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  • Leucos_
    13 posts


    i disagree, male eivor does not have to actually exist in the historical setting to make him canon too. this is because of how the AC games work, you are not and never were playing in the actual past, you are and always were playing a modern day person who experiences rememberings Stored in DNA by using the animus. both are canon not because both existed depending on what you choose but because the animus can portrait both because of eivor being a sage.

    male eivor exists within female eivor as odins memories and personality who gradually merge with her own over time however they were one and the same character in the "actual world of the historical setting", its just that the animus has problems with overlapping data streams because of the merging of memories and personality which happens to sages. you choose one or let the animus choose and work around this problems to avoid them as they are painfull for the animus user as we saw.

    and the female name was no mistake as the actual eivor is a female character as i wrote in my first comment.

  • Max18400
    393 posts

    @leucos_ I don't agree with that. At all. I know it wasn't a mistake. The dev team wanted a female only protagonist, but the producers said no.
    I'm terms of gameplay and story, male Eivor is not cannon. I get what you're saying and how it fits into the story, but fitting into that narrative should work with either a male or female protagonist.
    The fact the character has a female name and is described with female pronouns is evidence that male Eivor is not Canon. Which sucks if that's the version you choose to play as.
    You say that the animus' versions of history are simulations, but they're simulations based off historical characters/narrative. This means certain elements of the story are, in black and white terms, accurate or not.
    So, if i choose to play Eivor as a man, which I do because I love the voice actor and I personally think a lot the armour, hair (obviously beard) and overall aesthetics suit a male character better: it's then a slap in the face when, after 20-30 hours of gameplay, my character is called 'her', or a beautiful daughter-effectively confirming my version of Eivor is flat out wrong and incorrect.
    This is especially more painfully awkward when, as the OP said, the game devs said both gender options are Canon, treated as Canon and won't affect the story, when it blatantly does.
    How the narrative unfolds follows a female Eivor, the odin twist fits in with a female character, this shows that playing as a male in vahalla is not Canon.
    The only silver lining is that the game dev team has acknowledged the issue and are looking to fixing it as it is (possibly) a coding error as certain dialogue options are gender specific and should differ between male and female Eivor.
    A few people on the forum have said that bandit dialogues and saxon dialogues describe Eivor as a 'he'.
    But, the marketing did lie as male Eivor is not canonical.

  • Sam_Boo26
    142 posts

    Both versions of Eivor are canon for the animus, and this is what you're playing through, so they didn't lie.

  • ADarklore
    87 posts

    What's funny though, is that much of the promotional material we see are shown with MALE Eivor... including the banner for this forum. As many have said, there is archaeological evidence regarding female warriors (shield maidens) but absolutely NO evidence for a Norse female leader. In reality, it's just Ubisoft jumping on the SJW theme that seems to be prevalent in the world right now. I can understand them offering a CHOICE in gender, but not one in which they appear to make a female viking the intended historical 'cannon'. But, they did the same thing in Odyssey, when in reality, there is no way Kassandra would have been able to do what she did back in ancient Greece or Sparta.

  • Max18400
    393 posts

    @adarklore there's one major piece of archaeological evidence of the existence of shield maidens/female jarls. There's a little bit in the sagas about female jarls and labs owners. But there's a lot of debate about it. But you're right about the marketing and about odyssey. Least in that game, either choice felt inclusive and fit into gameplay and narrative

  • Max18400
    393 posts

    @max18400 *land owners

  • SofaJockey
    167 posts

    @cap-cla What they told you was true, from a certain point of view

    You're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • cap.cla
    Original poster 60 posts
    • this explainundefined
  • SofaJockey
    167 posts

    @cap-cla From hate to Star Wars. That's a win. ๐Ÿ˜

  • cap.cla
    Original poster 60 posts
    • i still think Ubisoft lied
  • Max18400
    393 posts

    @cap-cla because they did ๐Ÿ˜Š

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