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  • LordRaven4430
    18 posts

    @fimbulthulur: RFLOL RFLOL Ok MR. Clueless: Here you go on your so called information.  "The only reason that we have an idea of the 'Vikings' as a people is their appearance in the written sources. Unfortunately, the value of the written evidence is limited. Not a lot of evidence survives, and much of what we have is either uninformative or unreliable. Many popular ideas about Vikings are nineteenth-century inventions. Others are the result of early historians accepting sources which modern scholars now regard as completely unreliable. In Scandinavia the Viking Age is regarded as part of prehistory because there are practically no contemporary written sources. Even in western Europe, the Viking Age is often seen as part of the 'Dark Ages', from which comparatively few historical records have survived." So again how can you say 99% of Vikings were men or shield Maidens were rare. When given the FACT "Viking Age is regarded as part of prehistory because there are practically no contemporary written sources."

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • WastelandStag
    19 posts

    Why do you care? Seriously why does anyone care about being forced to play a gender. I chose male Eivor because I could, but I'd rather not have a choice and play it how the devs want it.

    I don't suddenly experience gender dysmorphia and feel unrepresented if I play as a female.

    Being bothered about a characters gender is a bit pathetic, left or right wing.

    Could have got the voice acting right though.

    Think I'll go play Zero Dawn and cry about being forced to be a female...

  • LordRaven4430
    18 posts

    @karloz1995: The Viking Grave found in England that contained 300 bodies. “Where gender could be determined, around 20% were women." That mean 60 of them were women... Also Viking graves are very rare...

  • WastelandStag
    19 posts

    For the record though, almost unanimously the experts on "viking" history agree that their society would allow women all the freedoms of males but they would be extremely unlikely to be warriors, think Randvi but she owns her own land. Making female remains warriors exception to the rule or buried like they were for different reasons.
    This has no bearing on a video game though.

  • LordRaven4430
    18 posts

    @wastelandstag: Might want to read read all my post, I have already debunked that...

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @lordraven4430 well finding female remains doesnt make them female warriors... is not like the norse society was full of male.. all societies have woman, and finding female bodies doesnt mean nothing.. is like going to rome or greek and finding female remains and think they were female spartans or legionaries when that isnt obviously the case...

    they are more likely just female remains from commoners, not vikings... the way to know if this "females" u are saying that they were found where warriors, is based on clothing, injuries, the way they where buried, if there is weapons or some sort of clues that make people think that they were some kind of warrior, and isnt the case, as far as i know there are just like 2 o 3 females buried the viking way that has been found... im not denying that they werent female warriors back a days, im just saying they were rare.. not common as you want to believe

  • WastelandStag
    19 posts

    I mean I did, but i think I'd rather go off experts.
    Also the find you talk about. It's a mass grave, they think could be part of the great heathen army, but they have no idea. Some historians have speculated it was a beggining of a settlement, looted by anglo saxons.
    There are so many theories we don't know and may never know the answers, so I'd rather go with the majority of expert opinion than the populist few. Until it can be definitively proven wrong, or the majority change their view.

    Regardless, it doesn't change my opinion that people shouldn't whinge about video game genders. Who cares if you can't relate because they're a man or a woman, you can't relate to a badass hero of a video game anyway whilst you're sat at your computer/console playing anyway. And playing the historical accuracy card for a video game, or any type of non documentary media, is just dumb.

  • xrayspex_73
    155 posts

    What a dumb thing to complain about...

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @lordraven4430 you debunked absolutely nothing. Those were merely your assumptions based on the assumptions of historians.

    Sagas are the only viable source of information we have about their way of life.

    My issue is not with that.

    My issue is a misleading marketing campaign. They promised equal gender choice, yet the game forces you to play as a female by calling you feminine pronouns, playing cutscenes with female Eivor and etc and etc.

    Yes, I don't like it.

    I wanted to play they way it was promised that I will be able to play.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @wastelandstag ok, this is your opinion.

    But there are other people who want to play it in a certain way and cannot because the game forces them otherwise.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @gloomseeker "If you start ranting about not wanting to play a "leftist" game then you're setting yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum, so no need to be coy about it. By the way you're the one bringing politics into the discussion so you can't complain when people call you out on that."

    Did I? Please remind in which game, when you start playing, there is huge banner hanging there without the possibility of skipping, saying :" This game was developed by multicultural team of various beliefs, gender and sexual orientation"? Pff. This is bringing politics in the game, not me. They are not writing it for their own amusement. They do it to please media, because media then will be more soft towards them and promote the game better.

    Don't tell me that I promote politics. Lol.

    "A viking, historically and 99.9% of the time, is a male. A brute male."
    You know very little about actual vikings if you believe they were mindless brutes.The whole sentence reeks of toxic masculinity... Who would exalt the idea of men being savages without any trace of intelligence or reason?

