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  • hokousharingan
    10 posts


    despawning fish becomes more annoying than the reda quest bug...

  • Vindilator
    8 posts

    @jcar4327 yeah the coast/sea fish are messed up, i noticed a pattern where they spawn if you meditate into daylight ~ around 3-10 minutes after you wait for the sun to rise depending on the location, in norway it takes more time in england less, the only fish i didnt encounter so far aswell are mackerel and flatfish big

  • Vindilator
    8 posts

    @hhhhhharrie yep found the flatfish there but yeah there are weird stuff with waves/time etc for fish spawn, i did send ubi a report with video of the de-spawns and stuff, also the boat sometimes bugs the fish into disappearing

  • RamWamBam
    5 posts

    I literally did the same thing. I did three hours (just today) to see if any Big Flatfish appear and I have nothing to show for it. The fish despawn even with the tiniest hint of a storm everything disappears from the coastal areas. It's infuriating.

  • seba84_2005
    9 posts

    Did anyone find these fish? Big Flatfish and Big Mackerel. I only miss these two fish... this is some bug?

  • Eptiy
    2 posts

    The most interesting about what is happening with fish, while the weather is bad, is that new patch' notes say ubi have fixed this 'feature' in Norway, not England. And guess what? It is still disappearing in England.

  • PeacekeeperSun
    30 posts

    So not much left to do (only been like 2 weeks, Very weak play time). So decided to get fishing done (Haha very funny)
    River fishing not to bad but ocean fishing worst.
    Sit in a spot that is supposed to have Bream and after 1/2 hour I get 1 flatfish. Ok so I sit there again this time an hour and I get Big Fat Nothing. No Flatfish No Bream no nothing.
    This game so small in terms of real play time. Most everything that worked nice in prev. 2 games not in this one.
    It was a waste of my $$
    Also some of the fights are to frigin much like dark souls (I don't like that kind of fighting), I had to get someone else to do most all my main boss and some world boss fights.
    So this is what AC turned into guess I'm finished with it. Let then just make it like every other thing out there. No uniqueness anymore....

  • Zeus-X-Machina
    10 posts

    i have been fishing for hours, do the spawn at max level or something?! i have caught little under 100 of regular and small.
    is this a glitch???

  • DarkStar_AUT
    6 posts


    i miss them too! wasted hours..............

  • Angrine
    1 posts

    Found Big and Regular pollack on PS4 they were in a pond in Hamtunscire south of Readingum Abbey.

  • APPLE5333
    28 posts

    Fish randomly disappear. Usually on the coasts. One second there will be loads there and then you catch one and it and every other fish disappears. And then they stay gone or you fast travel back to the location and you see the fish for a second and then gone again. Also in my game there are NO Big Flatfish and NO Big Mackerel. They just don't exist. I've combed over every coast where the in game thing tells you to go but I have yet to see a single big flatfish or a big mackerel. And when I say combed over I mean I've spent around 10+ hours just looking for these fish. They don't exist.

    PLEASE Ubisoft. Fix your game.

  • seba84_2005
    9 posts

    @darkstar_aut I spent about 10 hours for searching these fish and still nothing...

  • seba84_2005
    9 posts

    I also have such a problem. That's all I miss in the game. Big Flatfish and Big Mackerel.

  • boo-yah1907
    268 posts

    these have to be some sort of bug or story/mystery mission tied fish. as far as i can see, even if i have a few more to go then just these, these types are the biggest problem for fishing.

  • boo-yah1907
    268 posts

    @seba84_2005 i spent days and spent about half of my play time just for hunting and fishing(fishing took the most). over 113 hours of gameplay and still no light about these

  • seba84_2005
    9 posts

    I handled it in a different way...

    Big flatfish
    https://ibb.co/BnhJmVb: (https://ibb.co/BnhJmVb)

    Big mackerel
    https://ibb.co/BLYW5py: (https://ibb.co/BLYW5py)

    reward for all fish
    https://ibb.co/QFgzQXJ: (https://ibb.co/QFgzQXJ)

  • OlmerGrey
    63 posts

    Legends were true!
    Big flatfish and big mackerel really does exist.
    So... will you share with us this sacred knowledge? How and where exactly did you get them?
    Wish I could handle it the same way you did...

  • DemonI81
    16 posts

    I hate when people say they figured out their problem but don't tell anyone how they did it.

    What'd you do? Use a mod?

  • grahamfischer
    27 posts

    Community feedback seems like people cannot find big flatfish or mackerel anywhere. Also finding big hake and sturgeon are next to impossible and despawn in about 20 seconds to a minute. Also anytime i can actually get fish to spawn and i find a bunch i need, the [censored] mechanic from hooking a fish or shooting an arrow kills all my chances of getting them at the same time. I have to fast travel to the same location hoping the fish will be there again and there is nothing for about the next 4-5 fast travels and loading in and out of saves.

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