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  • Year2buyAc2552
    9 posts

    DLC revenue is likely to be down even if the all the game breaking bugs are patched. No matter how well Valhalla and its DLC performs from this point out. Ubisoft missed the true potential this game offers for their company and customers. It seems that Valhalla might be ready to play just before or just after the first DLC is released. A shame for all involved.

  • Year2buyAc2552
    9 posts

    @ubi-mark what is the cause? Can it be prevented by players? Does Ubisoft expect players to except their games in this state 5 or more months after release in the future? Thank you

  • guest-UsWl8Y9o
    4 posts

    I didnt even sleep and dag appeared and atacking folk in settlement [censored]

  • Lovemonkeyz
    1 posts

    I'm also stuck in this bug. After sleeping, quest text doesn't show anything, and NPC's do not interact with you. Even tried loading a whole zone backwards and redid them with no difference.

  • liahim13
    26 posts

    @ubi-mark When is the next update ? After 1 month? 6 months? 1 year?

  • YahiaMouhammad
    1 posts

    Now i gone to proceed for Browing Strom mission so Eivor went to sleep and the wakes up in a storm with no indication what to do so i looked it up i found that its supposed that Dag wakes me up and fight so what to do?
    i closed and opned again tried another save game and do and nothing i tried to delet and download again with no luck so what to do?

  • victoruchiha82
    64 posts

    what about the people who got bored after the brewing storm? Like me. I’ve got everything except the Jorvik armour because it’s a mission.it’s a lv. 90 mission I’m now at lv. 409. The rest of the game will be easy as [censored]. So patch it and give us ng+. So we can play again with our gear and skills.

  • Zorovichinski
    10 posts

    @ubi-mark The issue we all have now, is that, for every product you now release, HOW ON EARTH can we ever trust your QA department / management...!!!
    I'm afraid you're going to have a significant shift of folk now going to wait till all future games appear on sale - i.e. - by which time we all hope these game-breaking bugs are properly ironed out so that WE CAN ACTUALLY PLAY YOUR GAMES.

    I, personally, am NOT going to purchase any future full-price games from you until you prove your QA is actually FIT FOR PURPOSE. That's gonna take you some time - you knew about this bug for months...shocking way to treat your customers...!!!

  • gg_Gatsby
    2 posts

    @daepicpro exact same thing has happened to me this evening. I’ve loaded a game before speaking to Randvi and will try do the second Asgard Quest and Vinland arc, hopefully by then there will be a patch of sorts to fix this. Game is good, but not Witcher 3 good. I have absolutely no inclination to go back and grind for hours to get to this point again and hope it will work.

  • sirduff96
    13 posts

    @zorovichinski amazes me how this seems to have gone unnoticed compared to cyberpunk, I have never experienced a game this bad and I picked it up 4 month after release!! How is it not fixed completely by now?

  • Yoan1979
    1 posts


    Another here. I'm stuck in the PS5 version. 4 months of a bug and still no expected date. I'm done. Asking for a REFUND.

  • FrustratedGamer
    28 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • FrustratedGamer
    28 posts

    @doner07 For what it's worth, his exact words were "the fix is planned to be released with a future update." The next big update (IIRC) is scheduled for the end of this month. They've been saying "future update" for some time.

    If it were confirmed for the next update, I'd be saying so. In other words, you probably haven't wasted your time restarting. Unfortunately, this latest response has only added that the bug has been reproduced (can't imagine it would be that difficult given how prevalent it is, lol).

  • tempete0390
    53 posts

    @frustratedgamer Yeah, it's not "good news". Almost 6 months to replicate the bug and now we're back allllllll the way around to the beginning with "hope for a future fix blah blah blah". They could have come over to my house at any time and I would have replicated the [censored] for them. IF the bug was going to be fixed on 4-29, they would have said next update. I am absolutely amazed that they're releasing ptp dlc when the main story is still broken for like 50% of players. If Brewing Storm isn't fixed in the next patch why would anyone pay for Wrath of the Druids? I have a season pass but I won't be anywhere near ready to play it unless I speed up my catch up and I don't really care. The 29th is still a long way off too. I'd still start over if you're interested in getting past the bug before another month and MAYBE (probably not) the patch fixes it. The "communication" has been [censored] from go.

