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  • locked moved topic_solved [RESOLVED] Unable to find big Flatfish/Mackerel and small Halibut/Sturgeon while fishing | POST HERE

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    We've been looking for this fish for a long time.

  • WhoCares78
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    @hinc_liz the big mackerel and big flatfish aren’t in the game. The dev team is investigating. The small sturgeon can be found around the Rouecistre Blockade in Cent and around the Hamtun blockade in Hamtunscire. Also look in that bay to the south of the blockade and the west side of the Isle of Wiht.

  • grahamfischer
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    the first DLC is almost out, can we please get this taken care of? its just two types of big fish... @Ubi-Baron

  • grahamfischer
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    @carlipop I kind of agree with what this dude said, every other type of fish and the other sizes of said fish that is missing work perfectly fine now. removing those two fish from the rewards shop or changing the size requirement atleast would solve everyones problem. @Ubi-Baron @Ubi-Woofer @Ubi-Borealis

  • eL_T_US
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    @grahamfischer Or just put the fish in the Shop for sale, like they did Fabric.

  • grahamfischer
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    @el_t_us i dont care what they have to do at this point. this shouldnt be a problem when the next update is literately the DLC one. if the fish isnt fixed by then i dont think it ever will be. this is a massive oversight that seems relatively easy to fix at this point but its been 4 months and theyre still taking care of other game breaking problems. theyve acknowledged this problem and tried to fix it but failed which blows my mind when we are giving them so much feedback every day

  • B00MSIE
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    The gamebreaking bugs, that don’t allow players to complete the game and things like the disappearing savegames are probably more important to be fixed. But they don’t get fixed either. I think this game is released unfinished and they still want to add new (also unfinished) stuff, which introduces new bugs each time. Because of that it is becoming an impossible job to get things fixed.

    It’s really a shame, because it is slowly destroying this great game. Look at the weekly challenges, I suspect we don’t reach the targets, because more and more players seem to stop playing.

  • Ubi-MrM
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    @Lysvander @Carlipop @grahamfischer - Thank you for your suggestion regarding switching out the required fish for the deliveries. The developers are looking to resolve the issue itself by making the big flatfish / mackerel available in-game as soon as possible, as opposed to what you describe. When a fix is confirmed and announced, we'll be sure to let everyone know here. Until then, I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. 🙂

    @Tchester1980 - We don't approve of trying to steal other people's fish! 😛 As soon as the big flatfish / mackerel are made available in-game, we will let everyone know here, and then we can all catch our own! Thank you for your understanding in the meantime.

    @Antipotheosis - Thanks for sharing your experience! The spot you describe is the same one I made my video in, showing that you could catch small Sturgeon there. I'd highly recommend fishing on a small boat in that area; you should easily find a school of small Sturgeon!

    I also made the following video for small Halibut, should anyone still be struggling to locate those as well:

    @marktrix1987 - Are you trying to shoot the fish in shallow waters? If so, I would advise against this for the meantime. Use your fishing line to try and catch those fish, and only shoot with arrows the ones further out in deep water. If you can provide a video of the behaviour you're describing as well, that would be much appreciated, as I have encountered that myself and would like to add more evidence to the ongoing investigation.

    @HINC_LIZ - Please check out my video above (and shared in reply to you by @WhoCares78 - thank you by the way!); you can find small Sturgeon near Rouecistre Blockade / Fortress in Cent quite easily! 🙂

    @grahamfischer - As communicated by my colleague @Ubi-Borealis, the developers are continuing to work on resolving this issue with the missing big flatfish / mackerel. I apologise for the inconvenience in the meantime, and will keep everyone updated as soon as we receive new information! I'll also try again to prepare some videos showing where you can find each fish when they're confirmed to be found in-game!

  • Tchester1980
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    For sure.... I don't want to steal from my own people in the settlement to get the fish ...

  • Marta97M
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    I found all the fish needed for the swordfish weapon except for big flatfish and mackerel, patiently waiting for the fix 😞

  • VanadiumCobalt
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    @marta97m Good on ya. You could however be waiting a long time. This has been an issue for months and still, it's incredibly hard to fix!

  • hilchef9
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    I've spent 2 days and traveled on foot the whole coast areas of Norway and can find large mackerel anywhere ... I only need 2 to complete

  • guest-E5i3o02I
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    @logibear0111 still not fixed with the last patch!! What a waste

    @hilchef9 I find only regular mackerel!! Where did you find the big mackerel?

  • guest-E5i3o02I
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  • First_Prophet
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    @Ubi-Woofer This has been mentioned numerous times before in different threads, but since the developers cannot seem to figure out the issue with the big mackerel and big flatfish not spawning, can't you just adjust the requirements for the fishing mission, to exclude those fish and allow everyone else who has been waiting patiently since the middle of november, to complete the mission and complete the swordfish challenge? just seems kind of counterproductive and counterintuitive, to have us wait for one or two more months until this gets figured out, when the solution is simple and you can just remove those parts of the objective, so we can complete those tasks.

    Same with the avenge player challenge. There is no way I'm completing that, so why not just remove that from the Ubisoft connect challenges?

    Anyway, just finding it difficult to understand why we have to wait for another patch or two, when you could just send out a hot fix or something to remove those requirements, so we can just move on. Thanks and I hope you're having a great day!

  • Logibear0111
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    @guest-e5i3o02i i know haha its been months since i made this post and clearly its lit up like mad but still nothing i do love all the notifications tho

  • guest-09w8NqWZ
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    I'm deleting this game, takes up too much space for it not to work correctly. I should be finished and moving on to the next Ubisoft game, oh wait. No more Ubisoft for my house.

  • grahamfischer
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    @ubi-woofer no offense dude, its been 4 months. we dont give a flying [censored] about a fix to get two specific fish, we arent aquatic biologists. we just want the reward. please stop trying to [censored] us with a solution and just take it out so we can kindly proceed. thanks!

    we're the player base paying and funding your games but you arent listening to what we want. we dont want you to spend countless hours reengineering two fish. please just change all big fish requirements to regular fish so this can be done with

    @B00MSIE i couldve sworn this happened to me yesterday but it wasnt flying, it was going across the deck of my boat and directly under it and i couldnt bring it in and had to quit. i thought i was trippin

  • grahamfischer
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  • grahamfischer
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