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  • ImaginaryRuins
    382 posts

    In my humble opinion, Eivor should be a male, not because of politics or feminism or whatever, but because...


  • customer_x
    15 posts

    OP has a good point, BUT it matters not to me personally - in Odyssey - Alexios was prime character - my 440 hours says so.. i don't care for female *spartans* because they didn't exist (NOT IN THE FORM OF WARRIORS - PERIOD).
    Same goes for Vikings, tho there may be some evidence of female warriors, still i don't see the value of having the choice.. most likely 95% vikings were male.
    Doesn't matter how hard Hollywood and Netflix try to change history.

    [REMOVED] i have no problem playing female characters - Tomb Raider and Horizon Zero Dawn were EXCELLENT.

    And finally UBISOFT has no significance to me anymore, Valhalla is a disaster and didn't make it past 28% and currently having a blast playing CP2077.

    Just look what UBISOFT is doing - **the women of ubisoft** - **Global Diversity & Inclusion** - i am European and i don't see why we are still at this point to push this, the USA had a POC president for [censored] sake.

    Morgan Freeman was once asked, how do we stop *racism* - the very EASY answer to this is, STOP talking about it.
    You see we have a *nasty person* problem also, how do we eradicate this.. well we can't - there will allways be [censored] no matter what, same goes for racism.

    Stop the nonsense, and care to make solid games, gamers/customers really don't care how *diverse* your team of developers are Ubisoft !

  • Nozgame
    49 posts

    @max18400 See this is a good way of talking about the issue. I understand what the complaint is, and it's fair. The way OP went about it though, well it's straight trash. That being said I don't think this will be fixed, unless Ubi forgot to add the lines they'd have to record them in the first place which I don't see happening. But yeah it's definitely an oversight that shouldn't have happened.

  • Nozgame
    49 posts

    @imaginaryruins That's not really a good argument considering Odin in Norse mythology can shape-shift, so he definitely could've turned into a woman if he felt like it.

  • Nozgame
    49 posts


    You know it's funny to me that you have problem with a female misthios (because Kass wasn't part of the spartan army) or a female Viking when both are more than plausible, rare but plausible. But meanwhile I don't see you complaining about the crazy powers Kass had, or the presence of stone castles, plate armor and two handed swords in Valhalla. Immersion matters only when it comes to you being able to play as an alpha male huh ?

    Ubisoft is pushing this because it's still needed, sexism, racism, etc... are still rampant, especially in the gaming world. They're being hypocritical about it that's for sure but hopefully that changes.
    "Morgan Freeman was once asked, how do we stop *racism* - the very EASY answer to this is, STOP talking about it." Yeah and that's a [censored] take. Everybody knows you can't just ignore a problem till it goes away. Look at the US. Yes they had a black president, look at how the country is going now. Stuff got so much worse when it comes to racism.

    "Valhalla is a disaster" "currently having a blast playing CP2077" LMAO now you're just trolling. Valhalla ain't perfect but come on.

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @nozgame depends. They could do it when they do all the dialogue for the dlcs as they often resuse voice actors outside the main chacters. So it is plausible, just gotta hope they do it. This has been the best selling AC game, so it is possible just gotta hope they do it as it is really as it's immersion breaking age kinda jolting when playing through it.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @nozgame I don't recall a Saga, where Odin would shapeshift into a woman...
    Correct me, if I am wrong

    @customer_x Thank you!

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • MissM16
    163 posts

    I appreciate being given a gender choice as playing a female character can be more immersive for me but it really depends on the game. I don't see game characters as "me" so I don't always choose the female. What's more immersive for me than a character's gender, is a well written character that not only fits the theme but that I actually like.

    Granted, it's annoying hearing them call male Eivor a "she" but come on... it's not game breaking. If they don't fix it, we can always attribute the she-bombs to some bs "Animus glitch". Do you like him as a character? That's what's most important.

    I picked male Eivor because I wanted to turn him into a ginger beast with a glorious Viking beard (like his voice actor Magnus Bruun). Cannon be dammed. I really like my male Eivor. 😊

  • customer_x
    15 posts

    @nozgame No problem at all - i didn't even leave Kephalonia with Kassandra - nothing wrong with her, she would probably make a fine Mystios, i just didn't care.
    And read again, i played several games with *Alpha* women - what are you on about.. also didn't mind playing Aya in Origins.

    All these things (sexism - racism) are rampant, no sir they are not .. turn off the teLIEvision and stop listening to CNN / FOX and all the trash propaganda media.

    And yeah Valhalla is a dissapointment, end of story.. aint touching it untill some serious overhaul is done on the game.

    CP2077 is just a superior game compared to valhalla - fact - no trolling here.

