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  • ImaginaryRuins
    375 posts

    Here to confirm that both Big Flatfish & Big Mackerel are finally available, and I got the Swordfish greatsword at last.

    Now, I am officially done with the fishing hut challenges. I would like to thank the dev. team & all Ubisoft support staff for patch 1.2.1

  • DoomCakes1198
    25 posts

    @ubi-borealis what if it's not fixed?
    I am missing large flatfish and large mackerel. I've gone to the locations indicated in the post about resolving this issue in
    The location in hordafylke west of alrekstad gas no fish. I spent 30 minutes running around the coasts of all of the individual islands in that area. I tried standing in the spot that they have circled on that post, and meditating and waiting and meditating and waiting for another 30 minutes. The only fish I saw in two hours at all were two regular sized redfish.
    I also went to the river in hamtunscire, from the bridge south west of winchester, south along the afton river until around 50m past hamtun blockade. No flat fish at all for over 45 mins of pacing that river and meditating. That area has a lot of different fish. I just didn't see any flat fish or sturgeon of any size. I definitely caught gray trout, and pollock while waiting for flatfish. But I did not see any sturgeon while I was there.
    I tried both areas from the shore as well as in a boat.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I just want to have the swordfish great sword. Common guys.

  • DoomCakes1198
    25 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Valhalla2015
    73 posts

    @doomcakes1198 I had to fast travel to England, then fast travel back to Norway to finish it up. I’m not sure if this’ll work for you, but I hope it does. Good luck!

  • SpirantCrayon22
    225 posts

    @ThatEmmaCotton "I would now like the ability to set that fishing kid on fire. Irritating little wifflesniff."

    Well, there's the exploding arrow ability, maybe do that right next to him? There's also the bomb by the stable, you could throw that at him.

  • ThatEmmaCotton
    6 posts
    @ThatEmmaCotton "I would now like the ability to set that fishing kid on fire. Irritating little wifflesniff."

    Well, there's the exploding arrow ability, maybe do that right next to him? There's also the bomb by the stable, you could throw that at him.

    if I ever play again I will most certainly try those! Thanks!

  • Omnimon
    11 posts

    Thanks for the latest update. I was finally able to catch those elusive fish.

    Now only remains Origin-lke revenge/avenge system. I could only avenge two players and not being able to complete this challenge gives me a headache.

  • AccountDelete83
    6 posts

    I have completed all the challenges.

    It was exhausting !!! ....

    Now take out the DLC and do no more damage the game.

  • CitizenNowhere
    3 posts

    I'm on PC, Ubisoft Launcher, already updated my game to the Update 1.2.1. I found a lot of big Flatfish but None of Big Mackerel. I went to the marked spot from this link for Big Mackerel. Fast travel, meditate, run back and forth, spamming Odin Sight, even go to photo mode to look for the fish. I also try to fish without seeing any fish too. Everything doesn't work, still can't find big mackerel. Did you forgot to put them on PC version? I'm so frustrated. This's the only thing I can't finish, and only two big mackerel left to complete it.

  • Outlander1982
    123 posts

    @citizennowhere They are in the game,big mackerel are hard to spawn,they don't seem to spawn at night or I was just unlucky,but keep searching the area.

  • Garbo3
    600 posts

    @doomcakes1198 same issue with me in Norway due to bad weather there's no fishes.I will wait til June.

  • AlexAetM
    10 posts

    I found a Big Flat Fish. But when completing the tasks of the fisherman, I am not given the task for the swordfish. When I offer a fish to the child, he says «Not now, Eivor». It was the same for the hunter.

  • herbie53_pixel
    1 posts

    On PS4 and I can’t find the big mackerel at the specified location.

  • Garbo3
    600 posts

    @herbie53_pixel same here. Tried maaaaamy tines different ways. Fast travel. Meditate. Day or night. Sunny or rainy. They not spawning for me. I am tired of it. So one question . The swordfish is worth all this wasted time?? What are its stats/perks cause am about to give up out of frustration.

  • SpirantCrayon22
    225 posts


    There was no prompt for me but when I went back to him and clicked on "I have something for you" the final quest was there.

  • Garbo3
    600 posts

    Well. I quit. Been trying for 1 hour more for big mackerel. Nothing. No even any kind of fish sometimes.


    That shows is after patch. Using Odin sight no even one single fish.
    Am done with this.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts

    @spinkyboi31 - Glad to hear that you were successful in your search for big Mackerel! Thanks for sharing your success, and I hope you enjoy the rest of Assassin's Creed Valhalla if you're still playing through the story!

