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  • VegasHeart
    35 posts
    @face2crepe Here is a quick clip showing the behavior of (mostly big) fishes when killed by a bow.

    Confirmed.I personally clipped myself when fish jumping like crazy or dissappear.They have enough materials to work already,but still didnt finish they job.Hey devs i have one day fix for you:

    • Add a quest to fisherman.Then u can come to him and hear somethink like this:

    "Hi Eivor,i heard you looking for some fish,which is hard to find,go do this or bring me this and i give you that fish" 🙂 But hell no ubi wants you to keep grinding and stay in game for long,because they need to sell all that crap from Helix store.All the fishing and fisherman quest takes a lot time and they doing everything to make it longer.First they removed opportunity to hit the fish with a weapon,now it behaves strangely,run out like crazy even if you are on boat or just dissappear when killed by bow.Some type of fish present in very small quantities at some locations,so you have to go there over and over again(like doing altar mission or looking for some type of big fish)and thats another way to keep you busy.

  • Dazzajaxx
    1 posts

    On xbox 1 no big flat fish even after the update what is goin on I don't spend £70 on a game that I can't complete what's the point of selling us something that clearly isn't ready so many bugs I love the ac games it's simple u can't put them in so gift us 2 big flat fish and 2 big Mackrell please sort something out for your loyal gamers

  • KamikazeSG12
    25 posts

    It seems to me that since this is a 100% issue across all players and all platforms, it should have a much higher resolution priority than issues that only happen on one or two platforms and only effect some people even on those platforms.

  • Ledemineur1
    2 posts

    il me manque deux grandes Plies et deux grands Maquereaux ainsi que cinq petits esturgeons , je ne les trouve pas merci de m aider

  • azullFR
    487 posts

    Bonjour ,
    Pour les Grandes Plies et les Grand Maqueraux : c'est buggé, ils ne sont pas dans le jeu, UBI travaille sur ce problème et sortira un patch dès que disponible (pas de date pour l'instant car non résolu..)

    Pour les petits Esturgeons, c'est, bon on peux les pêcher : une persone du support Ubi, Ubi-woofer, a fait une vidéo qui montre bien où les pêcher dans le Cent à côté d'un pont (Rouecestre) :

    Great Thanks to @Ubi-Woofer 👍 👍 👍


  • EyBalls
    1 posts

    @xrayspex_73 Mine go off screen completely.😁

  • guest-EGckpImr
    2 posts

    Are the fish in the game after the latest patch? Or are ubisoft still being incompetent?
    Can add countless extra cats, nobody asked for, yet still can't add 2 fish that are required to gain a weapon and complete ubisoft's own challenges??
    Like I've said previously if I couldn't fix a fault in my own product, after over a 1/3 of a year, I would no longer have a job.
    I paid premium price for an ultimate edition of a product. You expect me to want to engage with that DLC after all this?
    I'll be asking for a refund on the difference between the standard and normal edition of the game, as until this is fixed, I will not be playing this or any other ubisoft product.

  • Tyson4Ever1
    1 posts

    I've been looking for big mackerel and big Flatfish for the longest time now, in order to weild the swordfish, and totally complete the game. Why can't I do this yet?

  • dorinash1
    54 posts

    @guest-egckpimr 100% agree👍

  • NeOVoltron
    95 posts

    I must admit, I've been very patient about this bug but it's really starting to get to me that it's still "under investigation."

    I'm annoyed because fishing was fine before but they RUINED fishing for the sake of stopping people from grinding silver (via spearfishing) because they SELL that virtual currency in the Helix Store; as IF silver had many uses to begin with and boy-oh-boy did they patch that quickly. Their initial intention was for fishing to be a fun/relaxing activity that you can do in your downtime, but after they pretty much revamped fish AI altogether, it's been a very stressful activity, completely the opposite of what it's supposed to actually be.

    Fishing is just broken, let's be honest here...

    • You hook one fish and the whole body of water surrounding you will literally be empty; yes they've made it so schools of fish will respawn faster after this happens but does that help? No.
    • Fish can spot you from 2 metres away, you get that close and it will dart off.
    • Flying fish!
    • Several missing fish!
    • Fish swimming under you!
    • Shooting a fish with your bow will cause the fish to drop into the void.
    • Mashing a button to reel in a hooked fish does almost nothing, it will just continue to pull-off to wherever TF it likes...

    ...and no one will ever be able to convince me that all of ⬆ that is supposed to constitute to a RELAXING(?) activity.

