, Barracks and Tattoo Shop - kept the settlement at Level 3.

  • rash55rash
    2 posts

    @FrustratedGamer wow it worked ! I followed your step by step guide to bypass the glitch and it worked !! just about an hour ago! I couldn't believe it! thank you very much @FrustratedGamer you can't imagine how grateful I am now for sharing your process steps !! you rock !!! and my comment is for the community to ensure that this process works, just trust it guys!
    Now back to exploring again !!!!

  • guest-8P2txVjf
    2 posts

    Utterly ridiculous this hasn't been fixed yet. At least I can pet the cats.

  • VegasHeart
    35 posts

    @ubi-woofer Again players and personally me have our reasons to be [censored] and frustrated and thats all convert into words.We paid for not working game and now ur devs and company in general treat us like [censored] for almost half year,what are u expected?That we can shut up and sit in the corner patiently waiting for fix?Not gonna happen.Im not the person who can can sit quiet and watch and not the one u can easy to shut up.And like @DocHolliday182 said:

    @DocHolliday182 ...So is my/our cursing more important than you guys fixing the bug? What should NOT be tolerated is a broken game and is deemed fraudulent.

    Agree with every single word.

    @maxxsinner This stopped being about the game and became more about Ubisoft's disdain for it's customers a long time ago.
    When we see devs working on petty updates involving cats and hunting for Easter eggs rather than fixing broken software, it's plain to see where the priority lays.

    Again agree.Players informed about the problem and devs and others knew about it long time ago and just ignored it.

    @maxxsinner Now that the ire in this thread has got the support team trying to calm people down, let me ask - do you think our angst is unjust?

    Thats right Ubi set their puppies on us to scare or calm down or shut up some ppl they dont want to hear or dont want to see their posts,which told the real truth.Thats how nowadays Ubi working banning streamers which is not loyal to them and shut up the players,they dont want to hear.I personally watched and talked with ppl who was banned here for posting YoungYea and Fizhy videos where they was talking about reskins selling and also about Brewing storm bug and how community getting furious about it.Its not like I recommend them or suggesting to follow them,they was just a guys telling important and true things and i saw this on forum,so I just cant ignore this.Ubi prefer to hold more their pocket streamers and users which can protect them no matter what,even understanding that its not the same company,like it was long time ago.Ofcourse they can tell something like "its offtopic" and shut it down.Video where guy talking about Brewing storm bug,how Ubi ignore it,how press react for that,how ppl getting furious-ofcourse its "offtopic" 🙂

    • They trying to hold players under the line and cut uncomfortable truth.Untill "we waiting for future update" they must sell this breaking game [censored] and its not good if someone might see what they not suppose to see.
    • By the way why its still on store?It should be removed untill it will be fixed.They have no shame for selling half-working product.Its like u going to store and want to buy some goods and seller not telling you that its might not work or be broken or there 50 percent chance that i can be broken,but you know we are looking into this,so give us your money and wait,we inform u when it will be fixed.
    • Its funny to watch how support manipulate with their words.When they talking:"You can ask for refund,but make sure u read our policy" 🙂 They perfectly understanding that if u have more then 2 hours of gameplay and after so long period since purchase nobody will return your money.But look we are so nice ready to help you.
    • Same i can say about Ubi plus,cuz you have to press button no refund to compleate purchase.Very comfortable isnt?U cant have your money back never by signing this.

    Browsing a forum i can see so many examples,where ppl added screens or videos,support stuff saying:we passing that to the devs and then it stops on that step without progress.Devs living very comfortable hiding behind that bridges they build,but sometimes you know you need to face reality.And reality its not good for you and your company.Lets see how it goes.

  • guest-UsWl8Y9o
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
    2 posts

    @guest-bvbpqo9p Excellant analogy.

  • guest-lUKEzoDb
    10 posts

    @vegasheart 100% true. Inability to solve the relatively trivial issue like this cutscene’s trigger is yet another indication of the total degradation of Ubisoft development team. Exploiting past successes works only to some extend. To me AC series ends with Valhalla. The game is dead: the plot is weak and is full of historical mismatches, characters are boring, empty open world and now this completely unexceptionable quality’s level (like the game was pushed into release in very early beta stage w/o having any plan B). This also indicates the total collapse of Ubisoft’s management. The people are told to do instead of free creators focused on the continuous success. So sad.

  • Nazariy47
    1 posts

  • EpicAar
    25 posts

    Banging pots and pans in the forum for the bug isn't going to do the slightest. Everyone can post as much as they want here but you're screaming in a padded cell. Make noise outside of this...Facebook...Twitter... Petitions...Blogs. I'm just as mad as everyone else here but we need to direct it in an efficient manner. This thread has turned a lot of individuals with a common issue into a community that's helping each other progress through these glitches. Let's not get side tracked. @FrustratedGamer has posted quite the thorough walkthrough for those who wish to replay the game. @DocHolliday182 @VegasHeart @maxxsinner I see you guys posting a lot, and clearly "sanctions" on irate gamers is laughable considering a pretty close to zero return policy on this game and hollow promises of future fixes. Let's continue to work together as a community and really get this message outside these forums.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @vegasheart Most importantly... and actually sadly... is they say they say THEY HAVE THE FIX ALREADY but when will be released? Nobody knows. Many COVID-19 vaccines were produced faster than Ubisoft NOT fixing a bug that breaks their game...

    After almost 5 months I believe WE DESERVE to know FROM THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM what is going on. Not from the mods.

    Is my post ok? I didn't curse nor broke any rule methinks.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts


    I did... not many gave it retwit.

  • EpicAar
    25 posts

    @docholliday182 That's you! Nice I've liked a bunch of your posts. But I will definitely retweet!

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @epicaar Thanks man. We need to get outside this forum and make it public. Restarting the game is NOT an option.

  • EpicAar
    25 posts

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