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  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2077 posts

    Apologies for the double post! Both myself and @ubi-woofer are very excited about you all (and ourselves) being able to finally complete the fishing hut deliveries, so we want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available to you πŸ˜„

    Following @SpirantCrayon22's earlier question, I've reached out to the development team and have received confirmation that Stinky but Deadly should be retroactively unlocked following it's reintroduction to the game in the future. This means you can complete the fishing hut challenges now and get your hands on the elusive swordfish now!

    We don't yet have any more information on when "Stinky but Deadly" will be reintroduced to the game. Rest assured that its removal is only temporary. Once we have more information to share about this challenge, we'll be sure to let you all know within this thread and in the News & Announcements forum.

    If you encounter any further trouble whilst fishing, please don't hesitate to reach out so we can take a closer look.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2077 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there!

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update. I'm happy to announce that the development team intend to deploy several fixes in regards to fishing inΒ TU 1.2.2. This update will be deployed 15 June, 2021 at 2 PM CEST / 8 AM ET. The team are deploying a fixes for the following issue:

    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from catching fish from a small boat.Β 
    • Addressed various issues with Ubisoft Core Challenges unlocking (Stinky but Deadly)

    If you are still encountering trouble with either of these issues following TU 1.2.2, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Please include a video that shows the following:

    • You have the latest Title Update installed on your platform. You can view this information in the opening game menu in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • The issue you're still encountering in-game (such as Stinky but Deadly remaining locked despite meeting the requirements).

    Additionally, please ensure that you have an up-to-date save uploaded to the cloud. We can then pass these reports to the development team for further investigation.

    I'd also like to provide you all with an update regarding the missing fish. Following TU 1.2.1, big flatfish / mackerel and small halibut / sturgeon were added to selected locations in-game. We have not yet had any new information about these fish being added into additional locations in TU 1.2.2. As the development team mentioned they intended to release a full fix for this issue in June in their Dev Blog, I have reached out to them for an update. As soon as we have any new information to share you about these missing fish, we will let you all know within this thread as soon as we are able to.

    EDIT 15 June 2021, 15:10 UTC: The development team have reached out with an update about the repopulation of the missing fish. They should now be more widely available throughout the world for you to catch! 🎣

    If you are still unable to find big flatfish/mackerel or small halibut/sturgeon whilst fishing in the world, please don't hesitate to reach out so we can investigate this further.

    Thank you! 😊

    Official Response
  • Garbo3
    625 posts

    @ubi-woofer I have been fishing for more that 40 minutes but only regular flatfish. Keep trying though.
    Am very stubborn. Thanks for video. Really appreciate your help. I will keep trying !

  • isuwhat
    183 posts

    @ubi-woofer great stuff πŸ™‚

    i am having an issue getting a 2nd Big Mackerel though. Got the first in the exact same spot as your video and i have gone to different fast travel points, back to England, saved and re-loaded but now only get Artic Char (Big) in that location? Am now up to the 8th time of moving to a different place and loading back in etc and no luck

  • SpirantCrayon22
    236 posts


    I had more trouble with the second big mackerel than any of the big flatfish but did get there after several fast-travels.

  • dorinash1
    54 posts

    @ubi-woofer Ok, we know that big Eel is not needed for the challenge right? But, myself (and I believe others too) as a big and loyal fan of the AC franchise, who brought all the games from the first one and completed them at 100%, just want to catch that fish so we can all be happy. As a completionist I find the game still broken, because I want to have that one as well, and it is still missing. Why?

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts

    @Garbo3 - Keep going! I'm sure the big Flatfish are just stubborn... I actually thought they were still missing at first, but after going for the Mackerel and returning to England, there they were! Just have to get those spawns just right!

