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  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    Hello there.


    I like the idea of women in games and when applied properly.

    What I don't like here is false marketing built on a lie and forcing this lie down the throats of the players.

    I am not talking about the game plot politics, how on earth you ended up there?

    I am talking about politicizing production decisions based on the current global leftist point of view, which is not enforced by law. No one is obliged to follow those norms.

    But when the game starts by stating that the team is multicultural, different orientations and genders - it becomes political.

    I mean what is this? Most people are fine with this without a need for constant reminding...I don't care what is the skin color or the sex or the orientation of the person creating the game. I care for the game, for the content. For what is promised and what is delivered actually. I like the game itself a lot.

    I don't like that there are devs enforcing their view onto players, despite what was promised.

    This is bad. They take away your choice, although they promised you a free choice.
    If it was other way around. Only male pronouns, animus choosing male - the media would have torn Ubisoft apart. This is why I like playing gender-neutral game, without the game favoring one gender.

    And yeah, wake up call. Vikings were dominantly males. Whether you like it or not.

    Stop living in illusions...

    @sofajockey pls, read carefully what I said above...

    @max18400 leave "quor" be.
    He is jumping in the forum from a thread to a thread arguing with no end for the sports...

    This is not the first time I see him arguing pointlessly in a thread

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Max18400
    402 posts

    @fimbulthulur literally same issue you've just had... People not reading the thread properly and jumping to conclusions

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    @fimbulthulur lol, I bet most on the forum visit multiple threads, not sure how that matters. As with any other I can make my point or just argue for the fun if I feel the need.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @quor321 exactly what I meant and said.

    For the fun, when you feel like it.

    GG WP

  • Nozgame
    50 posts

    @fimbulthulur Dude what are you on about ?

    "And also this is a [censored] viking game. A viking, historically and 99.9% of the time, is a male. A brute male. Please stop indulging feminists and pro-women movements, while creating games, bcs this way you are making politics, instead of entertainment."

    [removed] The devs didn't indulge anyone except the share holders and upper management by adding male Eivor. He's the one who was shoe-horned in, not female Eivor. That's the vision the devs had for the game, female Eivor as the main protag, no one else. Just like they did with Origins and Odyssey but in both of these, the dude was added in to make people like you happy.
    You wanna blame someone ? Blame marketing, they're the ones who did a [censored] poor job at marketing the game properly, not the devs.

    "I am not talking about the game plot politics, how on earth you ended up there?" Assassin's Creed has always been a political game, the Assassin Brotherhood is very progressive for their time by allowing female warriors and women to hold high ranks. This franchise has always been very political. That's how.

    "But when the game starts by stating that the team is multicultural, different orientations and genders - it becomes political." This message has been in literally every Assassin's Creed ever, why are you getting triggered at it only now ? It's a message that shows for literally 5 seconds and you're making a fuss about it, settle down and close your eyes next time it shows up.

    No one is enforcing their views on you either, you bought the game, nobody forced you to do so.

    They did not take away the choice, you still get to play as male Eivor and switch whenever you want to. They are also both canon, only thing is that female Eivor has 80% of the game for her and male Eivor has the rest. It's up to you if you want to say [censored] the canon by picking male Eivor the entire game, no one stops you from doing that.

    I know most Vikings were male, never said otherwise, but the keyword is "most", some were female. You said it yourself 99.9%. Eivor is that 00.1%.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    Uuuh, this whole thread is about the marketing lie. Please read, before striking...
    Why do you even bark, if I said in the very beginning that the marketing is to blame?

    This is my first AC, since the third installment.
    I don't remember such openings there.

    You do not become progressive by indulging the views of a certain group of people...

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    Nobody gives a damn, who is to blame.

    Ubisoft is a company. The company is being judged for the product not the devs, or marketing.

    The companies. The company creates the game, provides the marketing and etc.
    The company promised that both genders will be canon. Yet, they didn't deliver it.

    You wont buy a cake, only to find out that this is not actually cake, but half-cake right?

    And the guy you referenced. I don't even know who he or she is.

    If your promised smth - you must deliver it.
    Otherwise, you are trash. No matter the end product.

    They promised, that it will be gamers' choice - yet it is not. The game keeps reminding you otherwise.

  • Nozgame
    50 posts

    @fimbulthulur Dude you're a clown. Literally half of your post is complaining about most of the dev team. You keep telling me to read your post again but I keep having to quote you on what you said, directly or indirectly. But here you go:

    "And also this is a f***ing viking game.
    A viking, historically and 99.9% of the time, is a male. A brute male.
    Please stop indulging feminists and pro-women movements, while creating games, bcs this way you are making politics, instead of entertainment.
    I am not here to play a leftist game, I am here to play a game free of politics, free of any kind of activism, free of any kind of movements, where only the player's choices are valid and canon.
    Ubisoft should come out and publicly and directly confirm that both genders are canon."

