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  • KamikazeSG12
    11 posts

    The continued absence of these fish is hugely irritating to everyone. I hope this issue is somewhere near the top of their list and would love more updates on the progress.

    Equating the effort required to FIND and fix a programming error with adding new gear to the store (which was probably created in the engine long ago and just has to be uploaded and activated) is inane. Try looking at what is most likely millions of lines of code to find a small character out of place that is interfering with the spawning of the fish... I'm sure you'll have a new appreciation for what they are trying to do. Not to mention the long list of other errors that obviously got missed during beta testing that require the same in depth search to find that code error.
    Thank you devs, for putting forth the effort to correct these errors, while also trying to do the small things to keep the game interesting until the problems can actually be completed.

  • grahamfischer
    20 posts

    @kamikazesg12 thats not the problem though dude. its clearly not a capability thing if every other fish in the game is working fine. you dont think they cant just scale their regular flatfish texture 50% and add it into game sprites in their engine? its more about the principle at this point too, they will work overtime to fix glitches that affect income/profit, but the glitches that the player base funding the game are begging them to fix has been ignored since launch. you literately just thanked them for cleaning up their own pile of [censored]. they wouldnt have to clean it up if they didnt drop it on us

    @WhoCares78 no offense dude, if you really care that much about the fish go play a fishing game. the devs are purposely taking the dumbest/lengthiest patch for this to keep us checking in on their game and hoping we spend on the helix store. im pretty sure everyone would just like to get the swordfish even if that means they just change the size requirements so we can move on

    We are obviously no longer and have never been, Ubisofts priority. Money is 100% all they care about, even if it means burning their entire player base over and over again

  • WhoCares78
    72 posts

    @grahamfischer No offense dude but if you care that much about swinging a swordfish around, go play something like fortnite. Do you honestly think they’re purposely not fixing certain aspects of the game because it’ll get people to spend more money? How does that work? I would think that a game that is running smoothly with everything working as it should would be more likely to get people to spend more on it. Adding helix store items while the game has so many problems is a bad look for Ubisoft, but the truth is all of those items were made a long time ago and they are just unlocking them on a schedule. They aren’t coding these things into the game every other week. Somebody posted a video link in another post that shows the Jackdaw longship items were in game as far back as Jan 5.
    It would be great if they could fix all these problems but working with as much code as this game has to have can’t be easy. Plus Montreal is still in a strict lockdown, which means the dev team are still working separately from home. And no amount of chewing out the support staff here in the forums will change that.

    And Ubisoft only care about the money? Well yeah, and water is wet.

  • grahamfischer
    20 posts

    @WhoCares78 lmao nice try at a comeback but that didnt even make sense. i could care less about the swordfish, the stats are horrible anyway. i paid a AAA game studio $60 for a working game, and i expect that i could be able to finish the last side quest after 4 months of the game being released. not to mention, this is the longest an AC game has been in development even before the lockdown was a thing. you say they arent doing this on purpose but i think theyre more than capable of fixing this weeks ago. this is the only thing keeping most playing checking back in on the game after theyve finished it, the same thing happened with fabric at launch and it was fixed somewhat fast but from what i hear some people are still having issues. if you keep checking in on the game every day, you might have the urge to spend in the helix store

  • grahamfischer
    20 posts

    @whocares78 also, yeah it is a bad look when there's more content in the helix store than the actual amount of lootable in game gear. so bad that it enrages people who spent $60 for "the most player customization in any game ever", and everyones Jomsviking looks identical. i have a feeling everyones Eivor looks pretty similar too considering there's all of 3 viable options for gear. is it too much to ask for pre-existing features in past AC games such as the cosmetic change on items and New Game+ in Odyssey?

  • grahamfischer
    20 posts

    reskining helix store items... they really have no boundaries anymore

  • WhoCares78
    72 posts

    @grahamfischer I’m not defending Ubisoft in this. I spent $110 to be a beta tester on an unfinished game. I have multiple complaints about this game. The fighting, stealth, and skill tree are unbalanced. The game is brimming with anachronistic weapons and buildings. All of the armor is cartoonish. The lack of authentic Viking weapons and armor and a few others that impact gameplay more than two missing fish.

    Yes the game was in development before the lockdowns, but bugs happen. And now they’re stuck trying to fix them during the lockdown. Not to mention since development of the game started, a couple of new consoles appeared. I’m sure that added some layers of difficulty. And if it was a simple fix they would have done it by now.

    Not sure why the concept that a well polished game is more likely to get people to spend extra money, than a buggy mess of a game is. That pointless no content river raid was to keep people returning to the game and lure them into the helix store. The bugs and glitches are running people away from the game. Seems counterproductive to me to purposely let the bugs exist and do nothing.

    And I don’t really care about a reskin being sold in the helix store. I don’t buy anything from it, nor do I intend to. If people are willing to spend money on a reskinned armor set. That’s not my problem, I can’t tell them what to do with their money.

  • mfscorp
    1 posts


    take a separate room you 2, you look married.
    keep it on topic instead of complaining Aboutaleb the game and Ubisoft
    Go play Tetris you 2
    now you can nag against my reply

    at Ubisoft
    i also have the issue that i cant Find the big flatfish and big mackerels.



  • MarshmallowXX13
    2 posts

    @gctwothree check his Exophase profile. ALL he does is rush through challenges. He’s a liar and a cheat and I don’t know why he draws attention to himself.

  • MarshmallowXX13
    2 posts

    @gctwothree he’s already been kicked off Exophase once for cheating.

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