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  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @tholfir It is hard to believe but it seems Ubisoft and CD Projekt were competing on which company would deliver the most broken game. At first CD Projekt with Cyberpunk 2077 was winning the race but then Ubisoft completely won the competition by breaking the game and making it completely unplayable for almost 5 months. Also, they have no idea when they will fix it because they already have our money and they don't give a [censored].

    You have two Ubisoft mods here @Ubi-Keo and @Ubi-Mark who will tell you that the company already knows about this bug and they are working on it in a FUTURE update. Probably, the COVID-19 pandemic will end sooner.

    In closing, they don't give a [censored].

  • SmokeNOakum657
    7 posts

    @ubi-borealis Do you know if it's possible to get and resume play of another player's save game? Say, a saved game that is past Brewing Storm? If so, do you know the process for that? Would it interfere with their own playthrough of the game?

    Any chance you can get a brave member of the development team to answer questions on this forum? Ubisoft is really shooting itself in the foot not having any meaningful communication with players for 6 months - and these are mainly the completionist types they're alienating.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • VegasHeart
    35 posts
    @epicaar Honestly agree with most of this except the Transmog, it's 50 silver and an in game currency. I think priority should shift to making the game work above all else.

    I wasnt talking about removing transmog feature instead of fixing main bugs,i meantioned that is just a part of big fails they created and should fix or remove.And its 50 silver each [censored] part!Its not small amount in totall.Like i said before ubi gives u that [censored] and if u eat that they have a green light to go further.Maybe someone dont like the look and want to change it couple times and then BANG one day u wake up and u lost your money.But look here we have Helix store ready to help you with silver pack,which is accidentally pop up in right moment,its so simple 😞 [censored] no im not gonna support that [censored] and i dont understand why u accepting this.
    I can undertsand that some ppl can use cheat and got everything they need including silver,resourses or premium skins and just laugh at Ubi face.
    Some ppl can spent a lot time on grinding and also pass this.
    But some ppl really dont have another way(like console players or cloud gaming players)to get this resourses.Only thing they can use its glitches and a fair way-big annoying grinding.And look in what turned all Ubi games-its all same grinding [censored] with microtranzactions and tons of bugs.I really missing old days where u dont have all that season passes and couple game editions.When u bought a game and receive a game,without limits.
    Like always Ubi creating a problem and gives u a simple solution with you money.Of course its not a problem to use glithces and receive some amount of money,but its not the case.The thing is Ubi gives u a bait and waits how will u react:you gonna eat it or sail away.In a futute they can fix all working glitches immidiately and left u only one way-pay or grind a lot.Its very agressive marketing they making and its working for some ppl i must say.I never support this,because i understand where its lead to.Pay or not its your own choice i just hope that some ppl understand where its leads to.
    I dont like support answers,when they saying what they have to say,but undestanding thats a lie.Devs looks like they living in their own word and dont even know what the hell going on around.Maybe they know about something,but here comes publisher and saying:"We need more money"and they creating all that [censored] that we have now and forgetting about what they should really do.Is that a problem to fix all bugs one by one,when they just appear instead of waiting for them to accumulate?Not at all,but no for nowaday Ubisoft.

  • Tuxedomask22013
    1 posts

    I am unable to progress with the dual was dag on a brewing storm and not to mention I can’t fast travel anywhere and yet I can treasure hunt in someone but this is been going on for about a week now can’t this be fixed????!!!!

  • maxxsinner
    29 posts

    Here we go again... 5 months since this game breaking bug was reported and still the only response is - it will be fixed one day in the future.
    Over 27,750 views to this thread alone. This issue is wide spread and it seems like Ubisoft are not even seeing the need to do damage control.

    @Ubi-Borealis - I find it very disingenuous that you have said that we are welcome to open a support ticket for a refund knowing full well that NONE of us would fit the refund policy criteria. Simply playing the game long enough to find this bug means that we no longer fit the refund criteria.

    You can request a refund for a digital order within 14 days of your purchase, as long as the content has not been launched.

    Again, I understand that you are a member of the support team and not the dev team, but you are employed to be the voice for Ubisoft so the frustration of the constant dismissal and lack of transparency is going to be directed towards you and the other support team members, as we have no other choice. Feel free to direct us to the people who should be receiving this angst and I am sure the mob of pitchforks and torches will be redirected immediately.

    Until then your post provides nothing but lip service and is just more fuel to add the anti-Ubisoft sentiment.
    As I have stated before, this is nothing but down right [censored] theft. No other item could be purchased without recourse when it does not work as intended.

  • Justin_PDX82
    2 posts

    @ubi-mark Thanks very much for the positive update. Glad you were able to reproduce the issue. Is there any sense yet of how much effort will have to go into fixing it? I am blocked, like many of the players who have reported on this thread. I'd love to finish this game!!

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @justin_pdx82 ok, here's the transcript of a chat I had with a CS representative yesterday. @Ubi-Keo @Ubi-Mark @Ubi-Borealis the 3 of them know [censored] and I understand they are clearly not the guys responsible for fixing the bug but they speak on behalf of Ubisoft.