    You're blaming the devs for their choice of having a female protagonist, you're also downplaying THEIR CHOICE of doing that by saying that they're just indulging feminists.
    You're also complaining that both characters are not canon even though they are. It's just that you're mad because female Eivor is canon for 80% of the game and male Eivor for the remaining 20%.

    Yes you blamed marketing too, but don't act like you're not also [censored]ting on the devs's vision.

    Again, the company definitely delivered on both Eivors being canon, marketing just messed up on telling people how. Blame them and Ubisoft's higher ups. But the devs who CHOSE to make female Eivor the canon choice for 80% of the game are not to blame in any way. They did their job right.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @nozgame are you that blunt?

    I am not mad at the fact that there is female Eivor...
    I am mad that Ubisoft marketing campaign promised one and delivered another.

    Yes, judging by their work devs are influenced by leftist activism and most importantly media.

    Which is the reason for them push a female character. I am fine with that.

    I am not fine with misleading marketing or with a bad work from the devs.

    If you don't know how the companies work - the executives are setting goals and make tasks to achieve the goals.
    The goal here was to introduce a game with two equal canons. This is why the marketing was about two equal gender. No company would spend million of dollars for a false marketing. The task for devs was to make such game.
    Either the devs did a bad work or they are simply boycotting the exec decision about having a male main character.

    As I said before - there is absolutely nothing wrong about having a female as main character.

    But there are people, like me, believe it or not, that wanted to experience this story as a male Eivor with full immersion. Unfortunately, this is not possible, bcs the game always reminds you that the devs do not agree with your vision and the vision of their executive management.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts


    I never said that both genders are not canon.

    I said they were supposed to be both canon, not just one...

  • Max18400
    402 posts

    @fimbulthulur probably good to chip here that playing 80% one gender 20% the other does not warrant the 20% as Canon..

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    Prove that male and female should be both canon. And not 80/20


  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @max18400 correct

  • Max18400
    402 posts

    @fimbulthulur what is annoying it could be played off so well... But the fact that several lines of dialogue, and one line of text completely shatter that illustration is infuriating. They could have made it Canon for both options by simply using neutral pronouns and saying Eivor Wolf-kissed instead of Varinsdottir. .. Like same way ragnar lothbrok isn't referred to as Ragnar Sigurdsson.

  • Nozgame
    50 posts

    @fimbulthulur Ever thought that maybe the devs simply just wanted to have a female protagonist ? Like that's literally just it. Why is it political to have a female protagonist in a game but it's not political to have a dude ? What the hell is that double standard ?
    There was never a goal about introducing two equal canon characters. Where did you even pull that statement ? Marketing wasn't even about two equal genders, they heavily focused on male Eivor, look at the cinematic trailers, female Eivor didn't even get one except for the CGI one that released 3 months after male Eivor got his. Marketing completely blundered, they did a terrible job. Male Eivor should've never been marketed that much.

    "As I said before - there is absolutely nothing wrong about having a female as main character." I'm sorry mate but it definitely seemed like you had an issue with it in your original post by bringing up the fact that female vikings were uncommon and saying male Eivor made more sense. While also saying devs were just indulging feminists when they made that choice.

    The thing is -and I don't mean this in a condescending way- your vision does not matter. Only the developer's vision does. Whether you like said vision or not is up to you, you obviously don't, that's fine but don't ask the devs to cater to your every need. Their vision was to have female Eivor as the true main protagonist with male Eivor playable as Odin in smaller parts of the game while still giving those who want to the ability to play as male Eivor whenever they want. They did exactly that. They never said how big male Eivor's part in the story was going to be. Marketing messed up by making it seem like he had a big part in it. That being said, they still delivered on the whole "both characters are canon", they are, just not in the way you expected. Again, marketing and the higher ups are the ones to blame for that.

  • DrewmanVEVO
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Nozgame
    50 posts

    @fimbulthulur They can't be both canon at the same time, that would mean they were both in one place at the same time, like twins, makes no sense. Female Eivor is the canon choice for the real world stuff, she was the real Eivor. Male Eivor is canon for the dreams and mythical stuff, he's a figment of Odin's DNA. Technically there was never a male Eivor, just Odin, but if Ubisoft marketed it that way it could've been some massive spoilers. That's why I'm saying 80/20.

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @nozgame duh, watch some pre-release interviews with their executives and content writers. All of them are saying that both genders will be canon and equally integrated into the game.

    And yeah as I said I enjoy a good game with a female main char there. Lara Croft for example.

    Why do you think the marketing here was heavily based on the male character?

    Ow, maybe bcs this will attract the majority of the players. After all blood, gore and war games are more widespread among lads than lasses.

    Is it a lot to ask, for a lad to play like a lad?

    There is nothing wrong with that. Its viking game after all. Not to remind that Danes and Norse plundered and r*ped people, something that women tend not to do.

    And btw, the devs do not to decide what to do.
    Execs are deciding what to do.
    Devs are deciding how to do it.

    This is a standard business model.

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