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  • mescalito12
    5 posts

    @ritzpaul94 If all hardware configs have this problem then devs must be aware of the problem! How come they dont fix it since we all know its fixable because it worked very well before the first update?!?!

  • Voidolt
    25 posts

    Have you guys heard about Blizzard Activision lawsuit? This should be same with Ubisoft for making unoptimized games. Watch Dogs Legion is also badly optimized. They doesn't seem care about optimization. All they want is DLC's, Events, Season Pass 2 and nothing else important. I wish if I can get my full refund...

    11 posts

    @stoyandanov Thanx man, I did the search and I downloaded the dll file into my game and my GPU usage jump to 100% especially in big and crowded town my GPU usage was around 50-60% usage before the fix... I can not believe that a small dll file could solve this problem and that Ubisoft doesn't want to solve it even after many months...

    11 posts

    Finally there is a fix to low GPU/CPU usage especially in big/crowded town just search for "assassin's creed valhalla pc wiki" and in the end of the page there is section named "CPU utilization FIX" follow the instructions and enjoy the game😁🥳

  • T1GFX
    35 posts

    Worst of it all, Ubisoft in the Valhalla system requirements are listing processors without hyperthreading that are clearly affected by this utilization bug. There is just no way a 4460 (or even the 9700K in a dense area) can hold steady 30 when the CPU's performance is literally halved due to being stuck at 50% max utilization. I'm speechless on how they let such a high priority flaw go unnoticed for almost a year.

    Just the other day they bragged on how 1000 employees work(ed) on this game. And then you have multiple tech. support threads like these. Absolutely phenomenal. https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/ND6lN66SMrEGkox3L2l0j/from-17-studios-to-1000-how-assassins-creed-valhalla-crossed-the-finish-line-during-the-pandemic

  • Voidolt
    25 posts

    Unfortunately this didn't fix it for me. If it does for some people then I must have different problem. Still unplayable.

  • longjohn119
    551 posts

    @mescalito12 They all are affected to one degree or another it just seems that Intel CPU's especially without Hyperthreading are affected more. The problem is DX12 uses CPU cores and SMT/Hyperthreading differently than DX11 and this is a game engine from 2014 built around DX11 where Valhalla is the first time they tried to implement DX12 and it's just not working .... The core CPU and memory handling of this game engine needs a complete rewrite from the ground up because the problems are systemic

  • CrimsonWolf-YT
    32 posts

    @longjohn119 Idk about rewriting cuz Game worked fine before

  • longjohn119
    551 posts

    @crimsonwolf-yt It's been broken in one way or another since release .... Crashes, improperly loading textures, sound issues, broken Aim Assist, Save issues breaking progression .... Granted it has gotten worse over time but that's because it's a DX11 game engine from 2014 trying to run DX12 which is a radically different API and needs a different core game engine to work properly and you can't just slap patches on it willy nilly .... If implemented properly DX12 should give you a significant performance boost not degraded performance as compared to Odyssey which I think looks better anyway .... You don't have the high/low texture pop, the Distant LODs are much better, the FPS is higher and you don't get the radical drops and stuttering this game has suffered from since release ..... The Series X has the high/low texture pop problem too and its the Adaptive Quality kicking in to keep the game running at 60 FPS and likely it's also kicking in on the PC port even though it's not turned on

  • longjohn119
    551 posts


    This was even before the 1.1.0 update which is what started this thread

    "There is something obviously wrong and broken with that game but it is a Ubisoft title so that's to be expected ....."

    Jayz2cents RX 6900XT review

    By the end of November less than a month after release both Gamer's Nexus and Jayz2cents dropped Valhalla from the testing suite of games for graphics card reviews because it was so broken

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