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  • ShockB0lt
    13 posts

    Same thing, used to get 45-55 fps on Very High, now i'm gettin 30-35 fps on the same setting

  • master_ring
    41 posts

    Same here
    From 50-60 fps to 30-35 fps

    CPU used to work on 80-90 percent now at 50 percent
    GPU used to work at 60 percent now at 40-50 pecent

    Intel i5, rtx2060S

  • master_ring
    41 posts

    I have also two CPU working low 2 and 3, and 0 amd 1 working as before 🙂

  • Cub1008
    5 posts

    Why have my frames lowered dramatically, was playing the game at 88fps before the update now the best I get is 45

  • TyranusVader
    56 posts

    @cub1008 Out of curiosity, did you update your Nvidia drivers?

  • master_ring
    41 posts


    I did. No help at all

  • TyranusVader
    56 posts

    @master_ring I asked because I read some replies stating that the drivers that were released today might be the culprit.

  • ssjatys
    1 posts

    This issue MUST be solve ASAP before Christmas. My i5 4570+GTX970+16GB could run the game stable at 45-50 FPS on Medium, now it's unplayable because of the lag spikes. ALSO, I've made a Capture on Geforce NOW as well and the issue is exists on there too. This update is a joke, better be solved before Christmas Bugisoft!


  • name_is_gone
    19 posts

    Well, weird. I have actually better performance after this update O_O and my computer is not fancy (i3 8100, GTX 1050 Ti, 8 GB RAM). I haven't updated Nvidia driver since... August as the one from September messed up Odyssey that I was playing at that time so I rolled back and forgot to update ever since ^_^

  • guvenerturk
    13 posts

    what is this?undefined

  • SneakyAgent
    4 posts

    I was averaging 45-55 with most settings on high. Now I'm averaging below 30 even with setting on medium. Some towns are unplayable with frames in the teens. Did you guys want to copy CDPR this bad? The game already looked like the Witcher 3 now its frame rate is like Cyberpunk.

  • Provo-KiD
    5 posts

    Please remember to state your CPU model / generation.
    For instance write I5-4570S instead of I5.

    You can find it under Start --> Settings --> System --> About

  • rafaelfds
    2 posts

    Same here, FPS dropped too much for me. Before this version around 60 fps, now 35 fps. CPU usage down from 90-100% to 50%.

    GPU: GTX 1080TI
    CPU: i5-3570K
    Ram: 16GB DDR3

  • CantAimInnit
    3 posts

    The update seems to have eaten up my fps too. I used to have fps ranging from 75-45 on Medium. Since the update, I get 50-25, with the game reaching 50 only when looking at the ground in an empty area. There have been instances of lag spikes where the fps randomly goes all the way down to 5.

    In the benchmarking tool, I noticed that the CPU utilization seems to have gown down to half of what it was before.

    My specs are:
    i5-7300 HQ
    GTX 1050Ti
    16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM
    Nvidia Game Ready 460.89
    Windows 10 64-bit

    I have everything on Low except Character Details and Clutter.

  • iwajabitw
    23 posts

    The 460 nvidia drivers messed my game play up before the update. Rolled back to 457 and everything was smooth again yesterday. Patch installed today and I played for 4 hours. No stutter or freezes, 1 hard crash to desktop I think was caused by ubi connect. RTX2080.

  • CantAimInnit
    3 posts

    @iwajabitw if you don't mind, can you tell me which drivers you are using, exactly? I have 457.51 but even that seems to suffer heavy frame drops and stuttering. I figured it might be an issue specific to Intel CPUs.

  • larrykop1967
    65 posts


    457.30, the ones Nvidia released for Valhalla, using those drivers solved any issue's i had with the newer ones from Nvidia

  • rebalnz
    1 posts

    Same issue here 60+ pre patch now 30-40 max. don't wont to role back due to Cyberpunk 2077 requiring new drivers.

    i6 6600k @ 4ghz
    rtx 3070
    16gb ddr3
    m.2 ssd

  • FierceJeopardy
    10 posts

    Lucky you, guys!
    I have been experiencing this issue since the launch... So seeing it be there even after the 5th update just made me shrug...
    FPS drops after Fast Travelling, some cutscenes, or after an assassination (leading to a cutscene), sometimes after dying and reloading. I have to plan my gameplay around these things...
    My thread has been ignored by Ubisoft but I see all the customer service team seems to be on this one, so "hi"! 🤙 🙄

  • Black_Abbot
    2 posts

    Same FPS dropped from 60 to 38.

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