    @KopfSmertZz - We did indeed! 😎 I hope that the final delivery wasn't too much of a pain to collect the fish for!

    @Garbo3 - Thank you for sharing your advice with regard to fishing from a small boat! Also, with regard to your own fishing adventures: be sure to keep trying! It may take a little while to find the spawns for the fish, but they're definitely there now. You can fast-travel away as well as meditate to keep refreshing the weather and spawns in order to get the ideal combination. May be a bit of a grind, but worth it! Using your screenshots for reference - try to fish from the large rock to your right, as well as the small island in front of you. See if Odin's Sight can pick any up there, as I believe that's where I caught my two from! You may be too far from the spawn points where you are in that image. 🙂

    @isuwhat - Thank you for helping out and sharing your advice! It's great to see the community helping each other out. ♥

    @ThatEmmaCotton - Great to hear that you were also successful in locating the fish you needed! Not sure I can support your murder plans concocted with @SpirantCrayon22 for our dear Arth, though! 👀 Thanks for sharing your success here, and for taking the time to provide your feedback on the development of the fix. Regarding the fix itself - this issue with the missing fish was, and remains, a complex issue that the team are working on. The fix we have now is a partial one, with a full one coming later. We'll keep this thread updated with the latest updates on that.

    @ImaginaryRuins - Very glad to hear you were able to find the fish you needed! Hopefully, as more players find the fish, we can now start to put this issue to bed... the riverbed. 👀

    @DoomCakes1198 - As a quick request - please refrain from double-posting or bumping on an issue. I've deleted your duplicate post in order to keep the thread tidy. Thanks! Now, in terms of the fish - I would recommend continuing refreshing the spawns by fast-travelling away and then back, as well as meditating at the sites themselves. They were a little tricky for me to find as well (the big Flatfish especially, as I couldn't find any when I first went to look) however after visiting Norway and collecting my two big Mackerel, and then returning to England, I found two easily at the specified location. There is also a school of small Sturgeon which swims in amongst the other fish; I recommend using the in-game Photo Mode to help you pick these out! You can move the camera under the water to check out how each fish looks. The small Sturgeon are skeletal-looking, very thin, with lots of ridges up their backs. I hope this helps!

    @Omnimon - I'm glad to hear that you were successful in finding the fish you needed! Regarding the revenge quests, I have found a fair few now, and still find that Scotthoh Farm is a good place for these following the community's efforts to collectively die there. If you've not seen it already, check out this thread over in the General Discussion section!

    @AccountDelete83 - Thank you for sharing your success! Glad to hear that you found all of the fish you needed. Enjoy the rest of Assassin's Creed Valhalla!

    @CitizenNowhere - The big Mackerel should definitely spawn in the spot described! I would recommend sailing your ship into the inlet, to be able to fish from the centre, as well as using the rocks around the edges of the inlet to cast from. My two big Mackerel were found directly in the centre; one I shot with an arrow and collected, while the other (shown in my video) I fished up using the fishing line. I hope this helps!

    @AlexAetM - Thanks for sharing this report. Are you in the middle of a quest? If so, I would recommend completing this, and then returning to the fisherman's hut and hunter's hut and see if they will respond. Please also check out the advice @SpirantCrayon22 shared (thank you!) and see if this helps you!

    @herbie53_pixel - I play on PS4 and was able to find all of the fish in their specified locations, so my advice would be to make sure you have the latest version of the game installed, and keep trying! It may take a little while to find everything you need. Refreshing the spawns by fast-travelling away and back, or meditating on the spot, would be recommended to try and speed the process up a bit. Best of luck!

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  • Garbo3
    600 posts

    @ubi-woofer I tried all areas around.Used horse even to move around using Odin sight try to spot them.
    But I mainly try from the very same spot shown in your video. Got 2 regular and plenty of other fishes in my inventory. I try again today eve. If nothing happens I really leave it til June. Is not that important as got the platinum and 38 golden ingots. I just like to complete everything when I really enjoyed a game. And I certainly do enjoy this one.

    Thanks a lot 😊

  • AlexAetM
    10 posts

    @ubi-woofer Thanks for answering. I tried to wait, meditate, but the last swordfish quest does not appear. All other fishing assignments I have completed. I also have a question. Is there a similar last quest after completing the hunter's errands? It's just that a child-fisherman behaves exactly the same as a hunter after completing all hunting orders: "Not now Eivor".

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    @spirantcrayon22 When I tell him "I have something for you" the child does not give the swordfish quest. I tried waiting and meditating, but it doesn't appear.

  • AlexAetM
    10 posts
    This post is deleted!

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