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  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @epicaar I won't be buying another Ubisoft game again at least it has been like 1 or 2 years after its release and after doing a research on bugs and fixes.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there!

    I apologise for the double post. I'm happy to share that the development team deployed a fix for "A Brewing Storm" in TU 1.3.1. This issue should now be resolved.

    If you are still unable to progress in "A Brewing Storm" after waking up, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can investigate further. Please include a video which shows the following:

    • You have the latest Title Update installed on your platform. You can check this in the bottom right-hand corner of the main game menu.
    • You are unable to progress in the fight with Dag.

    I'd recommend uploading your video to a sharing platform, such as YouTube or Google Drive, as this will allow you to post a shareable link within this thread. We can then forward this to the development team for further investigation.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • zpals
    11 posts

    @rigger100472 just be careful. If you kill the order members before the end of the sigurd/eivor story line it glitches out the last 'Father' member and you cant complete it. Its like walking on egg shells playing it. Once i was past a brewing storm i cleared areas and left order members alone unless they were story related. Good luck.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @zpals You said it best. A complete buggy game that playing it is like walking on egg shells and a company that couldn't care less about their broken game nor their customers.

  • gerhardangeles
    2 posts

    It's been a week since I encountered this. People here have had it for MONTHS!

    This sucks. I've spent 90 hours on ACV and loved it, until this bug came about.
    I thought CP2077 was bad, but most of the bugs there were immersion-breaking, not game-breaking.

  • gerhardangeles
    2 posts

    @zpals seriously? And I thought I could do the order assassinations while waiting for a fix.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @gerhardangeles True that.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @gerhardangeles I've been doing Order Asssasinations while waiting for a fix... silly side missions... first Asgard mission. Now I am going to play COD: Cold War.

  • victoruchiha82
    229 posts

    Anybody got the new” disappearing item” bug with the new weekly items. Payed items go missing from your inventory. So check your list

  • Amboahaolo
    8 posts

    That's one of the reasons why I refuse to start the game over. Even if I manage to avoid that infamous bug, who's to say there won't be another one like that later. Besides, having to play the game a certain way is not exactly my idea of fun. 😕

  • LatinFlyer
    2 posts

    Playing in PS5 I just encountered this issue with brewing storm. It’s amazing that it’s an ongoing issue for this long. (Five to six months) wow!

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @amboahaolo Couldn't agree with more.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @latinflyer I think they are trying to beat a record. Ubisoft's AC: Valhalla VS CD Projekt's Cyberpunk 2077. It looks like Ubisoft is already taking the lead.

  • terd-berg
    3 posts

    I just wanna say to commenters suggesting the fix is a lie, that really doesn't make a lot of sense. I too am extremely frustrated by this buggy amateur hour [censored] and regret having paid the money for such a rage-inducing experience. It isn't even just this bug there are SO MANY STUPID BUGS IN THIS GAME.

    But.. support staff have been providing progress reports (regardless of whether we're satisfied by them) on the dev team's progress; having reproduced the bug, finding a fix, letting us know it will be addressed.. the info that's been given to them. To lie about all of that would make matters far worse for them. Yeah, I know they don't have a date yet, but all things considered, the level of competency on the dev team does not seem to line up with an ability to schedule out their plan and timeline for deployment. Just given the number of ridiculous bugs in this game - they're probably handling this like chickens with their heads cut off.

  • guest-lUKEzoDb
    10 posts

    @terd-berg Ubisoft seemed outsourced the Valhalla’s development to the same cheap labor team that has recently down two Boeing planes. Those guys are experienced in producing spagetti code any true software develop can read. Total fiasco but option futures are already gained and nobody cares.

  • DocHolliday182
    67 posts

    @terd-berg Not much one can do now... it's either replay the game at your own risk following a walkthrough (not the idea of playing a game) or wait for a fix. I know we probably won't get a fix anytime soon or maybe never. I, for one, know that I will never buy another Ubisoft game again. I played all AC games, but if another AC is released I will surely not buy it right away. I'd wait a year or two and do some bug research first.

  • ThankyouMoore
    1 posts

    I too have been stuck for months now with this bug. Haven’t posted before waiting for a resolve. But since it seems like it’s taking way to long. Figured maybe one more complaint wouldn’t hurt and least my issues would be noted with the rest of everyone. Seems a fix has been being worked on for a month with no update. Kind of sad you release a product that is faulty and then take this long to acknowledge a problem and to fix it.

  • VicDeMan
    2 posts

    I also have gotten stuck at "A Brewing Storm "
    Ive completed every area Ive been in except East Anglia, have a settlement level of 5, completed Vinland and Asgard, poet level of 287 and now the game wont progress any further after waking up. Dag is in the corner of the Village and nothing else happens in game. What do we do?

  • VicDeMan
    2 posts

    @boxyflounder161 same issue but when I find Dag on PS5 he is just standing in thr corner doing nothing

  • guest-pIT9sxPR
    1 posts

    Same bug here.. I hope they fix it in our lifetime!

  • guest-v10hHXHw
    1 posts

    Dear Team @Ubi,

    Please help us.

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