    I have never said that they were mindless. Lol.
    Don't take my word out of the context. They were brutes, it is a fact that their diets were much better and included more protein, hence the average scandinavian was more developed and healthy than a European. Not much changed since then either😂😂 and also majority of scandinavian would receive a basic battle training. They were brute people adapted to the harsh climate, where the only source of food and resources was the balance of cultivating and plundering their neighbors for goods.

    In any case, I'm sorry (not really) to burst your bubble but not every viking was blonde with blue eyes.

    My bubble? You really can't read the whole text. You just pluck out my words out of context.
    This is a stereotype, captain Obvious. Of course they weren't all blonde and with blue eyes.
    The majority of people see vikings as tall men with blonde or light hair and blue eyes. This is a stereotype, a world-wide btw.

    You should try and keep up with recent studies, there's been a lot of progress since the 1930s.

    Progress in what? There has been a lot of progress since 1930's in many fields, including making the idea of viking's even more romantic than they were.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @karloz1995 thank you!

  • Max18400
    410 posts

    Right, this toxic thread has dragged on long enough with people just repeating the same points.
    I'm going to paraphrase the most up to date historical viewpoint and information about the role of women in the viking age for the vikings. First and foremost, the vikings were a patriarchal society. As much as that sucks they were. Men were favoured as children (which actually led to a disproportionate male-female population across Scandinavia), as warriors, providers and leaders. However, women actually had more social freedoms than men in the viking age and in most cases, they weren't prevented from doing a lot of things traditionally associated with what a 'man' should do. There's a lot of evidence, both physical and written, that suggests that women could take up male roles and no one would bat an eye or question them. It is now accepted (yes, widely accepted by the most up to date historians, scholars and archaeologists) that women warriors did exist and there are graves across Europe showing this, a lot more than 3... And because men were expected to fulfil certain roles in society, they were ridiculed for breaking such roles or even wearing clothes or wearing their hair in ways that were deemed unmasculine. Women were not restricted in the same way. There's even a lot of evidence that suggests that same-sex female relationships were accepted, but same sex male relationships weren't (unfortunately there was a lot of homophobia against man on man same sex relations in viking age society)
    I would go on to talk about marriage etc. That that is a bit heavy and complicated and is a bit irrelevant to this thread.
    But overall, women warriors DID exist and they did fight. As someone has already mentioned on here, the repton burial (a VERY famous viking age wartime burial site in England) has around 300 odd bodies in one graves all having died from battlefields injuries and yes, around 20% of them were women. That's just one example out of dozens showing they existed. As I've said before, the historical debate about their role in warfare varies, but ultimately, the most up to date studies supports the idea they were active in warfare. Yes, their numbers in the game are exaggerated massively, but oh well. There are bigger issues in the game that need to be fixed, such as no one handed swords or lack of historical armours.
    I recommend that people read proper scholarship on this issue from within the past 5 years, not popular history books that simplify the issue or use out of date views that have since been disproven.
    New archaeological finds, new runic inscriptions and new interpretations of the written sources are always being put forward.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts


    If everytime I'd got a penny for trying to prove to people in this thread, you excluded, that I agree with the fact that overall women integration in scandinavian society was present and is welcomed by me - I'd be a billioner.

    For some reason people here are getting triggered for the wrong reasons.

    Since the bloody beginning of the post I was complaining about the misleading marketing and the lack of fully equal gender choice, instead I have to fend off people who think I hate women...

    People are here to buy oranges from carrot vendor...

  • MK_2014
    13 posts

    Also while playing as Male, the game often treats you as a female by using feminine pronouns.

    I Agree with this .. Even on AC Odyssey for Alexios .. and I already reported this to Ubisoft Odyssey Days .. But nothing ..

    For Example : Sigurd Ask Randvi " Where Eivor Go ? " and while playing as a male
    Randvi : (( " SHE " went raiding ))

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @fimbulthulur certain kind of people tend to take out of context all our words, and usually put names to us when we dont agree with their points of view... is ridiculous...

  • MHwtf
    61 posts
    I am not here to play a leftist game, I am here to play a game free of politics, free of any kind of activism, free of any kind of movements, where only the player's choices are valid and canon.

    which... doesn't exist?

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @mhwtf what do you think doesn't exist?

    I don't understand you.

  • LeoRaptor1979
    109 posts

    You do get to choose which gender is canon by choosing male or female. The prequel is just the prequel. The game starts after you choose male or female. If you won't play just because the canon is female means your a jerk. Your wrong people would still buy the game even if the canon was female. Look at Horizon and Tomb Raider where the canon is female and they sold alot.

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