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  • Kristian.007
    1 posts

    I have the same problem stuck with nothing to do after i wake up.. Cent is done and level 5 village.. playing on ps5 and cant believe there is a glitch that bad. Enjoying the game but this is disappointing

    Can someone tell me if there is a update soon or is there a way i can do something to make it work

  • certaindestiny4
    2 posts

    Hello, so I’ve recently paid $80 on this game and have spend almost 90 hours on it so far just to have come to a game-breaking bug. On the quest “A Brewing Storm,” you are required to sleep on your bed and fight dag afterwards (which I didn’t want spoiled but oh well), and I wake up to see no cutscene, no dag whatsoever, and no quest objective. I’ve tried to load back in the game hundreds of times, went to jotunheim to see if it would remove the bug beforehand, and I also redownloaded the game, but nothing works. What am I supposed to do now???

  • rivas1992
    4 posts

    Also noticed that all quest description that say "speak to randvi" vanish after you report the clent quest line. Im not sure if this bit of info would help the developers but it something I noticed. Also the romance option with randvi disapears after the oxedscire quest line is completed not sure if that was intentional or not. Pretty sure I miss spelled the name but its the quest where sigurd gets captured by fluke and the king. I notice I couldnt romance randvi at all. Like others mention before in a different board active quests disapeared as well. In particular the quest line "a brief history of the hidden ones vanishes from my active quest tabs after I report on the pledge quest line as if I never accepted it or it never became active which is strange. I also lose the option to turn in the codex papers to hytham in the assassin cabinet at the base.

  • rivas1992
    4 posts

    @kristian-007 been watching this board for the past week since I encounter the glitch. sadly there is no definitive answer. We are the unfortunate ones. I had my cousin try my save file on his ps4 with my info and the problem came up there too so its defiantly a bug in the save file. No one is really sure of what thou. some people have loaded old saves and most of them didnt work again. I personally reloaded an old save and lost 30hrs of progress sped through the game and still encounter the same bug. We are all are just waiting for some answer that isnt oh restart the game and pray to Odin that it doesnt happen again. smh

  • rivas1992
    4 posts

    @atilola I encounter the bug two times as well. The first time I didnt complete the asgard quest lines, so I also thought that was the issue so I completed one and went to sleep and still had the bug. I went back completed both dream worlds and the entire line and still I encountered the problem. I then thought maybe it was because I gather all the flowers for the second dream world before she asked for them so I reload an old save off my psn online and speed played through the story without collecting the flowers for the second dream world and I still ended up with the bug. I suspect that either I had already gotten the bug in the game even before the clent quest line or maybe its the clent quest line that is causing the problem. all I know for sure is that any quest lines that says "speak the randvi" in the description box those words are not there anymore same with the brewing storm and the quest "a brief history of the hidden ones" is gone completely

  • fafner1010
    53 posts


    Just think about that.
    Is it true that a top game team or company cannot really solve the problem more than four months after the problem occurs?

    Impossible, only whether they sincerely want to solve this problem or not.
    The fact is that we are just a small group of players who have encountered such vicious bugs, and we are not important to them.
    For them, making money and attracting more players is their top priority.
    Saying that they have worked hard to solve the problem is fake, just to deal with us, this vicious bug is DEFINITELY and ABSOLUTELY NOT their priority to solve.

    Don't believe them anymore. When someone complains, the customer service will come out to appease you, and then it's over.

    Do you want to continue being cheated?

  • sorasamo
    4 posts

    same situation..I thought the problem cos by my PS4 Pro. But after look through all stories on forum, decided not waste my time and wont buy any Ubisoft game next..

  • AlphaGoose46219
    155 posts

    @saeed_iraqi_swa I finally got it done!
    Reset my Xboxonex back to factory date, reinstalled game, played whole game again from the start (had the time!)
    Didn't had any bug but still a lot of random glitches during mysteries and quests, by saving and replay got them all completed.
    Brewing storm did what it had to do, a relief! (Whole time afraid to encounter it again)

  • H.SoloShotFirst
    10 posts

    It would be nice to know, if this gamebreaking bug will be fixed in the next patch or not. Otherwise we could wait atleast a couple more months for the fix. It really doesn't look so difficult to overcome, it is just a broken script on one NPC.

  • AlphaGoose46219
    155 posts

    @justus1302 I finally got it done; reset my xbox one x back to factory date, reinstalled game, replayed game from the start.
    (had the time/motivation to do it)
    Brewing storm did what it had to do, i was whole time afraid to encounter it again!
    Didn't had any bug this time, quit a lot glitches during mysteries and main quests but got it all fixed by saving (worked this time) and replay.
    Lost 53 hours by doeing this.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2111 posts

    Hello all!

    I'd like to reach out to you with an update from the investigation. The development team hopes to resolve this issue in a future update. This means that we will no longer need any additional save files or videos. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit these for investigation.

    Currently, we are unable to provide a definite time-frame for this update. Once we have more information to share with you all regarding its release, we will share it within this thread and within the News & Announcements forum.