  • tempete0390
    53 posts

    @lovemonkeyz You have to start all over following the special rules figured out by PLAYERS with no help from Ubi at all or keep waiting and keeping in mind that they've been saying "hope to fix in a future update" since the beginning.

  • Maddox64
    10 posts
    I am absolutely amazed that they're releasing ptp dlc when the main story is still broken for like 50% of players.

    While this error is major and the time it has taken to get us to this point is completely unacceptable the number of players this is broken for is nowhere near 50%. My guess is that the percentage is in the low single digits. But, even if the game had only sold 1 million copies, even 1% of a million is 10,000 players. The percentage does not matter in the end. It is a bugged main quest. It should have been given priority long ago. I am not happy that they are releasing new content and then releasing patches to fix bugs in that new content while many base game quests have been bugged since release. Seriously screwed up priorities.

    What is amusing is that for the Lost Glory Quest bug we have told them the exact cause of it back in Nov/Dec. It is simple to reproduce and it also has not been touched.

  • VegasHeart
    35 posts
    @zorovichinski The issue we all have now, is that, for every product you now release, HOW ON EARTH can we ever trust your QA department / management...!!!

    This is true.I played all their new realeses and all of them have problems which nobody care.I can make only one exeption for Immortals Fenyx Rising,cuz Odyssey team opimized it a little better then it was after release,but still i cant recomend that game.If u have kids better spent money on something useful instead of this.
    As for me i learned lesson far years ago,when they started selling DLC,which is not included in season pass(im talking about AC Syndicate)and i was shocked by support answer:"Sometimes u not receive everything".No more-i said to myself and since that time i buy only games on sale out or year after release.I recommend better use Ubiconnect subscription or split price with a friend using same account,instead of buying their games.And befory u buy better search about which bugs that game have,they was fixed or not.
    Now i understand why they making games with over 100h of gameplay,because they need to sell that damn subscription over and over again.
    Lets back to Valhalla.

    • Since release season pass holders dont receive anything,exept promises.Remember if u pay for season pass u paying not for content,u paying for promises that such content will be created,but when and how many nobody cant say with 100 percen guarantee(meaning correct date and time).
    • When Immortals Fenyx Rising already have 2 DLC,WD Legion(2 missions its not DLC) and AC Valhalla players got [censored] nothing and have to deal with a tons of unfixed bugs themselves.
    • Ubisoft keep focusing on microtranzactions and monetizing ignoring most unacceptable bugs.Even Ostara festival bugs wasnt fixed properly.But look Helix store was received regular update.
    • Monetizing transmog feature its a spit to the face of players!When in Odyssey and Immortals Fenyx Rising this is free but here u have to spent a lot silver for that and choose wisely.This should be removed as well as downgrading gear prices,no exeptions.

    Im gonna say maybe some unpopular thing,for which I can receive a ban,but i dont care really.So the thing is that the girl who broke AC Valhalla denuvo was added Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support withing one week.
    Without thousands crew members.
    Without asking money for that,like we pay Ubisoft.
    Can u receive such support from Ubi in limited time?Never.If they wanted they will added support DX11 and other Windows version and did better optimization.But hell no,Nvidia must sell their new videocards.
    People who paid money for your product deserve proper support and a proper treatment.
    Ubisoft store even dont have quick refund,where u can return your money yourself without contacting support.What the [censored] is that?They needed to be pushed by someone,like that happens with Steam,years ago when it dont have refund politics.
    I dont believe that ubisoft politics changes in future,but we can stop them or at least dont let them go further,otherwise they keep doing that and pushing more and more.Its like junkie that cant stop,so they need more and more money Be smart,if u have something to say say it,there are many ways to be heard.According to this thread and many other i really can see that many ppl now understand what is true face of Ubisoft is.
    Respect to all who share their thoughts,same as for ppl who helped with some solutions!When support fails community goes on stage.

  • tempete0390
    53 posts

    @maddox64 Autocorrect fail.


  • SidBarker92
    2 posts

    Hi All,
    once again please

    reply and use #brewingstormbug to make it louder!

  • EpicAar
    25 posts

    @vegasheart Honestly agree with most of this except the Transmog, it's 50 silver and an in game currency. I think priority should shift to making the game work above all else.

    Also their twitter is a joke. Tells me to message them in a private DM to start refund process and then don't respond.

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