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  • CizumYT
    1 posts

    Hey everyone , As I was playing Ac Valhalla nothing was out of the ordinary. I had just finished the cent arc and came back to Randvi. Then I started the fight with Dag I defeated him as the cutscene starts I get a error screen on ps4. I quickly started the game again and came back to a circle of people and Dag on the floor. I can carry him but nothing else and I can't communicate with anyone who is a part of the circle, can I get some help.

  • holydudman16
    33 posts

    did you guys updated the game on 11 November

  • guest-aX97FpCF
    1 posts

    i just got to this part today and the game crashed during the cutscene after you fight dag. After I loaded it up, he was just laying there and everyone was still standing in a circle around him. I could pick him up and carry him wherever and also leave but I can’t continue the story anymore. I’m going to do the cent missions again and save before to see if I can just keep trying to make it through the cutscene. Hopefully that works and that this gets fixed in a future update since my game is pretty much broken 80 something hours in -.-

  • BeastLocker
    5 posts

    @cizumyt yes its a bug that happened to me and a lot of people as well. Still waiting on the patch from ubisoft

  • BeastLocker
    5 posts

    @guest-ax97fpcf the only thing we can do is wait for a patch

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 675 posts

    Hi there! I'm sorry that you are unable to interact with Dag. I can certainly forward this on to the development team, however it may be quicker for you personally to do those 2 hours again. I am sorry for any disappointment caused by this!

    Official Response
  • jensime
    21 posts

    Ubisoft mods needs to come back in and address this

  • chhmo2000
    10 posts

    Actually makes me [censored] that they haven’t done anything yet. Im at the point where I want a refund, because I did not get what I paid for.

  • chhmo2000
    10 posts



  • BeastLocker
    5 posts

    @bluebuddha7414 I have the same issue on ps4 and I am waiting for a patch for 5 solid days now

  • Benndugan1234
    2 posts

    @ubi-swaggins how do I go about getting a refund ridiculous releasing a game that doesn’t work absolute shithouses

  • tzeentch105
    1 posts

    Bug prevented me from proceeding with the story. During the mission A brewing storm when Eivor goes to sleep, instead of a cutscene playing it just brings me back to the game as normal except I can’t interact with anyone. I’m playing on Xbox one

  • chhmo2000
    10 posts

    @benndugan1234 it depends where u bought it from etc. I bought mine from the PS-Store, and have been contacting them. I also paid with PayPal so I sent a complain to them that I did not get what I paid for.

    iknow, its unbelieveble that they’re releasing a game this broken. Worse than Fifa when it comes to bugs....

  • Mi_CHUNG17
    1 posts

    The game will not allow me to access anything in my home settlement. After the game restarted and glitched as I was trying to complete "A Brewing Storm" story mode missions and access to my home settlement will not allow me to do anything. Ex. I can't upgrade weapons through the home village, I can't donate my legendary animals, I can donate fish, I can't complete the "Going Deeper" mission, I can't complete the "A Rivalry for the Ages" mission, and I can't rearrange my ship crew.

  • jensime
    21 posts

    Did you reload to an earlier save?

  • jensime
    21 posts
    Hey folks,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with this quest.

    Are you able to provide any videos demonstrating what happens in your game, so I can pass it onto the team?

    Do you need further details before adding this to the main thread of known issies because a ton of people have responded here with the same issue. I know fixes aren't immediate but acknowledgement would help.

  • Justus1302
    Original poster 17 posts


    I would like this issue to be acknowledged as well. Right now it just feels like whatever we say falls on deaf ears.
    I also don't know if they need any further information to fix this problem.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 340 posts

    @CizumYT Thanks for reaching out.

    I am sorry to hear that you have encountered this bug. The team are aware of this and are looking into it further.

    Official Response
  • Payam_ace
    3 posts

    I managed to solve it on ps4. Before starting the duel with Sag, manually save the game so in case error happened you can go back to it.
    Go fight him and after defeat, cancel all the dialogues by tapping circle button and do it for cinematic footage as well by holding the circle button. So basically kill him and cancel everything after it. For the part where I had to choose to give the ax to him or not, I chose not to, donno if that matters though or not. Good luck.
    I'm so mad with ubisoft, took many hours

  • zlarches03
    4 posts

    @payam_ace Yeah I still can't, the issue with me is after Eivor sleeps, its a black screen and it skips the cutscene. He wakes up and the mission name is there but there are no mission objectives and I can't talk to anyone. Dag is nowhere to be found for me. I just need that cutscene to work lol, very annoying.

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