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  • Snt.Grem
    24 posts

    Stop looking for a solution, there is none! The problem is not with the launcher or the components of our PCs. The problem is in [censored], a fraudulent company that released update 1.1.0 without preliminary testing and at the same time did not leave us the opportunity to roll back to the working version 1.0.4. They've been pretending nothing is happening for half a year now, and even at E3 a few hours ago, none of these clowns admitted to cheating a lot of people, they just keep making paid content for the game that doesn't work.

  • longjohn119
    478 posts
    @voidolt After a few hours, the stuttering for me came back, although it isn't as frequent 😕

    It's a VRAM issue with streaming assets and the only way to fix it is with the base game engine code ..... The only fix is for Ubisoft to get their [censored] together .... same thing for the 78 "Unable to ...." bugs caused by broken game save code .....

    Systemic problems have to be fixed on the Supplier side not the User side .... That's true whether it's hardware, automobiles or software

  • longjohn119
    478 posts

    @longjohn119 Speaking of automobiles I was reading an article in this month's IEEE Spectrum (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) trade magazine about software in modern automobiles. The Ford F-150 pickup truck has over 100 ECU computers on it with over 150 MILLION lines of code controlling them and most of them networked and "talking" to each other over a CAN (Controller Area Network) buss and it just works .....

    And Ubisoft can't get a couple of major bugs fixed in a video game ......

  • SirWoldrenYT
    25 posts

    @tyranusvader meh nothing happens

  • TyranusVader
    80 posts

    @sirwoldrenyt Good to know 😕

  • Voidolt
    10 posts

    Since we are getting 2 years support of Valhalla, imagine if they never fix this problem... Just imagine.

  • stoyandanov
    13 posts

    To save your time, in patch 1.2.2 the issue is still not fixed.

  • stoyandanov
    13 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • TyranusVader
    80 posts

    @stoyandanov I can confirm

  • petebaldwin
    15 posts

    @voidolt It's kind of harder to imagine them fixing it to be honest... They had a working version and then released a patch which broke the game - that massively limits what the issue could be and considering it's been 6 months and they haven't fixed it yet, they are only a few explanations. They either aren't trying to fix it, are incompetent or they are unable to fix it. Either explanation points towards the game not being fixed any time soon, if at all.

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