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  • SmokeNOakum657
    7 posts

    I have the same problem after 114 hours in the first playthrough, with 100% along the way (Inc. Asgard Paet 1, Vinland, and 3 sisters. No cut scene, Dag in graveyard registering as an enemy but unresponsive and usually respawns after death, no NPC interaction, etc. I've played probably an extra 15 hours and 3 dozen different things trying to fix, including reinstalling the game, replaying from a previous save in East Anglia and not doing the quests/arcs above, completing all of Seer's Hut stuff prior to sleeping, dying, switching quests and killing a Zealot after waking then tracking Brewing Storm again, punching Dag all the way from the graveyard to where he's supposed to spawn before sleeping, blocking his spawn point in the graveyard with horses, blockading Dag in the longhouse with horses before entering longhouse and reporting on Cent, etc.

    Three thoughts. One, Dag can be found in graveyard but outside the limits of Ravensthorpe, so that could have something to do with it. Two, it moves from the dagger going into Cent on the map when reporting straight into Brewing Storms before it has a chance to register that Cent is completed, award points or silver, and there's no save - so that might be shorting it out. Three, the problem could be with the sleep function, cuz the non-interaction with NPCs and everything is the exact same before sleeping as after, and Eivor's dialogue greeting the wolf continues before and after sleep.

    One other thing, there's a circular spot outside the longhouse that Eivor can't penetrate after waking from sleep (but he/she can before sleep. It's more or less between the main entrance of the longhouse and the cemetery, or the tattoo shop... Basically on the triangular patch of grass between the longhouse and tattoo shop. The tattooed pig hangs out there there sometimes. I tried shooing the pig out of there before sleep, and also punching Dag into there and killing him him with arrows so that he respawns inside. But also did nothing. Does everybody have this same dead spot in the game?

  • SmokeNOakum657
    7 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • AndersonLB_
    4 posts

    @frustratedgamer I decided to restart the game, and followed the steps, and it worked.

    Side note: 45h on the main save and it me took 12h to rush through.

  • cnseref
    3 posts

    I have stuck in game because of a bug in the quest "Storm Brewing". The main story, all npcs, fast traveling are disabled. Normally I should fight Dag after a cinematic part but it is not triggered. I found Dag in the settlement - I kill him but he revives continuously which leads to nothing. I tried playing old saves and this doesnt fix it for me - I replay the quest line from the beginning yet the bug is still there. Basically all my saves end up being bugged.

    I played the game almost 70 hours now (starting a new game is not an option). No refund can compensate that.

    I am looking for a fix. Waiting for an update from Ubisoft should not be that fix. I merely want to continue my game.

  • cnseref
    3 posts

    @AlphaGoose46219 Frankly, playing all over again is not really "getting it done" and is not a favorable option. I personally really want to continue but I cannot throw into garbage my 70 hours of playing.

    @smokenoakum657 I do

  • cnseref
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • MagPawLoki
    7 posts

    Hi all,
    I totaly understand that there ia a lot of work with game, but since november the problem is not fixed with "A Brewing Storm".
    Now is April, which means 6 months.... guys we would like to play!
    Please fix it.

    Thank you in advance

  • Tholfir
    2 posts

    just encountered this bug today, and i have to say im really disappointed in ubisoft.
    does anyone have a clue when this will be fixed?
    or where i can file a complaint / ask for a refund.

    best regards.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @tholfir Nobody knows when it will be fixed. After chatting with a Ubisoft CS Agent.. he/she said there was no ETA for the release of the fix.

    A refund? Yeah... right. Bear with us, brother.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1316 posts

    Hello there!

    Thank you for continuing to update this thread, and for sharing your experiences and feedback regarding "A Brewing Storm." As we have shared already, this issue is due to be fixed in a future update. Once we have more confirmed information on this update's release date, it will be shared within this thread and in the News & Announcements forum as soon as we are able to.