    Ubi-Dumpling (4/11/2021, 21:33:19): Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Live Support. Please give me a moment to review your case. In the meantime, feel free to add any additional information that may pertain to your issue, and I will be with you shortly.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:33:25): Hello
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:33:46): As you might know, A LOT OF USERS are experiencing the Brewing Storm bug.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:34:01): It has been brought to your attention in November 2020.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:34:06): We are in April 2021.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:34:23): Almost 5 months. I cannot continue playing the game cause the bug simply breaks the game.
    Ubi-Dumpling (4/11/2021, 21:35:07): Yes, we are aware and the development team has it as one of their top priority bugs they are working on. I am aware it is taking a long time, and it is very frustrating for all involved. I am truly sorry you are experiencing the issue surrounding A Brewing Storm.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:35:30): Priority bugs? Are you serious?
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:35:41): Almost half a year to fix a bug?
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:36:10): Worse than CD Projekt with Cyberpunk 2077.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:36:28): I would like to know WHEN the update will be released.
    Ubi-Dumpling (4/11/2021, 21:36:38): I do not have that information. If we did, we would notify players.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:37:07): All right, thanks for letting me know you guys have no idea when it will be fixed.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:37:23): So I have a game from you guys that I cannot play because of your fault.
    Ubi-Dumpling (4/11/2021, 21:37:52): If troubleshooting fixed it, I would provide that. If I had an ETA, I would provide that. I understand as an avid gamer myself that it is frustrating, but I do not have anything I can do to resolve A Brewing Storm for you at this time. Your frustration is completely valid.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:38:21): And what does Ubisoft do with my frustration?
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:38:39): Tell me to relax and calmly wait for a fix?
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:39:27): I assume you do not have that information either, right?
    Ubi-Dumpling (4/11/2021, 21:41:26): You have my commiseration. You are correct, the only thing to be done at this point is to await the update that will resolve the bug.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:41:55): Well, your commiseration just doesn't cut it.
    Me (4/11/2021, 21:42:02): Thanks for your "help".

    They all know [censored]. If it was really on their priority list... and it is a bug that BREAKS the game... how come they haven't fixed yet? How come they don't know WHEN it is going to be fixed?

  • VegasHeart
    35 posts
    @timeteger You pay money, they sell you faulty product, they don't fix it, they just want you to play it again and you do exactly what they want.
    You don't need the show the world that starting over the game is a very normal and happy thing to do.

    Man of the day for me!
    Im over 270 hours of gameplay and definitely not gonna start a new game.If the dont want to fix [censored] it,dont expect any money from me in a future.Playes here in thread gives them enough suggestions how to fix that.But like i said they living in their own world,doing what publisher says.I do not absolve developers responsibility as well they fail with this game too.
    It will be fixed in a future update,some galactic future it seems 🙂

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @vegasheart plus... what happens if you play it again and the bug occurs as well? Ha!

  • VegasHeart
    35 posts

    @docholliday182 Truly,no gaurantee 🙂
    In the next Ubi game we will recive step by step walkthrought how to play and where to go to avoid bugs 🙂

  • AlphaGoose46219
    157 posts

    @vegasheart No more UBi [censored] game(s) for me, they just used us to close the gap between old/new generation consoles.
    They used there old machines / tools materials to create this piece of [censored]!
    Next [censored] games will be "free" to play with even more Helix [censored] and mobile junkfood crab.
    We can be "REASURE" of it.
    Farewell AC

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @vegasheart I am not so sure if i'll ever buy a game from them again. If i do... cause I actually truly like AC... I'd wait at least a year before buying it. In all my years of playing games I have never encountered such a grotesque bug. I know CD Projekt screwed it up with Cyberpunk 2077 but at least they accepted their mistake and sorta fixed the game and will continue to keep fixing it... https://gamerant.com/cyberpunk-2077-patch-1-2-changes-police-wanted-system-driving-graphics-crashes/

    Here all we know is that they are aware of the bug and that it will be fixed in A future update. When approximately? They don't even know. They don't even care... no refunds (plus the people who bought the standard version would had never gotten a refund) so our money is safe in their pocket financing their next game.

  • VegasHeart
    35 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • victoruchiha82
    53 posts

    @docholliday182 at this point those guys probably don’t know what to say either. They ask for a update from ubisoft and get “ next update” and know they gonna get angry players. At this point someone higher up the food chain needs to make a statement and player needs to get some sort off in game compensation

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • maxxsinner
    29 posts
    They ask for a update from ubisoft and get “ next update” and know they gonna get angry players.

    @victoruchiha82 Totally agree with this - the support team are getting no information to share with us and have to cop the wrath of disgruntled customers.

    And this is the problem with compartmentalized departments in companies this big.
    The dev team feels little to no pressure other than feedback they get from the support team, which they can choose to ignore without consequence.
    Meanwhile the dev team gets pressure from the top brass to produce extra ways of making more money.

    In my case - I am in Australia and cannot create a support ticket for bugs in this game. At all. In fact, I cannot create a support ticket for anything other than subscription problems
    If it's not hurting the bottom dollar, they don't care to know about it. I've said it before - only way to show this is unacceptable is by not purchasing and Ubisoft game again.
    Otherwise, we are just affirming that this way of releasing games with game breaking bugs that take months to fix is A-OK.

  • kibbeast
    1 posts

    This is still an issue. I am getting this on PC. Ubisoft- This is how you lose the trust of a fan base. Every game has issues but its not addressing those issues that is unacceptable. Especially for a flagship game like this.

  • victoruchiha82
    53 posts

    @docholliday182 my too. Customer service already set up their bad news comment with” we’re just customer service”. Fix will come after the dlc I think.lazy I don’t know, selective I would say. When players could get behind the paywall with the pink boxes they fixed that in a day.

    @maxxsinner they make it hard so you don’t do anything about your money. Just start a new game and buy the 1500 helixpoints map and extra xp boost. That’s how they want you to play it

  • victoruchiha82
    53 posts
    This post is deleted!

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