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  • Doner07
    31 posts

    @timeteger Such clever man as you deserves nothing but my humble offer to join to us. Together, we can manipulate more people into thinking that playing game from the start is good and working solution to problem with a brewing storm. The only problem is i tried it and completed only main quests which worked and i could finish a brewing storm but it doesn't matter. There are few as me, now you can join us and tell more people that it's working. BTW don't even look at post from UBI-Mark. He's our enemy. He's also working for them but he is a templar. He's using his "support staff" group to manipulate others that it's already fixed and the next update will let us complete this quest with no problem, which obviously is a lie. You are smart and you knew he's lying from the start. You also saw our lie that playing from begining will probably also let you finish quest. I admire you, the offer still stands. JOIN US.

    btw we will pay you compensation. Our compensation will be a talk with 4-5 ac fans. One of them will tell you that he could skip the bug. The others could not. That way your lie in that matter will become a true.

  • Megg0584
    1 posts

    Well I'm guessing the response I had of "we are looking into this" was just a lie 😂
    I feel like I have wasted over 50 hours of my time and not able to finish the story!
    I'm sure they would soon look into it if they had to start paying compensation!

  • FrustratedGamer
    28 posts

    @timeteger <sigh> ... busted. Look, you guys have your doubts. I get it. But you've got to have faith that we've got you covered. We have a PLAN, Arthur! Er, I mean ... your continued support and microtransactions are greatly appreciated.

    But seriously - as I said, it's entirely up to you if you want to follow the walkthroughs. Offering a way around the bug doesn't mean I don't condemn Ubisoft's appalling response. I just happened to have the time. Also, my partner is behind me in the game (only on her 4th pledge) so I wanted to ensure the workaround was viable so she could navigate her way through the game and not go through the same misery as me. It was her decision to buy the game so she made the call not to return it, whereas I floated the idea of returning it as a matter of principle.

    FWIW, the speed run is the easy part -- That took me ~12 hours. The hard part is going back collecting everything. That added another 35 hours (not including Asgard or Lunden).

    So, 47 hours over 4 days.

    I officially hate myself.

  • Justin_PDX82
    2 posts

    I also hit this bug a few days ago after investing 92 hours into the game. It’s been a wonderful game so far. I even went and got Excalibur! It super sucks that I can’t progress now and that the bug prevents me from getting past the brewing storm quest. I event to sleep, work up, no cut scene and Ravensthorpe is a ghost town.

  • gikasGR
    1 posts

    Being playing this game for 70 hours + ,got to this quest Brewing Storm, and now can't interact with anyone,the quest just stops and I am left in a blurry like dream state

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 373 posts

    @gikasgr I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.

    I can confirm there is a known issue with the quest 'A Brewing Storm' where the cutscene does not trigger after have woken up. This is scheduled to be fixed in a future update.

    Please keep checking the megathread that we have created for this issue, the known issues list and the news and announcements page for updates.

    Official Response
  • spiderdino
    1 posts

    Hi there,

    I just encountered this bug, where the cutscene doesn't trigger after going to be in "A Brewing Storms".
    Upon searching the internet, I've read that this bug breaks the game & hasn't been fixed yet.

    When I read the (unnoficial i guess) notes for the 3.01 update, it states that the problem has been fixed.
    However, it has not been fixed, as I encountered the problem myself and read on Reddit some other players still have the same issue.

    Is there any information by Ubisoft themselves about where they're at?
    If this is indeed a problem that has been around for months now, and they can't fix it, it would be nice that you can just skip the mission by the next patch.

    These games are not cheap, so it would be nice to get a little bit more information by Ubisoft.

    Hope someone can provide some more information.
    Thanks you all in advance!

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 373 posts

    @thomas_webb14 I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with this quest. You will be pleased to know that this issue will be fixed in a future update.

    Please keep checking the known issues list and the news and announcements page for updates.

    With regards to your PSN account linking issue. Could you please contact support on one of the following channels:

    Support Ticket
    Live Chat

    I have edited your original post to remove your account details as we do not recommend posting these on public posts.

    Official Response
  • Doner07
    31 posts

    @spiderdino You clearly didn't read all. It states "More fixes coming with the next update" and under this label there is a brewing storm bug so this will be fixed in future update.

  • stevenlowe20
    1 posts

    Same issue here reckon we should get a refund playing ps4 140 hours in and can't go further maybe you should be refunding or making the dlc free for this poor showing been a massive fan for years but this game is so incomplete it's painful

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 373 posts

    @Sandertje321 @guest-6gfbgx7t I can understand your frustration at not being able to progress in the quest 'A Brewing Storm'. I can assure you that the development team have been working hard to resolve this and all other issues that have been reported. Some bugs can be more difficult than others to resolve and in those cases it can take longer.

    This issue is due to be fixed in a future update. Please keep checking the known issues list and the news and announcements page for updates.

    Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Official Response
  • timeteger
    7 posts

    @frustratedgamer 🙂 i don’t have that much time mate. instead of wasting my time doing the same things over and over i prefer to do other things and wait for the patch i already paid for by purchasing the game. The main reason is, i will probably do smthg triggers the bug again and i don’t want to risk it.