    I can see that a number of you have asked why this has not been resolved with a hot-fix. This is because the nature of the fix for this issue does not allow it to be deployed via a hot-fix. We apologise for any disappointment caused by this, and ask for your understanding.

    We are unable to speculate on whether compensation will be offered, as this is the decision of the Assassin's Creed: Valhalla team. If compensation is to be granted to players, this information will be shared on official platforms or in-game via notifications.

    I would also like to remind you all that the agents you see posting within the Player Support forums are members of the support team. We are not members of the development team, and we are unable to make statements on their behalf. Rest assured that we are providing you with all of the information that is available to us. Once we have any new information to share from the investigation, we try our best to update you all as soon as we're able to. If you have any additional feedback that you would like us to pass forward, please let us know, as we'd like to see if there is anything further we can do 🙂

    In the meantime, I'd like to take the time to address some queries and concerns that have been posted within this thread.

    Several of you have expressed an interest in seeking a refund. If you would like to seek a refund, and you purchased the game from the Ubisoft Store, you are welcome to open a support ticket and a member of the store team will reach out to you as soon as they're able to. I would recommend taking a look at the digital and physical refund policies prior to opening a ticket. Refund requests are investigated on a case-by-case basis, though we are unable to guarantee your request will be granted if you do not meet the eligible criteria.

    If you purchased the game from another retailer (Epic/PlayStation/Microsoft), you will need to contact them for assistance with your refund.

    If you are encountering problems in other quests, such as "Defensive Measures" or "In a Strange Land," please can you check our Megathread list and post within the relevant thread. This will allow us to collect your report for the ongoing investigations. If you cannot see your issue listed here, please can you open up a new thread.

    @EpicAar - Please note that we're unable to offer a live service via social media. A member of the Twitter support team will reach out to you as soon as they're able to. If you'd like to have a live chat with an agent, you can learn more about opening a live chat here.

    @guest-s09Cqd9R - As mentioned by @azullFR, the update you're referring to was actually a set of hot-fixes rather than a title update. The fix for this issue will be included in a future title update. Once we have more information about this, we will share it within the forums so please keep an eye out.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • guest-WVijxhOp
    1 posts

    I have a similar problem with the progression being the same. However, Dag isn't present at anytime after waking up. I can't communicate with anyone in Ravensthorpe, so I can't going any further into the quest. I can upgrade buildings such as the cattle farm, but that's it. It is storming. I can get on the boat and travel elsewhere, and it allows me to have discussions and buy things at the merchants, but no fast travel.

  • Sherritty
    1 posts

    I am stuck on this which is a pain because i had to restart the game when my PS5 broke after 2 months use. At that time i had sailed through this scene. This time I am dead in the water.

    the village is in the middle of a storm, Dag is in the Grave yard and is "eternal". There is no way to move on or to reset.

    At this stage i have set the game aside and will wait for a fix.

    What this really has taught me is not to buy new games. In future I am going to wait for at least a year after launch to invest in a game and hopefully they will have been properly debugged by then.

  • Tholfir
    2 posts

    ill bear with you Brother,
    i just cannot believe that some guys have been waiting for 4 months😥

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @tholfir It is hard to believe but it seems Ubisoft and CD Projekt were competing on which company would deliver the most broken game. At first CD Projekt with Cyberpunk 2077 was winning the race but then Ubisoft completely won the competition by breaking the game and making it completely unplayable for almost 5 months. Also, they have no idea when they will fix it because they already have our money and they don't give a [censored].

    You have two Ubisoft mods here @Ubi-Keo and @Ubi-Mark who will tell you that the company already knows about this bug and they are working on it in a FUTURE update. Probably, the COVID-19 pandemic will end sooner.

    In closing, they don't give a [censored].

  • SmokeNOakum657
    7 posts

    @ubi-borealis Do you know if it's possible to get and resume play of another player's save game? Say, a saved game that is past Brewing Storm? If so, do you know the process for that? Would it interfere with their own playthrough of the game?

