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  • ADarklore
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    @virtualawesome "It's funny how some cry "SJWs" and political agendas when it's been the other way around for thousands of years. Groups are finally standing up to what has been forced on them." So it's ok with you for groups to now FORCE their views onto others and justified with "it's been done to us so it's OK now to do the same to others"?

    My point is that this game is supposedly based on REAL LIFE history... and in that aspect, they are pandering to the modern narrative by not following historical accuracy, which for many people who don't know or haven't studied history- this game will be their 'truth' of what this time period was actually like. So yes, in real life history, many minorities and women were treated poorly- that's TRUE history. So why suddenly make it appear as if that weren't actually true, as this franchise now makes it appear. They are glossing over the horrible things that were done to those groups in order to pander to the modern viewpoint of acceptance and tolerance- which was NOT part of that particular historical period. I feel that if a game is going to feature real life history, then it should seek to be as historically accurate, including the truth of how people behaved and thought back then.

    It has nothing to do with gender choices, my problem is the lack of historical accuracy in pushing a female protaganist when the time periods (Odyssey and Valhalla) were very much against women in leadership positions. I am totally OK with optional gender choices, but making a female as 'canon' when the time period itself would dictate otherwise, is a poor showing by UBI who is clearly trying to push the modern narrative. I know AC fans have been pushing for a female lead in the games for awhile now, but doing so in time periods that were very much anti-female and making them canon, and thereby glossing over the injustices that were done to women and others back then, should not be celebrated or appreciated IMO. There are many other time periods were it would make complete sense for a female leader to be canon, but these two particular periods are not them.

  • longjohn119
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    @adarklore In Real Life the Assassins were a bunch of murderous religious freaks or as I like to call them the 11th century version of ISIS .... Because of this FACT Assassin's Creed has never been historically accurate so save the 'historical accuracy' nonsense .... It is and always has been a non-starter

    Order of Assassins

  • GameGuru2018
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    @adarklore There're things much more important than "historical accuracy".

    It's present day accuracy.
    It's to give women the opportunity to feel heroines.
    Try on the role of the main character.

    It's much more important than all your historic accuracies combined.

  • As1r0nimo
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    @gameguru2018 My monitor is too blurry. Please, less fat next time...

  • PhilyG213
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    @fimbulthulur U some kind of reactionary idiot by any chance?

  • longjohn119
    778 posts

    @gameguru2018 It's also to sell more copies by expanding your user base ..... In other words Classic Capitalism ..... I'm old enough (62) to remember when you didn't see any African Americans in commercials and a few years after MLK showed everyone the economic power of the African American community with the Montgomery Bus Strike corporations wised up and realized they could sell more products by including more African Americans in their commercials. The same thing happened with women as more and more of them entered the workforce products that were mainly male dominated started targeting women too because you can theoretically double your sales.

    If you don't like it start your own gaming development and publishing company with all white men in your games and see how successful you are ...... And good luck finding Investors

  • GameGuru2018
    98 posts

    @longjohn119 Don't be so harsh on Capitalism, Longjonn.......As we know, Capitalism is a mother of Communism.
    Communism is borning in capitalism.
    Capitalism prepares it technologically.

    Because capitalism leads to monopolies and corporations.
    Within which the products of labor do not move as a commodity....there is no need to buy it for money.
    They don't use money within corporations.

    It's the final stage of Capitalism.

    Capitalism is preparing Communism.
    The mission of Capitalism - to prepare Communism. Like mission of Feudalism was to prepare Capitalism.

    All that remains is to shake off the political superstucture.

    Ubisoft is a part of Capitalism.
    Ubisoft has to play by its rules.
    Otherwise the company will simply go bankrupt and devoured by other predators.

    The more people will play their games the better will be for the company.
    The more revenue game brings the better.

    They do what they can.
    We shouldn't be too harsh with them.

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