    I would also like to take the time to remind you all that the agents you see working within the Player Support forum, such as myself and @Ubi-Woofer, are player support agents. We are not members of the development team. As part of our role as player support agents, we collect the reports made by our players within the forums and pass these along to the development team to be used in the investigation. We also provide updates, when available, about the investigation status, or if any additional information is needed by the development team. The development team themselves do not post within the forums.

    @Jhaan123 - The Title Update post you have shared is from TU 1.1.2, which has already been deployed. This is why "A Brewing Storm" was not included within these patch notes, as this issue was not addressed by this update. Once we know which update the fix for "A Brewing Storm" will be included in, we will let you all know within the forums.

    @liahim13 - Please note that the Known Issues list only mentions if an issue has been confirmed to be fixed in a future update at the time the community team updates the list (in this case, on the 9th March). It does not confirm if this will be in the next update, or an update beyond that. As "A Brewing Storm" has been confirmed by the development team to be resolved in a future update, it is likely that this will be moved to the "Issues Planned to be Addressed in Future Updates" section in the next Known Issues update. We will also pass this suggestion along to the community team to see if it can be moved into the correct section now.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • fafner1010
    53 posts

    hey @Ubi-Borealis

    We all realize that you are just player support agents and you are doing your job well.

    However, this cannot hide the fact that Ubi is indeed ignoring our group of players. All you can do is to represent us to express our anger and appeal to the internal team.

    To be honest, if it still doesn't work, it's either we deserve to die or you didn't fulfill our responsibility.

    I don’t blame you, but at present it seems that it’s useless for you to communicate the same thing internally.

    How should we examine whether you really express our demands? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Sessi10
    2 posts

    Dear Ubisoft team this is the best Assassin creed game franchise .Kindly please solve the issues especially the one i mentioned.

  • berkblode
    2 posts

    @dastanbq1999 Call your local support line and explain the situation. They ask you to follow a few solutions first and if the problem persists, they take refunds.

  • atilola
    4 posts


    Hey dude congrats on getting it to work - on your replay through, did you do the Asgard/jotenheim quests before Cent storyline?

    I just restarted myself - being underleveled sucks

    Thanks in advance!

  • AlphaGoose46219
    155 posts

    @atilola No, did them after.
    Did Asgard/Jotumheim just before i freed Sigurd.

  • Jhaan123
    15 posts

    I noticed something new that I haven't seen mentioned here yet. Whenever I enter the longhouse to complete "Report on Cent" and get the "A Brewing Storm" quest, some quests I haven't completed in Ravensthorpe disappear from my quest log:

    "A Brief History of the Hidden Ones" disappears
    "A Baker's Plaint" disappears

    I thought it could be that players are getting this Brewing Storm bug b/c the quest "A Brewing Storm" is overriding these other incomplete Ravensthorpe quests and messing up the game code...but then I completed both the above quests and tried again, and I STILL got the Brewing Storm bug.

    I think a hotfix for this is needed right away, and the quickest and simplest solution is to give players the ability to skip "A Brewing Storm". The code for it is clearly buggy and triggers conditions other quests in this game don't normally trigger (like forcing the player to rest, for example). It ends up doing really screwy things to the Ravensthorpe area and causes a gamebreaking bug that prevents players from advancing the story.

    If Ubisoft is concerned about how the quest's choice influences the ending, then here's a suggestion for a hotfix. After you return to Randvi and "Reporting on Cent" finishes, have a pop-up menu appear that says:

    Dag's growing distrust of you is becoming a problem. How do you want to solve the issue?

    Banish him, take his axe (Skip Quest, Deny him Valhalla)
    Banish and wish him well (Skip Quest, Let's Dag get to Valhalla)
    Wait until nightfall to speak to him (Attempt to do "A Brewing Storm")

  • PCOF69
    1 posts

    @jhaan123 Hi guys. I tried something diferent and it didnt solve the problem too. I still have my ps4 pro. I installed the game and used my ps5 saved games with it. After going to the bed appears another quest and everything continues the same.

  • Doner07
    31 posts

    @pcof69 nothing will work. The bug is also on PC and Xbox so dont expect diffrent results by changing platform you play on

  • Doner07
    31 posts

    It's not a problem with console, hardware or anything. Its not a problem with graphics settings on PC, resolution etc. as someone else notice i also notice that quest A brief history of the Hidden Ones disappears but it's not for a first time. I think that this quest also disappears to me somewhere near "Taken for Granted" quest which btw also disappears from completed quest after reloading save but there is another topic on this forum about that so nvm. Some [censored] is going on with this game. Bugged to the core so i only hope they will solve somehow all problem with quests but considering how many problems there are (You can check it on topic with Known Issues) i doubt it. BTW they gave us recently a fix for Jomsvikings. Now we will not only see them from the same player over and over but finally also from others. Great, thats what we really really needed. Thank You Ubisoft. Who cares about fixing REAL problems with your game, right?

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