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  • UbiKoreanBBQ
    Ubisoft Support Staff 184 posts

    @bogdan36 Hi! I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue! The development team has been investigating it, and we look to have a resolution soon. I have merged your thread with the "Brewing Storm" megathread already created for the issue. For any future posts, please check our Master Megathreads list to see if we already have a place for you to add onto. Thank you greatly.

    Official Response
  • RobbyP84
    2 posts

    It is not April and I’m still having the same issue with a storm brewing.

  • GoreDDO
    3 posts

    Well, i cant belive that a quest name *drum roollllll* a brewing storm, have yet not been fixed, i first learned about the bug the hard way yesterday, after putting just about 90 hours into the game, i cant belive that i have to stop playing now.. What can i do, i stand with a broken game, i mean if it was a broken 'everything else' like a bicycle, you would of return it! what are the status on this bug, is it EVER going to get fixed.. og did i waste money on buying an product with at malfunction on it ?

    And NO i'm not gonna start over!

    From Tommy, Denmark.

  • jackaneurin
    1 posts

    Hi All,

    After putting in 50 hours in to this wonderful but excruciatingly painful game I got the Brewing Storm bug on the PS5.

    I waited a few weeks before restarting and followed the advice on this thread and finally managed to avoid the bug.

    However, this meant:

    1. ONLY doing the main quests and the wealth surrounding the main quest areas.
    2. Not interacting with any non main quest NPCs.
    3. Playing Eivor as male
    4. Following pledges as follows, Ledcestershire, Grantbridgeshire, East Anglia, Oxfordenshire, London, Scriopshire and then Cent.
    5. Get the settlement to level 4.
    6. Only interact with the seer once she arrives at Ravensthorpe and help with her bags.
    7. Interact with Reda once he arrives at Ravensthorpe.
    8. I completed 2 monastery raids and no more.

    Bare in mind this list isn’t in chronological order.

    Much to my delight Dag finally showed up and he was the source of my anger until I helped him on his way to Valhalla.

    Hope this helps!

  • thanatoarms1217
    5 posts

    @ubi-mark Hi, your development team managed to reproduce the bug, any idea on how it occurs? I believe it will help new players (because a lot of new players are still encountering the bug), and those players who would like to restart the game from scratch and avoid what's causing the bug. I think that's the best support you can give right now, if none of your development team can even provide that, then I guess they are lying and they are just giving false hopes to players, that it will be fixed in future updates.

  • FrustratedGamer
    28 posts

    @andersonlb_ Hey, that's awesome! I'm glad I was able to help out at least one person. 🙂

    Big relief isn't it? Took me about the same time. It's a slog, but if you're determined you can make relatively quick work of it.

    Collecting everything all over again - that's time consuming. I've made a point of just cruising around and doing everything from the monoliths to the tattoos in the areas I'd been to ... I still haven't started a new pledge after having surpassed the bug two weeks ago lol. It's nice to just enjoy the game again (still minus hoofbeats - but I'll take what I can get).

  • FrustratedGamer
    28 posts

    @fonz313313 Neither. I was doing the dirty with Randvi when I got the bug.

  • FrustratedGamer
    28 posts

    @rigger100472 I posted a detailed how-to a couple of weeks ago, if you want to search for it down below. One other player has reported success following it (speed run for both of us took approx. 12 hours).

    But, the suggestion above is spot on. Grind main quests, stay out of areas you're not pledged to. Don't build Valka's hut and keep settlement around level 3-4.

  • guest-ldR4bJDO
    3 posts

    add me to the list

  • oracleoftruth
    6 posts

    @renz832017 I agree in general but how would ubisoft know who genuinely had this issue?

  • ubimick7883
    2 posts

    will the dag glitch ever be fixed?

  • DiamondRaider19
    1 posts

    I am stuck on ‘A Brewing Storm’ like everyone else. When will the bug fix get released?

  • ubimick7883
    2 posts

    Are you any closer to fixing the brewing storm glitch where dag doesn’t appear?

  • GoreDDO
    3 posts

    Seriously guys! get it fixed, or at least let the community know that you are working on fixing this!

  • guest-bvBPQo9P
    5 posts

    How is this still a thing... I can’t wrap my mind around how little they care about and how they are trying to deny this is even happening. No acknowledgement, no empathy, and they take no accountability. What a gross company.

  • XxAce_DragonZxX
    1 posts

    bro it’s fuckin April 15 and u guys still haven’t done anything bout this glitch or even addressed it this is soooo ridiculous!!!!

  • liahim13
    23 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis Ubisoft when are you going to fix the quest ??!?!!?

  • Amboahaolo
    8 posts

    I know it must be unpleasant for you support staff to read tons of angry comments on here, which is why I try to be nice about it, but seriously…I think a lot of people would appreciate it if someone could tell us roughly when the promised update is supposed to come out. Even if the exact date hasn't been announced yet, surely someone in the company knows if it's going to take another couple of weeks, a few months, or a few years, right?
    What I don't understand is, if a fix has already been found, why is it taking so long to make it available to all players?
    Also, will we be able to resume playing right where we stopped or will we still have to use an older save file?

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @amboahaolo I'll try to be nice as well for I might be sanctioned! Was told to be more patient!

  • fafner1010
    53 posts


    I have quit this game for two months.

    still the same situation??


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