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  • jandraelune
    117 posts

    @arablegend47 Which laptop?

  • guvenerturk
    13 posts

    happy new year thread

  • dodokjv
    21 posts

    Happy new years! Lets hope the game will soon be playable lmao

  • ryankwaker
    38 posts

    Oh God. Please just bless dev team so they can work on this fps drop bug as soon as possible......in Jesus name Amen.

    I guess that is all i can do.......i sent what they need, i criticized about not being well-communicative with us and not working fast enough, and i prayed lastly. What can i do more about it?

  • Zarael1721
    95 posts


    It just feels like this thread is completely invisible whats weird concidering how serious the issue is and how many players are affected by this issue... On the other side i am sure they know about it but damn does someone has phone number or email on the some of support guys? I really wanna talk to them about it but dont have any contact except of this room...

  • ryankwaker
    38 posts

    @zarael1721 i know. It feels like im yelling against some kind of wall that has person painting on it whenever i posting comments

  • kvsh88
    49 posts

    I think it will be updated only after the mid month patch that is scheduled in January i think

  • BoladinhoDaZL
    10 posts

    I have a problem and I don't know if it just happens to me, well come on:

    Every time I start the game my fps is lower than normal and the gpu usage too, so after teleporting to norway and teleporting back to england my fps increases a little but not enough, so i need to do the same procedure again for my fps to return to "normal" what's wrong with this game? ps: this only happens with Valhalla, my drivers are up to date and the cpu / gpu temperatures are ok.

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    @boladinhodazl That happens to everyone, after backing to England fps increase for while and after that drops again
    But as i said, since we alredy paid, this place remains invisible to Ubisoft

  • GalCapone
    4 posts

    (contains possible spoilers)

    Having a similar issue.

    Using AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
    GTX 1080 8GB
    16BG DDR4 Ram
    Nvidia Driver 460.89
    Windows 10 64 BIT

    Only back playing it yesterday since cyberpunk released.
    And it first started when I loaded back into Vinland. I was inside Gorm's camp when my fps dropped from 55-60 down to 8-12 fps.
    Then trying to get bearings, when I ran far enough from the camp, it jumped back up to 55-60.

    The second instance was back at camp at the Yule festivities while doing one of the brawling mini-games. fps dropped down between 9-25.
    Movie out of the brawling ring, towards the archery mini-game and it jumped back up to normal.
    Then the third was when I went inside the great hall to update Randvi. As she updated the alliance map and moved the raven piece onto Vinland, again my fps dropped down to 9-14 and stayed like that until I moved out of camp completely.

    Even in the pause menu, my fps was stuck on 14 and never moved.

    Could not replicate the problems inside my benchmark, every was as normal relative to my hardware.

  • mescalito12
    3 posts

    @galcapone What is your CPU and GPU usage when the fps drops? Mine is around 50% for both which is very strange. What could be the cause of it?

  • ryankwaker
    38 posts

    @kvsh88 Malaka......i guess you are right 😞

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    01/02 and no signal of life at ubisoft

  • forever0075
    2 posts

    I was playing on previous patch till 01.01.21. It was bugged af, but I used to it, beacase when it comes to pure game i thing its very good.
    Unfortunately my all saves corrupted (I thought that I lost 80h saves) and there was no way to solve this problem (no continue, I've spent more than 5h to solve this and nothing). After 2 days saves are no longer corrupted, but I had to update game to 1.10 and thats why I'm here.

    Before patch on Custom High I had ~60 fps. After patch on the lowest i have 25 fps and it's unplayable. After all that this game showed to me I can easily say that it's the most bugged game I've ever played.


    • Intel i7-7700k
    • GTX 1060 6gb
    • 16 GB RAM
    • Nvidia driver 460.89
    • Windows 10 64 bit

  • Sparhawk122
    21 posts


    They are likely many of them still on Christmas break. Hopefully there are plans in place to address this issues with the next game update. Hell knows enough people have reported this and they know about it evidently.

  • NerfadO-.-
    1 posts

    parabens ubisoft eu jogava a 60 50 fps agora mal consigo joga com 30 fps meus parabens pelo patch 1.1.0 muito bom, continue assim.

  • Rinorifa
    2 posts

    well still no fix for this issue..
    i'll try capping 30fps use motion blur and play using gamepad to enjoy this game.

    i think we must terms with this situations 😢

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    @sparhawk122 That must be the best job in the world than, they left this place december 20 and so far nobody here

  • namdo
    3 posts

    At least im not the only one with these issues.

    RTX 3080
    16gb ddr4
    windows 10
    Lastest Nvidia drivers

    I can't get above 25fps. I can run other games fine but this one, runs like crap.

  • Sparhawk122
    21 posts


    Also using an i9 9900ks and RTX 2080 Ti.

    The correlation here is a common theme of Intel processors.

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