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  • DocHolliday182
    10 posts

    @Ubi-Keo Here I go again... Hello. Since you speak on behalf of Ubisoft... don't you think almost 5 months is quite more than enough time to fix a bug/glitch that BREAKS the game? We are not talking about a minor bug/glitch... we are talking about a big deal bug that hasn't yet been addressed. Sony took off Cyberpunk 2077 from their stores due to huge performance issues. All of us who are facing this bug cannot continue playing the game.Also, when you say in "This issue is due to be fixed in a future update"... that doesn't bring us much hope. It could be next month or maybe in three months. If you can assure us that the development team is working on it... why don't you ask them for a more specific date?Moreover, you say you understand our frustration? If you do, why don't you just refund us and free us of our frustration?

  • victoruchiha82
    5 posts

    First I’m stuck with your brewing storm bug. So I play again and after brewing storm all my save data is corrupted. Can’t load anything. Really [censored] you ubisoft!

  • SmokeNOakum657
    3 posts

    Brewing Storm bug for me too, no Dag, no NPC interaction. I've been 100% completing areas as I go (inc. Vinland and Asgard Part 1)... so I've put 114 GD hours in. I've put quite a few more into trying to find a workaround to the bug. No way am I starting over from scratch. Dag is sitting on a log in the cemetery just outside of Raventhorpe's limits, so I've wondered if that has something to do with it. I tried punching him 10-15m until we were in Raventhorpe and then laying down to sleep, but no go.

    I'm [censored] and just disappointed, cuz I was really enjoying the game - been playing every day. But if I'd known this has been an issue for 5 months, I wouldn't have bought the game. I feel like we need to start discouraging others from buying the game and being very vocal about it... maybe Ubi will actually try to fix it if their sales drop dramatically. Sorry, Ubi. Pretty sure I'd 100% recommend the game if I could just see the whole thing lol. They should give us all their next game free to make up for it, because I won't be buying that one eif this isn't fixed. I'm a long-time AC fan, but I'm kinda done after this if I can't finish the game and they don't care about us. They at least need to issue a statement about why it can't be fixed.

  • SmokeNOakum657
    3 posts

    Is Dag in the graveyard for everybody? Can anyone remember when Svend is buried there? I was wondering if people who clear Brewing Storms no problem are doing so before that little talk with Tove. If that grave site isn't there, maybe it isn't a spot on the map that Dag would populate, and therefore not have the problem occur later on. Valka's hut is farther out, too, and I know some people have thought that stuff is contributing. I dunno, just musing - the settlement map has a little divot there where it's circular everywhere else.

  • matlor84
    1 posts

    Another disappointed PC player reporting in having over 100h gameplay and over 300 rank and most areas completed but getting stopped on this 'A Brewing Storm' bug where after reporting to Radvi and going sleep I don't get any cutcene of Dag and just run in stormy empty town not being able to do anything or talk to anyone, game is basically useless to me now and I so enjoyed it till now.
    Now reading older replies and seeing it is a 5-6 month issue which still wasn't resolved when it's a game breaking bug I lost much of hope I had before, it makes me want to cry now cause I don't have any older savefiles before pledging to Cent and as it seems that is the issue here. Thanks Ubisoft, even when playing CP2077 months ago I never was stopped by any game breaking bugs with completing it.
    Is it really so hard to release small fix which would push some automatic cutscene when you go to sleep without checking any variables for it being green lighted in game? I know Dag event must be connected to ending but it shouldn't be so hard, as many other players I don't plan to restart after so many hours put in this title.

  • euanpolo
    1 posts

    I'm sad to report that I'm another victim of this bug after putting 57 hours into AC Valhalla on PS5. I've enjoyed AC Valhalla a great deal overall, but, unfortunately, this isn't the first issue I've had with the game. However, unlike the bug with Defensive Measures, reloading an earlier save hasn't solved the issue with A Brewing Storm for me (or for anyone else by the looks of it). It's totally unacceptable that Ubisoft have allowed this game-breaking bug to persist for so long after the launch of the game and I personally believe that AC Valhalla falls under the definition of 'faulty goods' under the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015, which should entitle anyone in the UK to a full refund from their retailer. Unfortunately, I was given the game as a present, so getting a refund isn't as much of an option for me. I don't have time to restart the game, so I'm left to wait for Ubisoft to fix a bug that the game should never have been released with.

    I did actually manage to find Dag in Ravensthorpe. He kept becoming hostile and then stopped being hostile. I was able to kill Dag, but then there would be a weird fireworks-like explosion and he would just get up again. I also had something weird happen early on in the game where the Sussex questline completion trophy was unlocked while I was still in Norway, so I don't know if that was a factor in the bug, although it seems like so many people have been affected across all consoles and PC that it must be a wider problem with A Brewing Storm.

    Frankly, Ubisoft needs to make fixing this game-breaking bug their number one priority over any other development related to AC Valhalla. It's unacceptable for Ubisoft to continue to release paid or free DLC for the game when so many people have experienced this bug. Cyberpunk 2077 was fairly criticised for the amount of bugs it released with, but at least I was able to complete that game and at least CD Projekt Red now seem to be taking the problems seriously and prioritising them above releasing DLC.

  • DocHolliday182
    10 posts

    @Ubi-Keo @Ubi-Mark Almost 5 months and no fix. The game is broken. Can you two or the dev team understand that? Telling us that it will be fixed in a FUTURE update is really stupid... you are basically saying "we don't have any idea when it will be fixed". WE CANNOT CONTINUE PLAYING THE STUPID [censored] GAME. So yeah, we are frustrated and angry... and your answers make us more frustrated and angrier because your answers are vague and empty. Fix the [censored] game! Useless [censored]... 5 months and nothing. Let CD Projekt make the next game... at least they accept their mistakes and sorta fixed the game.

  • SmokeNOakum657
    3 posts

    This might be a dumb question, but does anyone know if it's possible to get and play someone else's saved game (on a different console/PC)? It'd be nice to just pick up right after Brewing Storm from someone who's gotten past it. I'd be willing to fill in the side stuff from there (I was at 100% on the areas I'd visited), otherwise no way am I starting from scratch and doing anything other than the main campaign. If we can, that seems like the best workaround. If not, it seems like at least THAT'S something Ubisoft could allow us to do to get around the bug quickly (or make 1 downloadable save that we could then move forward on). I don't get why Ubisoft hasn't come up with ANY solution, even if it's outside the box.

    If it is possible, can anyone share a saved game with me? Haha.

  • ryan170104
    1 posts

    It is the 11th of April, MONTHS after launch, I started this game a few days ago, absolutely loving it, and then I come across this, it is impossible to keep playing, and am I f**k starting over and redoing 29 hours of gameplay, I've deleted it and won't be downloading it again until I find out this bug has fixed, if it isn't fixed by the end of this month I'm demanding a refund

  • EpicAar
    14 posts

    @ryan170104 Honestly might as well get your refund now and wait it out to a cheaper price and/or just don't support this company.

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