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  • Max18400
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    Right, this toxic thread has dragged on long enough with people just repeating the same points.
    I'm going to paraphrase the most up to date historical viewpoint and information about the role of women in the viking age for the vikings. First and foremost, the vikings were a patriarchal society. As much as that sucks they were. Men were favoured as children (which actually led to a disproportionate male-female population across Scandinavia), as warriors, providers and leaders. However, women actually had more social freedoms than men in the viking age and in most cases, they weren't prevented from doing a lot of things traditionally associated with what a 'man' should do. There's a lot of evidence, both physical and written, that suggests that women could take up male roles and no one would bat an eye or question them. It is now accepted (yes, widely accepted by the most up to date historians, scholars and archaeologists) that women warriors did exist and there are graves across Europe showing this, a lot more than 3... And because men were expected to fulfil certain roles in society, they were ridiculed for breaking such roles or even wearing clothes or wearing their hair in ways that were deemed unmasculine. Women were not restricted in the same way. There's even a lot of evidence that suggests that same-sex female relationships were accepted, but same sex male relationships weren't (unfortunately there was a lot of homophobia against man on man same sex relations in viking age society)
    I would go on to talk about marriage etc. That that is a bit heavy and complicated and is a bit irrelevant to this thread.
    But overall, women warriors DID exist and they did fight. As someone has already mentioned on here, the repton burial (a VERY famous viking age wartime burial site in England) has around 300 odd bodies in one graves all having died from battlefields injuries and yes, around 20% of them were women. That's just one example out of dozens showing they existed. As I've said before, the historical debate about their role in warfare varies, but ultimately, the most up to date studies supports the idea they were active in warfare. Yes, their numbers in the game are exaggerated massively, but oh well. There are bigger issues in the game that need to be fixed, such as no one handed swords or lack of historical armours.
    I recommend that people read proper scholarship on this issue from within the past 5 years, not popular history books that simplify the issue or use out of date views that have since been disproven.
    New archaeological finds, new runic inscriptions and new interpretations of the written sources are always being put forward.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts


    If everytime I'd got a penny for trying to prove to people in this thread, you excluded, that I agree with the fact that overall women integration in scandinavian society was present and is welcomed by me - I'd be a billioner.

    For some reason people here are getting triggered for the wrong reasons.

    Since the bloody beginning of the post I was complaining about the misleading marketing and the lack of fully equal gender choice, instead I have to fend off people who think I hate women...

    People are here to buy oranges from carrot vendor...

  • MK_2014
    11 posts

    Also while playing as Male, the game often treats you as a female by using feminine pronouns.

    I Agree with this .. Even on AC Odyssey for Alexios .. and I already reported this to Ubisoft Odyssey Days .. But nothing ..

    For Example : Sigurd Ask Randvi " Where Eivor Go ? " and while playing as a male
    Randvi : (( " SHE " went raiding ))

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @fimbulthulur certain kind of people tend to take out of context all our words, and usually put names to us when we dont agree with their points of view... is ridiculous...

  • MHwtf
    54 posts
    I am not here to play a leftist game, I am here to play a game free of politics, free of any kind of activism, free of any kind of movements, where only the player's choices are valid and canon.

    which... doesn't exist?

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @mhwtf what do you think doesn't exist?

    I don't understand you.

  • LeoRaptor1979
    99 posts

    You do get to choose which gender is canon by choosing male or female. The prequel is just the prequel. The game starts after you choose male or female. If you won't play just because the canon is female means your a jerk. Your wrong people would still buy the game even if the canon was female. Look at Horizon and Tomb Raider where the canon is female and they sold alot.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    Dude, I'd prefer a proper choice where my character is canon too, and I agree the game marketing was misleading, but the rest of your rant is just mad.

  • MexicanTemplar
    39 posts

    @leoraptor1979 has nothing to do with that, those games have a female protagonist from the beginning they were created with a female protagonist in mind, AC games werent, and now they use politics to bring that to this game, they do it in a boring and cringe way [removed 08/03/2021 by @Ubi-Woofer], why giving the option to choose our gender, only to be removed in the future for ridiculouss reasons... also it does matter wich is canon or not, because if u give the option to choose a gender and them u make canon one of the two, them u broke the feeling of inmersion and make u feel the u are playing the wrong way

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @leoraptor1979 this was exactly my point at the beginning of my thread.
    I enjoy a good game, also games with women as leads.

    I dont like when they promote a certain plot and then do not deliver it.

    You wont go to a candy store to buy a cake, only to find out home that it ain't a cake, but a somewhat cooked pork or beef...

  • kirk1701007
    19 posts

    I will have to agree I don't like being lied to . Ubisoft promised we would be able to play Assassins Creed Vahlla as either a Male Character or as a female character Not once did they say to the customers you will play the game Only as a female Character with a male skin or just Female either way you can only play the game only as a female character so yes I feel like I was lie' d to by Ubisoft its called false advertising and there are laws against it . I bought the game under the pretense and promise from Ubisoft of playing the game as a male character not a female character with male skin over that option was never mentioned by Ubisoft to the customer's before it went on sale . It makes me think twice about buying Ubisoft games or trusting them

  • cnnryng
    16 posts

    @fimbulthulur Your tears are delicious

  • stevencod35
    3 posts

    My male viking got jiggy with his boy round the back at the wedding, i was actually stunned at this, gay vikings bum plowing at a wedding, holy [censored], I didn't expect that one.

  • RhadamentX
    9 posts

    At least there is a choice. If there was no choice or was forced to play character i don't like i wouldn't even bought the game. Simple as that. Don't care which is so called "canon"

  • Prissy_Missy00
    4 posts

    It's only a game chill out

  • RhadamentX
    9 posts

    If there was no choice and you were forced to play female character i wouldn't simply bought it. Easy. Too many waify simulators around already. So i'm fine as long as there is choice. This game feels like Mass Effect where Shepard could be any gender. I'm fine with that.

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