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  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    Even more than.
    Yet there are minority of players with this knowledge advantage of yours. I bet the major portion players won't even be able to understand it, due to speaking different languages.

    Thank you for sharing!

    For me Eivor sounds like a similar name to Ivar (Ivarr).

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @taleraris female Eivor is Canon. Male Eivor is not. I've completed the story 3 times so I get the twist (it would work for both gender options to be honest) . You're 'canonically' male for dream sequences which only account for less that 10% of the game.
    So both versions are not Canon. A 90% 10% split does not qualify the 10% as Canon. That's like saying a beef burger is veggie because it has lettuce in.
    It's not a bad thing having a Canon female protagonist at all, but if the devs are going to give players the choice of being a man or woman, they need to respect the players choice - like or hate Odyssey, they did this well as Alexios' story was not Canon, yet you wouldn't know that unless it was specifically specified.
    If I choose to play as a man in Vahalla, I shouldn't keep being referred to as her or she and that kinda breaks the experience.
    And although it is a bug (ubosift have confirmed it and there have been reports this had happened either way) , that's what's the OP is more annoyed about

  • MicHaeL_MonStaR
    30 posts

    Such an angry boi... I don't see an issue. - Moving along...

  • TaleraRis
    21 posts


    She is canon to the historical setting. Male Odin is canon to the original Asgard setting. They're both canon. Ubisoft never promised anything regarding canonicity regarding percentage of the game or the setting. Just that they were both canon and there was a reason that was explained in the story.

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Karloz1995
    268 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @taleraris that is not what was promised I'm afraid. Ubisoft directly said that that Eivor as both genders was Canon in a way that doesn't affect the story. When pressed on this, they did say playing as either throughout would not affect the story. And it does.
    So, I do appreciate that in your option and thought process that Ubisoft fulfilled their promise and portrayed both genders as canon. I think we'll have to agree to disagree as the main character players play as is the historical character, whom is cannonically female. Also, considering it was no surprise that odin is male and onsidering that you only play as him for 10% of the game... I don't feel the need to repeat my analogy. Following from this, there are quite a few plot holes regarding the story of the sages. For example, and one that as been raised is why has odin's sage come back as a woman and all the others stayed as their respective genders? (odin was not much of a shape shifter in mythology, he was either himself or wearing a disguise as an old man- loki was the one who changed genders, forms and species a lot). How come only one (I won't say who) ever actually regains their memories in a say that follows ac lore? and how come the others retain their distinct personalities and identities? One in gameplay has no visions, no issues or no urge about their sage.
    My overall point in this that male Eivor is not Canon, and it was said that either version of Eivor was. That the isu Odin is male who you play as for a small portion of the story does not qualify as 'both genders for Eivor as Canon' as you are affectively playing a different character shirt different morales.
    Again, feel free to disagree as this is only an option.
    Personally, I stick with male Eivor as I find his voice actor more immersive and engaging. Also, the beard options rock

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @karloz1995 there is evidence for female warriors in history? Admittedly they are rare but they did exist in certain cultures. The celts and early slavs had female warriors which has been proven. Even in Greece, there was a few historical female warriors, although they were exceptions. Its only viking shieldmaidens whom are debated as they're mentioned in sagas and there are a few warrior burials with a confirmed or suspected woman (birka for example). The arguments for (briefly) are that there's evidence they existed and that surviving viking law codes, women could hold titles and land - so why is it a stretch for there to be woman warriors? Especially as there is evidence suggesting they existed. The against (briefly) is that the saga depictions are mythological and that there are equal depictions of woman using weapons in religious ceremonies etc.
    So in truth, it's impossible to know for sure as the debates with always ebb back and forth. Only way to know for sure is go back in time

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @fimbulthulur I never play a game with gender issues on my mind, but when the dev's make the game with gender issues on theirs, that is when they take away the immersion and connection for the player and attempt to lead the player by the nose. In short, they ruin their own game trying to get a political message across which has the effect of turning the player against said message. They do more harm than good.

  • ProdiGurl
    0 posts

    @ingel_riday This is a VIDEO GAME . . Ubi has been moving towards male & female choice since Syndicate & Origins.

    Players were whining and criticizing even back then that they weren't making a Female assassin - but apparently the majority choose male characters (like myself) - I also play as Male Eivor in this one - I played Alexios in Odyssey. So they've offered a choice.

    They've been changing AC to accommodate player choice and gain new player interest to the series. The whole 'canon' thing to me is already lost and as an older player since AC II & Brotherhood, I'm fine with it. It makes the early games even more Nostalgic and good to replay.

    The changes are made and you either enjoy the game for what it is or you get lost in your rigid demands for the old AC constructs - - and speaking of that, Valhalla has more Assassins Creed vibe than Odyssey did so I give them credit for listening to players

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @prodigurl spot on. However they have messed up by labelling whichever Eivor players choose to play as with the wrong pronouns

  • ProdiGurl
    0 posts

    @max18400 Oh my bad - I don't speak pronoun so .......... 😄

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @prodigurl literally means if you're playing as male Eivor, npcs/dialogue will call you she or her

  • Ingel_Riday
    10 posts

    @prodigurl I like how you not only ignored my points, but then accused me of being "lost in [my] rigid demands for the old AC constructs"... which would be what, exactly? A lack of cynical marketing techniques? A semblance of historical accuracy and competent storytelling? Not telling 2/3rds of your player-base that their playthrough was a meaningless "what-if" scenario because they didn't pick the right character option? Heck, I didn't even decry having a choice; I just noted that other games do it better without dismissing a vast majority of their player-base (I even gave two examples).

    Whatever, man. I have no idea how you reached your interpretation of my post. *shrug*

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    Thing is - Ubi messed up here a lot.

    Promised us a cake, but delivered only the shiny box of it with half the cake.

  • Superfly_Boss
    83 posts

    I think you have missed the point of the Assassin's Creed franchise.

  • Beylous
    42 posts

    And here we go with the snowflake generation complaints. Really? Can't this rant just be broadcast on tic-toc or on a street corner with a megaphone?

  • NeOVoltron
    118 posts

    I have nothing against female leads in video games; I grew up playing Tomb Raider games, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favourite games ever, I loved playing as Evie in Assassin's Creed Syndicate and I wish we got to play as Aya more often in Assassin's Creed Origins. Give me an Assassin's Creed game with Aya as lead next and I'd be all for it but don't BS people around with these "choose male or female" games - they're not very well executed and they don't make sense especially in Assassin's Creed games where "canon endings" are a thing and no matter what you choose, none of your choices matter anyway because there can only be one "true" ending.

  • eskimosound
    6 posts

    @fimbulthulur I see you haven't played Odyssey then....

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @eskimosound just thought I'd leave an update. The issue with being referred to by the wrong pronouns has now 100% been confirmed as a bug and is now under investigation by the Dev team to fix the issue.

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