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  • Smoky_mcpot.
    2 posts

    I have spent over 3 hours looking for big flatfish and there are none spawning in did you forget to put them in the game ubisoft?

    Also when I'm trying to fish in Norway ALL the fish keep disappearing! There are literally none in the whole of Norway.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2077 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there!

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update. I'm happy to announce that the development team intend to deploy several fixes in regards to fishing in TU 1.2.2. This update will be deployed 15 June, 2021 at 2 PM CEST / 8 AM ET. The team are deploying a fixes for the following issue:

    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from catching fish from a small boat. 
    • Addressed various issues with Ubisoft Core Challenges unlocking (Stinky but Deadly)

    If you are still encountering trouble with either of these issues following TU 1.2.2, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Please include a video that shows the following:

    • You have the latest Title Update installed on your platform. You can view this information in the opening game menu in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • The issue you're still encountering in-game (such as Stinky but Deadly remaining locked despite meeting the requirements).

    Additionally, please ensure that you have an up-to-date save uploaded to the cloud. We can then pass these reports to the development team for further investigation.

    I'd also like to provide you all with an update regarding the missing fish. Following TU 1.2.1, big flatfish / mackerel and small halibut / sturgeon were added to selected locations in-game. We have not yet had any new information about these fish being added into additional locations in TU 1.2.2. As the development team mentioned they intended to release a full fix for this issue in June in their Dev Blog, I have reached out to them for an update. As soon as we have any new information to share you about these missing fish, we will let you all know within this thread as soon as we are able to.

    EDIT 15 June 2021, 15:10 UTC: The development team have reached out with an update about the repopulation of the missing fish. They should now be more widely available throughout the world for you to catch! 🎣

    If you are still unable to find big flatfish/mackerel or small halibut/sturgeon whilst fishing in the world, please don't hesitate to reach out so we can investigate this further.

    Thank you! 😊

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    @Smoky_mcpot Thank you for reporting this to us.

    Have you checked out where they spawn? These happen in very specific locations, so it's worth checking out a list of where they appear. Also you can find more success from a boat than from the Shore.

    For Norway, do you mean they are caught and then disappear or they just don't bite at all?

    Official Response
  • Mondracc
    3 posts

    @ubi-baron Apparently this is indeed a bug as they are not spawning in any of the locations which has flatfish around. I've managed to find regular and small size, but not big ones. I've managed to find other types of big fish with no problem.
    Also, it seems that I'm not the only one who has this issue.

  • Smoky_mcpot.
    2 posts

    I've fished from shore and from boat and have a dozen small and normal flatfish but never any large.
    As for Norway when I fast travel to a Dock and use the sight the water is full of fish but within a
    Couple of seconds they all despawn fight in front of me.

  • Eptiy
    2 posts

    @ubi-baron I've spent about 14 hours searching for big flatfish in all English waters, meter by meter, and found nothing (both on foot and boat). Also I encountered a lot of disappearing fish, especially by a sea shore. It happens like that: I sail, use Odin sight to spot some fish, stop to catch it, then *boom* all the fish disappear. I noticed that this happens if there're too many entities (for example seagulls) around. And this doesn't happen at dawn (idk if this is really related to the time of day).

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    Hey !

    Does anyone found this item ? I alreay done all chest on the game, actually i try the fishing house (but with the big bug with the Norway and England coasts, that's just impossible to do) but i dont find any infos about it.

  • Sytev
    7 posts

    @ubi-baron I'm seeing the same thing, on PC.

    The moment you get near enough to the coastline for waves to spawn, all fish despawn. I've tried a few tricks to sneak up on the sea (channeling Cnut!) like jumping off the cliffs near Folkestone, or travelling to it, and the result is always the same - when the sea is completely flat, there's fish, but they vanish the moment waves appear.

    Its near impossible to find any Bream as a result, as well as Big Flatfish. The other coastal fish are easier thanks to the Humber estuary and The Wash (near Botolphston/Boston) areas being large, coastal, but not wave-y, but the same issues occur up north too.

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    @sytev Tell me, after this bug will fix, where you can find any Big Mackerel and big flatfish, i need only them actually 😞

  • Sytev
    7 posts

    @sytev additionally, in the (accurately) rare occasion that the weather is *completely* clear and the sea is still, this isn't an issue. I haven't tested in Norway, but by restarting my client and getting lucky, I was able to fish from open seas on the south coast

    If this is intended functionality... its not good.

  • Sytev
    7 posts

    @gryma I assume in places where there's normally waves, which prevent the spawns.

  • loki1130
    13 posts

    I have same issue. It's happening in all costal areas both England(Folcnastan) and Norway (Stavanger). One second there is plenty of fish in the sea and next second they disappear.

  • bodli1125
    2 posts

    i have the problem to find any regular and big Pollock version (for rewards),
    are they in the game or is the spawn of them just bugged ?
    i found massive amount of small Pollock

  • Fat_Sad_Bear
    6 posts

    @gryma I'm taking a wild guess here and saying it's tied to the boring fishing minigame.

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    @fat_sad_bear Actually, just missing 2 type of fish (Big mackarel and big flatfish, dont know where exactly i can find them). When they will fix the bug about fish in Norway/Englang coasts, i'll try to finish that, but actually... Cant do more 😞

  • bodli1125
    2 posts

    Flatfish big dont spawn neither

  • Vindilator
    8 posts

    Anyone know their locations? Big and regular

  • JCar4327
    603 posts

    Pretty sure they are going to be in the ocean, and the ocean spawns appear to be messed up atm. Hopefully they will get them sorted soon.

  • Hhhhhharrie
    9 posts

    I found lots of regular flatfish in the coastal areas between mainland Hamtunscire and the Isle of Wiht. I have yet to see a big one.
    I don't know any specific locations where mackerel spawn, but I caught several in the coastal waters of Norway so they do exist, though they seem to be more rare than the others. Like with flatfish, I haven't found any big mackerel yet.

    But as @JCar4327 mentioned, ocean spawns are currently messed up. They seem to only show when the sea is completely calm, and immediately disappear the moment the weather changes.

  • JCar4327
    603 posts

    @hhhhhharrie That's been my experience as well. If there is any white water on the ocean in immediately causes a despawn. I did catch a bunch of fish off the docks at the big town on the Hordafylke side. Nothing was big though cause it was essentially the same thing there; waves equals no fish.

  • hokousharingan
    10 posts


    despawning fish becomes more annoying than the reda quest bug...

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