    I am 100% certain that people are dying to do this activity ONLY to complete the damn challenge and get a unique weapon because I genuinely cannot fathom why anybody in their right mind would want to voluntarily go through this level of stress.

  • isuwhat
    174 posts

    @neovoltron true that! same with standing stones, neither any fun whatsoever

  • Yesin069
    534 posts


    At first i thought this fishing might be as relaxing as the fishing in RDR2 but in Valhalla it is just broken. As you said mashing the button does nothing. The fish goes on in his direction and you can do nothing about it. Also the way Ubisoft forces as into using the rope to fish. Why cant we use the bow if we hunt for a specific large fish? Big fish just disappears when using a bow. It would be relaxing if wouldnt bind fishing to achievements where we need to hunt several types and give them to a boy.

    Fishing isnt a "fun" activity and isnt meant for every player. It should be a side activity that feels relaxing - as real fishing does. No need to force us hunting for all fish. If they really wanted to make a quest with fishing they could have done 3 legendary fishes that we need to hunt and this is it. No need in hunting 100 fish to get complete everything in this game.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    375 posts

    @yesin069 Well, hunting for all fish is for the achievement, not an in-game mandatory requirement itself, and it is indeed possible to get all fish types without too much difficulty. Anyway I just got it over with, relaxing or not and regardless of the mechanics, because I am a completionist.

    Right now, completing all fishing challenges is the only activity left in the game for me. As long as the big fish can be fixed, I am willing to wait, although deep down I am worried that my wait would be in vain. If Ubisoft could have downright said e.g. "this will have to wait until the DLCs and the seasonal Festivals are done", maybe I would have been less anxious, because AT LEAST I would have known they had a plan, but right now, "under investigation" really tells us nothing.

  • Yesin069
    534 posts


    This is the huge problem with bugs that plague us since launch. We have no idea when they will be fixed. Usually it should be normal that today all bugs from the first month or two should be fixed in Valhalla but this is not the case. We dont know their priorities. Microtransactions, useless game modes and time limited events are coming and worked on but bugs from launch are still there. This is a problem for me.

    To be honest i also think that it wouldnt be impossible to develop those two large fish types from scratch and put them into specific places in the map to spawn, if it is really that hard to fix. It would need some handwork but it would fix the problem. It would be enough if we would know a 1 or 2 areas in the map where we can find these fish types and the problem is solved. Instead Ubisoft still does something to fix this issue or they didnt even try.

    When modding would be possible in this game a modder would fix this problem in 1 day - no problem. Just create those fish types and put them in the map or just change the recuirements and delete those fish types all together. All is better than letting us wait for 5 months or longer.

  • tinyissscute92
    6 posts

    I am still only finding regular flatfish no big flatfish to finish the fishing delivery. I haven't encountered the mackerel issue yet but I would like to catch the flatfish and finish.

  • tinyissscute92
    6 posts

    @ubi-smash Yes I am unable to locate big flatfish for the fishing delivery.

  • drewski989
    5 posts

    Spent way too long on this before actually looking here for an official answer. I can wait for things to be patched, but bugs that prevent challenge completion show a severe lack of testing and QA. I am also missing the "avenge 10 players" challenge, because I have yet to encounter a player to avenge. Alas, I still love AC games and I will semi-patiently wait for this to be resolved.

  • Kat3ina
    2 posts

    After the latest update there’s still no big flatfish, or flatfish whatsoever since it became origami.

  • NuttleStuFF
    4 posts

    @drewski989 I have found that you can get the avenge player missions in Norway. Ever since I traveled to Norway to get the fish I need to complete the fishing objectives. Anytime I go to a base, I am getting the avenge missions. It's worth a shot. I wasn't getting them in England.

  • NuttleStuFF
    4 posts

    @ubi-smash I just want to add my name to the list that can't find big flat fish, nor big Mackerel. I am also having the periodic vanishing of all fish. It is rare now for the vanishing fish bug to happen, but when you guys put the first event in, I can't remember the name of it, but it was the same as the current Ostra event. That is when the vanishing fish started happening to me, and it was terrible there for a while. As for the spawn of big flatfish, eel (if there is a big eel), big bream (haven't looked hard for this one yet, but I haven't seen one anywhere), and big mackerel, they don't seem to exist in the Valhalla universe. As a side note, I've looked for the big mackerel for a few nights now; I have found every other big fish here except for this one. Now to find where I can gripe about not having the ability to change bows without going to the inventory screen. Lol. The ability to change from the hunter bow to the predator bow on the fly, I need this back.

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