    @isuwhat - As above, it took me a few tries too! It may be worth spending a bit of time in a different location just to allow the spawns to fully reset, and then fast travelling back to that location and trying again. You can leave your ship there to return to quickly if needed. I'm not sure if it really makes a difference, but I did find that catching other types of fish also seemed to help me, as then it seemed like there were more spawn points available to refresh. Not sure if that logic from my many hours spent on Animal Crossing is fully applicable here, but hey, maybe! πŸ‘€ Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

    @dorinash1 - I'm a completionist myself, so I understand that desire to complete the game 100%. But, as the big Eel isn't needed for any challenges and - as best as I remember - isn't actually a mentioned fish anywhere in-game (it just came up on the forums and elsewhere online when people were trying to see what the requirements were for the final delivery) - I'm just wondering if you can explain a bit more what value the fish would have? I can run your query by the developers for sure, but I'm not sure whether there was ever meant to be a big Eel at this point, so I cannot promise it will be implemented if it is confirmed that there wasn't. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    Official Response
  • Garbo3
    625 posts

    @ubi-woofer thanks..After watching your video got 2 in a row. 1 minute lol
    Many thanks 😊

  • dorinash1
    54 posts

    @ubi-woofer considering that each fish in the game has three different sizes, makes me think it should be the same for Eel as well. Isn't that logic?

  • Ibuprofen1200mg
    1 posts

    It's best you swim with your horse and shoot the fish. That way you don't scare them.

    But of course with my luck I got the "failed to save game progress" and corrupted save files on my PS4. Yeah!

  • isuwhat
    183 posts

    @ubi-woofer have now completed all fishing there at last. Took forever to get the 2nd Mackerel.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Yesin069
    547 posts

    Please Ubisoft: Make never ever gain a quest or achievement that is similar to this one! It is just a torture to search for the last few fish types. It is fun and relaxing having a fishing mechanic in a game but it shouldn't be forced on us like with an achievement or a quest. Even if it wasnt as buggy as it still is, it isnt fun to search for fish types.

    Also it wasnt great finding out that after finding big flatfish and big mackarel that a new challenge unlocks...

  • FoxHoundUbi
    2 posts

    @khaos004 I'm so stupid, I just realized the quest asked me for REGULAR, and I assumed big...Thanks a lot !

  • marveen95
    3 posts

    Hi everyone,
    I made these videos to make it easier espiecially for new players to catch all fishes.Β 
    After today's patch I've updated my videos about Big Flatfish and Mackerel as well.
    I hope you find it useful.

    Big Mackerel:

    Big Flatfish:

    The whole fish playlist:

  • SpirantCrayon22
    236 posts


    There's also no Greater Aegis Rune, a matter which I've posted here but it's one of a few posts where Ubisoft has not responded.

  • KamikazeSG12
    25 posts

    @dorinash1 There may be Big Eel, but there is no turn in for them. The Stinky but Deadly requires Regular Eel.

    @ubi-(guys) What is the bloody respawn interval on the Flat and Mackerel???? There seems to only be one at a time in the areas marked in the videos... I had a Mackerel approach my hook and de-spawn just as he got there. Found another and caught it, but it took almost 2 hours for another to spawn. Same with Flat fish... I've caught 2 big ones in 3 hours of looking...

    Also... I LOVE the fix on the purchase/sell quantity at the merchants... It was a pain having to cycle all the way through to get to the max amount...

  • Garbo3
    625 posts

    @kamikazesg12 there's 2 big flat fishes and If you fast travel to Warham ( or something similar opposite to the isle of Wight) grab the horse gallop all the way back to Ubiwolf video exact spot and you get 2 each time
    I got 6 with this method in 15 minutes.
    Is that place where you get easier the overdesigned II
    Fast travel there and go back fishing

  • KamikazeSG12
    25 posts

    @garbo3 That's the spot I fished. Travelled to Isle of Wight and sailed across.... Found 1 Big and could see 2-3 pairs of Regular, and tons of Small. The Big didn't respawn for a couple of hours.

  • Valhalla2015
    73 posts

    LMFAO! I finally complete the swordfish delivery, and what does that little punk of a kid say to me? β€œThanks.” πŸ˜‚

  • Garbo3
    625 posts

    @valhalla2015 the kid is annoying πŸ˜†

  • dorinash1
    54 posts

    @kamikazesg12 He does respawn but tricky. Just fast travel to other region after catching it and then return back, or save and reload the game save on the location. I found a very good working method, checked that out and it works well. First time I got 3 big flats (around Hamtun Blockade), fast traveled to Norway, got the Mackerel (1), saved the game and relaunched it to get the Mackerel again (1). Got it again after the reload, fast traveled back to England, and back to the blockade area and they where there, all 3. It took me 10 minutes in total..

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