  • timeteger
    7 posts

    @doner07 ah you really made my day. Finally it feels like someone very clever from ubisoft gives a [censored] about us and even dreaming about it feels better. Thanks for making this dream come true mate. But its better u just stop giving these bugisoft workers what they want. And start fighting for your rights. If you don’t and get used to it, then it means you are not a winner... 🙂

  • Zoro-AlgamDi
    1 posts

    Hi , I have the same problem here . i cant go any further in the game because of this quest

    Can i ask when the update will be released?

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @Ubi-Keo Hello. Since you speak on behalf of Ubisoft... don't you think almost 5 months is quite more than enough time to fix a bug/glitch that BREAKS the game? We are not talking about a minor bug/glitch... we are talking about a big deal bug that hasn't yet been addressed. Sony took off Cyberpunk 2077 from their stores due to huge performance issues. All of us who are facing this bug cannot continue playing the game.

    Also, when you say in "This issue is due to be fixed in a future update"... that doesn't bring us much hope. It could be next month or maybe in three months. If you can assure us that the development team is working on it... why don't you ask them for a more specific date?

    Moreover, you say you understand our frustration? If you do, why don't you just refund us and free us of our frustration?

  • zombieboy474712
    3 posts

    This is one of the (if not THE) most bi-polar games I’ve played.
    Beautiful, breathtaking in scope, yet riddled with silly bugs that could be excusable if it weren’t for this bug: absolutely game-breaking, game-ending, and one that still persists around 6 months after release.
    It seems like within a few days of this bug being discovered, EVERY Ubisoft employee with the expertise to potentially find and/or fix this bug would’ve been pulled off whatever they were working on and put on this. If that had been the response, I’d have to imagine this bug would’ve been fixed some time ago.
    Instead, it appears that not even every member of the team working on this title was put on this problem.
    I guess there’s just not enough money in fixing the broken product you sold in a timely manner.
    Since it looks like a considerable % of users have had this bug, it seems like it would’ve been caught in play testing.
    Instead, I’m here rambling on a forum I’m finding difficult to navigate on my iPhone.

  • Bionor
    3 posts

    Just encountered this 50h in. First AC since AC2 I really enjoyed, so kinda bummer this one. Crossing my fingers for an aprilfix🤞 ...not holding my breath though.

  • Doner07
    31 posts

    @bionor it is confirmed that the next update will fix this so you don't need to cross fingers, only wait 🙂

  • tempete0390
    52 posts

    @timeteger I work for Ubisoft? I didn't even know! That's probably why the bug is still there after all these months. Ubi doesn't inform it's employees that they are employees. Also they don't pay us. I should have way more money than I do. How do I contact Ubi HR?

    I started the game over as a purely logic-based decision. First, nearly 5 months in and their only comment was "can't replicate" even after receiving thousands of save files. Second, the only comment here was "known issue hope to fix in future go [censored] yourselves". Third, I had read enough here and on reddit and all over the place and experienced enough in my first play attempt that I knew what to do and what not to do for my best chance at success. Fourth, I knew I could speed run it fairly quickly. I was 47 hours in on my first play, my second play took just a little under 20 hours. Fifth, I knew FOR SURE that I could do a start over and find out if I could beat the bug 5 million times before Ubisoft ever does [censored] about it. No, I did not want to start over. Yes, it sucked [censored]. No, I am not in any state even resembling all better now even though I beat the bug. Yes, I think starting over is everyone's best option. Every one of us who did this and shared our play-by-play here are able to do so because we started over and learned from each other. It's extremely helpful and, since Ubi gives zero [censored] about helping us, player trial and error is the best (and only) fix we've got. I paid extra for Valhalla with a season pass when I bought it and it was too late to return it. If I knew this was going to be my experience, I would not have bought a season pass let alone the damned game. But at least now I can finish the main story, explore as I want (even though I'm still paranoid that any random little [censored] I do may trigger another godawful clusterfuck like #brewingstormbug), and I can play the dlc I already paid for last November.

    Your options are trust Ubisoft cares, has your back, and is diligently working on a fix non-stop like elves on xmas eve while not being able to play the game you paid for and can't return OR trust the other players here who actually do have your back and diligently speed run a start over like a gamer riding the worst wave of gamer rage you've ever had. Pretty easy decision imo.

  • madalinus
    4 posts

    Hello all. What I would like to ask is this: can we all make a motion or sign some petition or get maybe help from a lawyer or someone who knows how to start this thing ? The reason why I am asking is all the players whom bought cyberpunk got a refund straight away, even if they downloaded and played the game. Plus the game got removed from play store. Now when I asked for a refund from [censored] Ubisoft, they told me I need to take it up with PlayStation. Now this bastards from PlayStation have the [censored] rule 14 days without downloading or playing the content. When I asked but what about the policy when a game is faulty and doesn’t run, they asked me to do a lot of [censored] things to my console, which I did like a stupid and now all my progress for all my games have been reset. And of course assassins Creed Valhalla still not working. So all I am asking is give us back our money, you greedy sons of bitches!

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