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  • UNSOLVED [PC] After TU 1.1.0, I am experiencing FPS drops / low CPU and GPU utilisation | POST HERE

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    The 460 nvidia drivers messed my game play up before the update. Rolled back to 457 and everything was smooth again yesterday. Patch installed today and I played for 4 hours. No stutter or freezes, 1 hard crash to desktop I think was caused by ubi connect. RTX2080.

  • CantAimInnit
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    @iwajabitw if you don't mind, can you tell me which drivers you are using, exactly? I have 457.51 but even that seems to suffer heavy frame drops and stuttering. I figured it might be an issue specific to Intel CPUs.

  • larrykop1967
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    457.30, the ones Nvidia released for Valhalla, using those drivers solved any issue's i had with the newer ones from Nvidia

  • rebalnz
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    Same issue here 60+ pre patch now 30-40 max. don't wont to role back due to Cyberpunk 2077 requiring new drivers.

    i6 6600k @ 4ghz
    rtx 3070
    16gb ddr3
    m.2 ssd

  • FierceJeopardy
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    Lucky you, guys!
    I have been experiencing this issue since the launch... So seeing it be there even after the 5th update just made me shrug...
    FPS drops after Fast Travelling, some cutscenes, or after an assassination (leading to a cutscene), sometimes after dying and reloading. I have to plan my gameplay around these things...
    My thread has been ignored by Ubisoft but I see all the customer service team seems to be on this one, so "hi"! 🤙 🙄

  • Black_Abbot
    2 posts

    Same FPS dropped from 60 to 38.

  • pinoqui
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    Unfortunately same issue here. From 60/70 to 50/40. Heeelp us

  • Oresp94
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    Same here.
    GTX 1070
    i5 6600
    Before the update,the ingame benchmark returned 59 fps average on the high preset with textures at ultra.After 1.1.0 the average has dropped to 44 fps and the gpu usage hovers between 60% and 80%.My game worked fine (95-99% gpu usage) just a couple of hours before the update.I hope for a fix soon,being at litterally the last story arc,and do not wish to finish the game playing at 40 fps.

  • itsbrytime
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    My config:
    GTX 1060 + AMD FX-4350 4.2Ghz

    Before patch I have got 56 avg fps and after patch , I get 28 avg fps in same settings,
    And also game is unplayble during combat !
    It's totally frustrating ..

  • Provo-KiD
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    I tested with the older Nvidia driver (357.30), and found no improvement.
    Ran the benchmark with settings on high. Both with 357.30 and 460.89. Both clean installs with reboots.



  • Radi3nt
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    They definitely messed up something with the CPU Utilization, because I can clearly see FPS tanking in towns and cities when there are many NPCs

  • master_ring
    41 posts

    Yep towns are worst

  • Zarael1721
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    Hello i love all Assassins creed games and i enjoyed for now more than 100 hours of playing AC Valhalla.... but since the new patch 1.1.0 game drops sometimes even 30 fps down...and especialy in town becames unplayable. Please repair that or roll back the patch because i believe not only long time fan of AC as i am cant enjoy play the game anymore these days. My PC is solid and i love play on high level settings but cant do that anymore .... Hopefully you repair it soon and i will be able come back into beautful AC Valhalla world again 😉

  • Snt.Grem
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    I have exactly the same problem. I played 90 hours on a stable 60 frames, but after the last update I get at best 50 with constant drawdowns of up to 30 frames. You broke something, how can I roll back to the previous version of the game?

  • TChris96
    14 posts

    @snt-grem Unforunately you cannot do a rollback on Ubisoft Connect, have to wait for the developer team to fix the issue hopefully before Christmas.

  • a2s7
    4 posts

    @xps74 Exactly the same problem here, until yesterday playing as admin from the valhall.exe directly smoothly after reading about how to solve crashes with the previous patch. Today unable to play more than 10 minutes and tired of sending crash reports to Ubisoft.
    NVDIA RTX 2070
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz  3.60 GHz
    Windows 10
    16G Ram

  • iskasli
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    Same here!!!


  • ismotanttari
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    Same here, huge fps drop with the new patch.

  • TheBigbyWolf
    1 posts

    Same drop fps on i5 4460 gtx 1060 (6gb) 8gb ram

  • TyranusVader
    121 posts

    Hoping that Ubisoft engineers investigate this? It's been happening since launch


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