    Any chance you can get a brave member of the development team to answer questions on this forum? Ubisoft is really shooting itself in the foot not having any meaningful communication with players for 6 months - and these are mainly the completionist types they're alienating.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • VegasHeart
    28 posts
    @epicaar Honestly agree with most of this except the Transmog, it's 50 silver and an in game currency. I think priority should shift to making the game work above all else.

    I wasnt talking about removing transmog feature instead of fixing main bugs,i meantioned that is just a part of big fails they created and should fix or remove.And its 50 silver each [censored] part!Its not small amount in totall.Like i said before ubi gives u that [censored] and if u eat that they have a green light to go further.Maybe someone dont like the look and want to change it couple times and then BANG one day u wake up and u lost your money.But look here we have Helix store ready to help you with silver pack,which is accidentally pop up in right moment,its so simple 😞 [censored] no im not gonna support that [censored] and i dont understand why u accepting this.
    I can undertsand that some ppl can use cheat and got everything they need including silver,resourses or premium skins and just laugh at Ubi face.
    Some ppl can spent a lot time on grinding and also pass this.
    But some ppl really dont have another way(like console players or cloud gaming players)to get this resourses.Only thing they can use its glitches and a fair way-big annoying grinding.And look in what turned all Ubi games-its all same grinding [censored] with microtranzactions and tons of bugs.I really missing old days where u dont have all that season passes and couple game editions.When u bought a game and receive a game,without limits.
    Like always Ubi creating a problem and gives u a simple solution with you money.Of course its not a problem to use glithces and receive some amount of money,but its not the case.The thing is Ubi gives u a bait and waits how will u react:you gonna eat it or sail away.In a futute they can fix all working glitches immidiately and left u only one way-pay or grind a lot.Its very agressive marketing they making and its working for some ppl i must say.I never support this,because i understand where its lead to.Pay or not its your own choice i just hope that some ppl understand where its leads to.
    I dont like support answers,when they saying what they have to say,but undestanding thats a lie.Devs looks like they living in their own word and dont even know what the hell going on around.Maybe they know about something,but here comes publisher and saying:"We need more money"and they creating all that [censored] that we have now and forgetting about what they should really do.Is that a problem to fix all bugs one by one,when they just appear instead of waiting for them to accumulate?Not at all,but no for nowaday Ubisoft.

  • Tuxedomask22013
    1 posts

    I am unable to progress with the dual was dag on a brewing storm and not to mention I can’t fast travel anywhere and yet I can treasure hunt in someone but this is been going on for about a week now can’t this be fixed????!!!!

  • maxxsinner
    23 posts

    Here we go again... 5 months since this game breaking bug was reported and still the only response is - it will be fixed one day in the future.
    Over 27,750 views to this thread alone. This issue is wide spread and it seems like Ubisoft are not even seeing the need to do damage control.

    @Ubi-Borealis - I find it very disingenuous that you have said that we are welcome to open a support ticket for a refund knowing full well that NONE of us would fit the refund policy criteria. Simply playing the game long enough to find this bug means that we no longer fit the refund criteria.

    You can request a refund for a digital order within 14 days of your purchase, as long as the content has not been launched.

    Again, I understand that you are a member of the support team and not the dev team, but you are employed to be the voice for Ubisoft so the frustration of the constant dismissal and lack of transparency is going to be directed towards you and the other support team members, as we have no other choice. Feel free to direct us to the people who should be receiving this angst and I am sure the mob of pitchforks and torches will be redirected immediately.

    Until then your post provides nothing but lip service and is just more fuel to add the anti-Ubisoft sentiment.
    As I have stated before, this is nothing but down right [censored] theft. No other item could be purchased without recourse when it does not work as intended.

  • Justin_PDX82
    2 posts

    @ubi-mark Thanks very much for the positive update. Glad you were able to reproduce the issue. Is there any sense yet of how much effort will have to go into fixing it? I am blocked, like many of the players who have reported on this thread. I'd love to finish this game!!

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