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  • UNSOLVED [PC] After TU 1.1.0, I am experiencing FPS drops / low CPU and GPU utilisation | POST HERE

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    @longjohn119 It seems the common hardware involved are PCs with Intel CPUs and Geforce GPUs.

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    performance and graphics get worse every update. when this game first released it looked and ran beautfully on 4k. now it runs like crap with erractic dips in fps also looks like they added film grain or made the textures and lod blurrier. looks like crap.
    just walking through the countryside was drop dead gorgeous now the colors looked washed and blurry/grainy and performance is just straight trash.

    and the yule festival just makes it even worse. holy crap fps dropped to 1fps. wth!

    i9-7920x oc 4.4ghz
    32gb ram @3200mhz
    nvme ssd

  • askikatasky
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    Same problem here, ryzen 7 3700x and rtx 2070. All troubles after 1.1.0 patch (yule festival bonfire is an fps tank).

  • yaceek
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    This is getting ridiculous guys.
    You probably had multiple instances of this happening to people but I have all the updates, all drivers up to date and it still, even after these months since release, stutters after 30min of playing.

    How does it happen?
    You fire up Valhalla, get into the game and everything is peachy - mostly stable 60 fps and nothing bothers me.
    After a while (20-30-1h) it starts dropping FPS into 300ms frametime territory. And the only thing I can do is to restart the game to have stable 60 fps. In the same place that stutters occured!
    I'm getting sick of it. Any ideas? GUYS!

  • EasyTarget2kill
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    Found out on my issue that my cpu is being power limit throttled. Every Ubisoft game causes this. Other games don't. My TDP will only go to 11w and no higher. I have a i7 8700k at stock settings at the moment.
    Does Ubisoft want us all to upgrade to AMD?

  • AllianceStuck
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    @askikatasky the new patch killed my fps and I'm using an rtx 3070

  • Snt.Grem
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    Well, it's funny, don't you think? How could such a serious team like UBISOFT release such a patch without being able to rollback?

    I bought the Ultimate Edition for a lot of money for my region. I enjoyed the game for 90 hours and now I just can't play it, I can't get the money back and the development team that spoiled the game for me is unable to reproduce this problem.

    The frame rate even at "high" settings drops to incredible values, even in the open field I can not get smooth gameplay.


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1piaVmBGbxJyA5ZjMkrnxwQLlQBFAmsPi/view?usp=sharing - DxDiag.txt

    But before the patch, I played at the highest possible settings under vertical sync, and even in the most difficult scenes, my FPS was stable at 60.

    Good job!

  • ryankwaker
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    @Ubi-Raziel okay, so here I go

    diag: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fak_ziHQmrReGCBj1X2th-9zG6mXj-I1/view?usp=sharing

    settings and fps: FHD and MID HIGH OPTION

  • ryankwaker
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    @ubi-raziel so that means it will be done before Christmas comes? Anyway, thank you for the response and support!!!

  • MitouZ
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    Im playing on Series X and i can definitely feels the game is not smooth since 1.1 and Yule's Festival update.

    I got constant stuttering in villages, Before the patch the game was smooth 90% of the time.

    I got more popin and VRR seems useless now.

    I can say thats not only related to PC version of the game...

    And i got one more issues now : when i load a game or when i revive, Eivor is drunked. I've to talk to a NPC to get Eivor back to normal...

    Broken update. Fix it Ubisoft !

  • TChris96
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    @snt-grem They actually have everything neccessary to do a rollback since they presumably use some version-control system. The main pont is that they do not want to and that is what the problem is.

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    I can't provide a Dxdiag or settings because I am already away for Christmas, but I can confirm that I am having the same issue. I have a fairly low end rig for today's standards (GTX 1060 6GB, i5-4670k, 8GB of really slow DDR3 RAM, and a SATA SSD) but until the new patch came out the games was still running at a decent 60FPS most of the time, with pretty high settings in 1080p.

    As everyone already said, issue is simply that the CPU is not utilized properly anymore. My CPU doesn't go above 50% usage anymore and FPS are awful. I am REALLY disappointed in Ubi. This better be fixed before the Christmas holidays start.

  • SneakyAgent
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    @easytarget2kill 22 fps with a 3080? What settings do have it set to? I have a 1070 on an ultrawide 1440p and I get those same frames on high but usually just in larger towns.

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    @sneakyagent GPU doesn't matter, we are all bottlenecked by CPU usage right now

  • EasyTarget2kill
    8 posts

    @sneakyagent My CPU starts off at the normal clocks. When I start the game for some reason the game power limit throttles my cpu and it drops it to 800Mhz. It may be something on my end but Valhalla and Odyssey both causes my cpu to take a dump. I can play CP2077 on ultra setting and get 70-80 fps at 1440p. Cod cold war I get 190 fps on max setting. Its just ubisoft games that causes my cpu to be throttled.

  • IIP4goII
    6 posts

    Gently speaking I am not happy with the latest patch. MY CPU usage is between 37%-50% [censored] is this? Fix it ASAP!

  • RebelOfWar
    10 posts

    Bjorn (the recruitable character from the pre-order bonus mission) is still bugged and automatically gets replaced by another Jormsviking of your crew as soon as you Fast Travel or reload your savegame.

    FIX him already... been three patches since launch day and I still can't have him as a permanent crew member on the longship. "Pre-order quality content".

  • basu877
    1 posts

    Same problem for me..the frame rate drops to 30 most of the time. Before I was easily getting close to 60 fps on average before the patch 1.1.0..on a 2070 Super & i5 7600k
    @ubisoft - please fix this hell. cant play the game.
    Both CPU and GPU utilizations are very low.

  • RivereyesGR
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    Thank you all for the sanity check. I was playing at around 45fps 4k/ultra on a 5900/2080 Super combo pre patch and the Yule fest drops me down to 20 and keeps me there.

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 800 posts

    Thanks for your reports so far folks, they've helped the team a great deal with their investigation. If we require any additional information from you on this we'll be sure to let you know but please do keep the reports coming. Cheers!

    Official Response

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