  • axlslak23
    98 posts

    first of all, I have a feeling that while we debate this issue, we're missing the larger point.

    I feel like this game had a fixed story, which we now know as "let animus choose"... which later turned into a meeting with executives, which added "you can choose any gender" clause to the game, which is wrong.

    my gripe with the original poster is : where was it advertised explicitly that you get to choose the sex. that's what you seem to say. right? it was marketed as a choose your own sex game. where? i'm just curious, because... the lesson that the last game left me with is that layla sort of made a special kind of animus that translates sex traits. it was in odyssey.

    in other words. in origins, layla's animus not only allowed for bayek, but midway through the game, with incomplete DNA, layla was able to experience aya's memories. so it's a better animus. she said so many times. and in odyssey, she also makes comments about not being sure alexios or kassandra or whatever. now in this game, I think they wanted to tell us something from the start. They chose a series of events, where you are female by default, and only male in those memories. hallucinations. draw your own conclution. that was the plan.

    now, instead of complaining about leftists and rightists and flakes and other unimportant things... I am curious what they were trying to say in the first place.

  • axlslak23
    98 posts

    @axlslak23 it wont let me edit my own post. asks me to wait 10 minutes... to edit my own post. says I posted 15 minutes ago.

    I never meant to use censored words. all the censored words are "gender".

    I didn't know you cant use the other shorter word.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @axlslak23 can't really relate, bcs as I said previously this AC is my first since the third installment, and even then I haven't played properly like today.

    There is a scene in Valhalla in the end game, where it reveals that both genders are canon.
    Go up in the thread, I marked it as spoilers, so people won't spoil the plot for themselves.

    There were several pre-release interviews with game developers, executives and content writers, stating that the game will be equally played by both genders and will integrate both genders equally.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @customer_x careful, it can be a madam, not a sir 😂

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @customer_x I've heard Cyber Punk is worse for bugs than vahalla. I'm mean awesome if the version you brought works... But all my mates and based off ALOT of articles online, many people who have brought it have got refunds due to the fact its a broken game...arguably worse then valhalla.
    But as I said, if you're enjoying it more than vahalla, and it's working, good for you.

  • bahutsauvage
    66 posts


    You are giving Ubisoft WAY too much credit.
    I'm absolutely convinced that all this has NOTHING to do with gender politics, they just don't give a rat's [censored] about storytelling.

    Testplayer: "Hey the game switches Gender as it pleases!"
    Developer: "So what? Who cares?"

    that is how this happens.

  • DreadGrrl
    165 posts


    If this is the first AC game that you’ve played since the third game, why do you care about the canon? You’re clearly not particularly invested in the franchise. You seem much more invested in jumping on the “wahmen” bandwagon and stirring the pot.

  • bahutsauvage
    66 posts

    Or let's put it another way:
    Ubisoft is a commercial enterprise. They have no interest in a political agenda. Their only interest is making money.
    But they know one thing. Somebody will be offended, it is inevitable in this day and age. With any luck, it triggers a political debate, because even the color of toiletpaper is political.
    Ib the cheapest possible version it is about sexism and racism, or it is about "shoving a liberal agenda down someones throat".
    This debate has a good chance to go viral, because the media can't keep it's fingers away from it, and if, against all odds, it doesn't flare up
    it get's a little push, a developers remark, some well placed youtuber battle, whatever.
    Media coverage is good, it is free advertisement.
    "Controversial Game"

    And the community delivers
    like a clockwork
    In caps an a dozen exclamation marks

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @dreadgrrl so?
    Many players haven't played The Elder Scrolls 1-4, yet they played Skyrim and fell in love with the series. This is my case as well and since I am in love with Skyrim I wait for TES6. I wont replay the previous ones, bcs poor graphics. But I read what was needed to understand them.

    Same here, I started AC properly with Valhalla. I didn't properly play the third installment.

    So when the dev team are making bugs, plot mistakes and glitches it doesn't attract many new players to the AC stories, right?

    I was excited about this game, when they announced its making, since I am somewhat connected to scandinavian (norse) people and their culture.

    And I was pleasantly surprised that they will add two equal gender options. I prefer to play war games as a male.

    And now they delivered a game full of plot mistakes, where the game treats your male character as female and male. What's worse it is constantly suggesting that I should have chosen female option.

    This is immersion breaking and game ruining.
    Whatever you say.
    You can laugh it off first two or three times, but later it arises a feeling of disrespect from the devs towards you, bcs you invest money, time and effort to live the story of your character as you chose ( bcs the free choice was promised) but the game constantly corrects you.

    It is always politics, politics are everywhere.
    Ubisoft, unfortunately, are prisoners of politics as well.

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