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  • Asgardian02
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    i actually re-installed odyssey yesterday, once valhall is finished its a big empty world with nothing to do.

    I was looking at old screenshots of my hero from odyssey and he looks so much better then eivor.

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    Hey, glad the fishes spawn along the coasts now. But they also despwawn as soon as I catch 2 fish. They don't swim away, they just vanish into thick "water".
    Also I have lots of problems with reeling in the fishes. They just glitch right throug me or the land or the boat I'm on.
    That's pretty annoying when I finally found and caught the extremely rare big fish.

    And yeah, the missing fish stated in other posts here. Big flat, sturgeon and mackerel.

  • soliunasm
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    Sturgeons are available just fine, simply go to the Roucistre Blockade in Cent and the small and I believe regular ones are all over the river there. Big ones spawn in the Isle of Wit which is that detached island at the bottom-left of the map. Go to the south-east portion of the isle and you'll see a bandit fishing off of a pier. Kill him and then begin meditating in that area until the fish spawn off the coast. There's typically one or two big breams and big sturgeons there. I believe if the regular sturgeons don't spawn in Cent they're also at that pier with the bandit.

    The only unavailable fish are big flatfish and big mackerels when it comes to the challenges, I believe the Swordfish request also requires big eels but I'm not 100% sure on that and if that's also only on the coast I believe that's unattainable too. You can get everything else through a bunch of time wasted meditating in area where the fish are supposed to be or near river mouths as some of the coastal fish spawn near river mouths.

  • VanadiumCobalt
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    @ubi-woofer So, you can do all this yet you still cannot fix the game or put 3 fish in that people need. Why?

  • dannyrhinos89
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    @ranccidd my friend you’ve just saved me, I found a bream there tank you so much.

    now I can enjoy my platinum.

  • andy-howard1
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    Can someone give me the location of the bigflatfish

  • catchyaup
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    No Big Mackerel or Big Flatfish. I have spent days trying to find. It is all I have to do on the game at the moment. It is really enraging. Also [censored] is up with this season rubbish? Is the Fortnite or something? Pay for ultimate edition and have to wait months between playing. Loose interest before then. Would have finished up at 120hrs if it wasn't for bugs, mainly fishing issues for me.

  • NjT3rMiN4ToRs-_
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    If your on a boat on the ocean by the coast and you hook a fish and reel it in the fish will just swim directly under you and then behind you instead of when it gets close enough you successfully catch the fish. This has happened multiple times especially with the bream fish where you reel it in and you get it right beside you but as you reel it the fish rises above the water and is glitched where you can not reel it in completely and your line is cut and you lose the fish after it gets behind you and swims away insanely fast. After this all the fish despawn in the area as coastal fish are heavily bugged. This happened to me in cent when trying to get the bream fish check it out

  • dorinash1
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    The correct missing fish list is: big flatfish, big mackerel, big eel (wich is required for the last delivery), and small halibut. And that's it. Small or big sturgeons are very easy to find..

  • LiningCaesar197
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    Agree, very frustrating.. I have after 270+ hours finished every aspect of this game except:
    Large Mackerel
    Small Sturgeon
    I couple of bits of looting stuck inside buildings with no way in below water.

  • dorinash1
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    @liningcaesar197 and where did you find big flatfish and big eel? Tell us, maybe we find them as well. About the sturgeon, I have 3 smalls in my inventory cause I sell the others. But I can guarantee they are in the game.. go to Folcanstan, isle of Wiht and you will definitely find them

  • dorinash1
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    undefinedthis is the proof. You see the 6 small sturgeons just now caught? I want to see now your big flatfish and eel...

  • TheWildblu
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    I too have not been able to find big flatfish or mackerel, or small sturgeon. I did find enough small halibut. These are the only things remaining for me to get the game to 100%.

    In general, though, it seems that fishing has gotten so hard. I go up to the river/beach, and if there are any fish there (often that's a huge IF, and I have to do a ton of walking down the shore) they quickly leave, and I'm only able to catch 1-2, before having to relocate. It's a real pain.

  • JCar4327
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    @thewildblu Small sturgeon are available in-game. if you go to the mouth of the rivers in either Cent or Suthsexe you can find them. They spawn just inside the area of the river before it turns into the ocean. They are difficult to spot because there are tons of other small fish swimming around in both locations. Most often they are swimming together in groups of three. If you use Odin's sight and then immediately go to photo mode you can get close in to examine the fish and more easily determine which ones are small sturgeon: though I don't use this method myself it is apparently effective for identifying the fish.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3920 posts

    Hey all!

    I apologise for the delayed update. Thanks for taking the time to update this thread with your experiences. At this moment in time, we still have no further information to share regarding the missing fish. Please be assured that the development team are still looking into this further. We hope to have an update to share with you soon, but at this moment in time we are unable to provide a definite ETA. Once we have more news to share, we will post it within this thread, so please keep an eye out! Thank you for your ongoing patience.

    @Asgardian02 - Thanks for providing us with that additional information. It would also be really helpful to seeing a video of this as well, so please include this if you're able to. If you're playing on PC, there are several recording programmes available. Windows 10 OS include the Microsoft Gamebar, which you can use to record video, and you should also have access to a recording programme if you have a Nvidia/AMD graphics card.

    Regarding your feedback thread - I can see that this is in the General Discussions forums. This will likely be why a player support agent, such as myself or Ubi-Woofer, has not reached out within the thread. Our community management team are responding to posts as soon as they're able to, but this can take longer than anticipated if contact volumes within the forums are high. If you have any concerns, you are welcome to try and reach out to them (they're a friendly bunch)! If you are requiring any support, we would ask you to post this within the player support forums so the support team can take a look at these. Thank you!

    @TheWildblu - I had a fair bit of trouble catching mackerel of all sizes myself. The best place I found was in Stavanger. There's a small fishing boat at one side of the town, which I hopped in and allowed me to row out a bit further into the sea. I was able to find small and regular mackerel here, just in front of the long boat. As for large mackerel, the best location for me was in the "river" behind Eikundarsund (same island as Stavanger). There's a small port with a horse at the river mouth, which is where I began my hunt. I'd recommend checking out these places if you're still having trouble!

    As for small sturgeon, the Roucistre Blockade in Cent was the best location to find these. I'd recommend checking out this spot as well.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • dorinash1
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    @ubi-borealis hello! Do you have any spot for big flatfish or eel?

  • dorinash1
    65 posts

    @ubi-borealis nothing in your spot except one big hake. Can you share a screen or something? It's hard to believe that the big mackerel is there cause no one ever find one, except you of course 😊

  • KrulKomaruf
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    This post is deleted!
  • KrulKomaruf
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    @ubi-woofer In my case the scenario is a bit different - fish don't swim away, but simply dissappear. I can see them, I throw the rope, sometimes they even start circling aroun the bait and then... puff! Gone! All of them.

  • boo-yah1907
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    @krulkomaruf It has been weeks since i stopped looking around for big flatfish and big mackerel. Was wondering if anybody found one since the recent title update...

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