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  • SlickyRicky4269
    7 posts

    So right after one of the Order of the Ancient members reveals himself, you need to follow Hunwald to a camp he's setup with a fyrd. I follow him all the way into the camp, and he gets off his horse and stands there. The quest objective stills says to follow him even if I'm standing directly next to him. It will not progress no matter what I've tried. I'm playing on the PS4 version of the game.

  • jackslot1
    5 posts

    @cool-colby same and its the 18 like fix this [censored]

  • danigabraeel97
    2 posts

    Just now i got the quest to follow Hunwald to the camp, and while hes walking he wont say anything. When you reach the camp with hunwald, Hunwald just stays stuck at the table and i cant continue the quest and it keeps say Follow hunwald.

    Things i tried :

    1. Run away and back
    2. restart game
    3. Start other quest line and back to Hunwald
    4. did Jotunheim questline
    5. lured enemy soldiers to interact maybe would trigger something?

    Unfortunately nothing worked and i hope people would find out here on the forum.
    Please let us know if u know how to fix this issue, would help alot of people ! 🙂

  • jp08_pires
    3 posts

    During this quest i have the objective that is to "Follow Hunwald", and when I follow him, he just goes walks towards a table with a map on it and nothing happens. I can't continue the game main story because of this bug. This happened on PS4.

  • c.latham3
    1 posts

    Bug on a sword shower in anecastre. Says to follow hunwald even though we have arrived at our location and will not let me advance with the mission.

  • ZilverKingzZ
    1 posts

    *Spoilers if you haven't played the Lincolnscire arc*

    I don't know if anyone else has this issue but could you please tell me. It is when you are at the objective of following Hunwald and you arrive at the camp and the mission will not progress to the next objective.

    I have reset my game twice and I am still in the same position. I am also new to the forum so how can I tell ubisoft of this issue.

    Thank you.

  • rapidibex93
    2 posts

    @jp08_pires on xbox to!!! 😠

  • WhatsADanny
    9 posts

    When I followed Hunwald to Wynmere Lake at about 50m North of the entrance he just stopped. Now won't move. Tried going back to an old save. Forcing a desynchronization. Fast traveling away and coming back. Changing quests. Nothing.
    Xbox Series X.

    @ubi-baron that workaround unfortunately didn't work for me. Hunwald is stuck 50m North of the camp for me.

  • WhatsADanny
    9 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • jackslot1
    5 posts

    ok a fix is move the guy with the horse into the camp near the table on the left post and the mission will update

    wont lie tho moving that guy was the most annoying thing is this game so far

    put him where our character is in the picture hope it helps

  • danigabraeel97
    2 posts

    @jackslot1 Thank you that worked, just gotta move hunwald that direction indeed, i used the dash to let him fall everytime so i can move him that direction. Thanks

  • rapidibex93
    2 posts

    @jackslot1 doesn't work for me... how the f*** is that even possible?

  • jackslot1
    5 posts

    @rapidibex93 u know it didnt work for me when i did that the first time and i went and did other things but now im at a point in the game where i have to do that to do anything so i tried doing that again and it worked i threw him around that area for like 30 mins before i found that spot lol maybe try again and just keep moving him around that area

  • WhatsADanny
    9 posts

    @jackslot1 this worked for me! beat your time too! 20 minutes of dashing at Hunwald did the trick. He was in the vicinity of that picture maybe 6m back before it updated.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @jackslot1 Thank you for providing that workaround, although obviously not an ideal solution, we're happy to hear it's helped others stuck at this point.

    We have identified a fix for this issue, and it will be resolved in an upcoming patch.

    Official Response
  • Big_Stallion
    1 posts

    The quest prompts me to follow Hunwald (I chose him to be leader) however we get to the camp near Anecastre and nothing. He just stops on the road and does not move. I have tried the following:

    • Re-loading an old save
    • Making a new save
    • Verifying game files
    • Re-installing.

    Eventually I got frustrated so just progressed with the story hoping that I would not need Lincolnscire as an ally. Turns out this is now stopping me from progressing in the game completely and I cannot even complete the story because of it. Please tell me somebody knows a fix other then loading a save from 20+ hours ago. Otherwise I am gonna be waiting god knows how long for Ubisoft to fix a GAME BREAKING bug.

  • Burning_Chaos
    1 posts

    So I had this problem when I chose Hunwald where he wouldn’t go into the camp. I just sat there and kept dodging right in front of him to make him backup till I backed him all the way through the camp until he was next to the Captain and it trigger the quest to continue. It’s an annoying process but if it works it works.

  • myystic
    2 posts

    @jp08_pires I'm having the same issue on PS4 as well. I have tried loading an earlier save, tried fast travelling and coming back, tried reloading the game, and even tried re-installing the game nothing works.

  • myystic
    2 posts

    I do not see this on the reported issues mega thread, so I figured I would post this, even though I see others may have as well.
    I am playing the PS4 version of AC Valhalla. I chose Hunwald as the leader of Ancaster, and when you get this quest you are told to follow Hunwald. I follow him to a camp and he walks up to a table with a map on it with a few soldiers that are around it. The quest objective still says to follow him. The quest will not progress no matter what I do. I tried leaving the area and coming back, I tried closing the game and restarting, I tried reloading an older save, I tried fast travelling and coming back, I even re-installed the game, but nothing is working.
    I cannot progress any further in the main storyline becuase of this. I am essentially stuck in the game. Is this being looked into for a future patch? I have spent 60 hours on the game so far, and I would hate to have to abandon it at this point as I do love it. I also do not want to start over and lose all my progress, especially if this could happen again on another play through.

  • chrisi124
    1 posts

    I've stuck with this bug also.

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