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  • UNSOLVED [PC] After TU 1.1.0, I am experiencing FPS drops / low CPU and GPU utilisation | POST HERE

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    @galcapone What is your CPU and GPU usage when the fps drops? Mine is around 50% for both which is very strange. What could be the cause of it?

  • ryankwaker
    38 posts

    @kvsh88 Malaka......i guess you are right 😞

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    01/02 and no signal of life at ubisoft

  • forever0075
    2 posts

    I was playing on previous patch till 01.01.21. It was bugged af, but I used to it, beacase when it comes to pure game i thing its very good.
    Unfortunately my all saves corrupted (I thought that I lost 80h saves) and there was no way to solve this problem (no continue, I've spent more than 5h to solve this and nothing). After 2 days saves are no longer corrupted, but I had to update game to 1.10 and thats why I'm here.

    Before patch on Custom High I had ~60 fps. After patch on the lowest i have 25 fps and it's unplayable. After all that this game showed to me I can easily say that it's the most bugged game I've ever played.


    • Intel i7-7700k
    • GTX 1060 6gb
    • 16 GB RAM
    • Nvidia driver 460.89
    • Windows 10 64 bit

  • Sparhawk122
    21 posts


    They are likely many of them still on Christmas break. Hopefully there are plans in place to address this issues with the next game update. Hell knows enough people have reported this and they know about it evidently.

  • NerfadO-.-
    1 posts

    parabens ubisoft eu jogava a 60 50 fps agora mal consigo joga com 30 fps meus parabens pelo patch 1.1.0 muito bom, continue assim.

  • Rinorifa
    2 posts

    well still no fix for this issue..
    i'll try capping 30fps use motion blur and play using gamepad to enjoy this game.

    i think we must terms with this situations 😢

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    @sparhawk122 That must be the best job in the world than, they left this place december 20 and so far nobody here

  • namdo
    3 posts

    At least im not the only one with these issues.

    RTX 3080
    16gb ddr4
    windows 10
    Lastest Nvidia drivers

    I can't get above 25fps. I can run other games fine but this one, runs like crap.

  • Sparhawk122
    21 posts


    Also using an i9 9900ks and RTX 2080 Ti.

    The correlation here is a common theme of Intel processors.

  • longjohn119
    619 posts

    Also using an i9 9900ks and RTX 2080 Ti.

    The correlation here is a common theme of Intel processors.

    It seems to set the clocks on Intel CPUs to a power saving mode which can be as low as 800 Mhz ..... Someone screwed up the compiler switches when they recompiled the EXE for this update .....

  • CantAimInnit
    3 posts

    @sirwoldrenyt Try reducing your settings, frame drops will still happen. It is due to issues with Intel CPUs, so whenever the game tries anything CPU-intensive (loading AI behaviour for example), it is unable to utilize the CPU well to carry it out fast enough. I have a bang average 4 core CPU, yet the game utilizes only 2 of them at 60%-80%, with the other 2 sits at 10%-30% usage. Pre 1.1.0 every core ran at 100%, and the fps was super consistent.

  • bgt001
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    I have a ryzen 3600 and 3080 and have the same problems, so I don't think it's isolated to intel cpus. I posted a screenshot of my fps earlier in this thread and it can wildly fluctuate between 12-100 fps when playing on 4k medium. This behavior doesn't start immediately when I load the game, but once it does it's completely unplayable.

  • Zarael1721
    96 posts

    few days ago i did write on Ubisoft support email where i did describe all whats happening here (most likely whats not happening..) and asked them for answer straight into this thread - (sended them link ... ) unfortunately still without answer and ignored even when under email they say latest asnwer should take 24 - 48 hours... This reminds me once i bought a T-shirt from one uknown E-shop , t- shirt was delivered but in another size and when i asked for sending me the size what i did bough they told me "we dont have it yet" naturally i asked for my money back since that E- shop stoped all comunication with me.. jesus is Ubisoft really so low and unprofessional? This company is starting take all my ilusions away day after day...


    @Ubi-Raziel , @Ubi-Orion , @Ubi-Woofer HELLO???

  • Bob.Ross_
    4 posts

    @zarael1721 Hopefully they see your email and stop ignoring us and actually give us some answers about that problem that's been going on for weeks hell I haven't played the game since the patch came out really want to see the Yule festival but I just can't and refuse to play a game with 20fps that ran well before the patch hopefully they'll fix it soon.

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    @zarael1721 Sò they are terrible here and also on email, and we tought they would be back after the holidays, hahahahaha

  • Plan3tCrackr
    46 posts

    Why has this problem, with over 300 posts, not been added to the technical problems section of the master thread? This problem has been apparent since the 1.1.0 update was released. A resolution should be easily traceable.

  • Zarael1721
    96 posts

    that feeling when ubiRaziel did like my post what was - "please stay in touch with us and keep us informated about how the situation looks like"

    20 days later - See yaaaa

  • glormond
    1 posts

    I am also have this problem. I have 35-40 fps normally, but suddenly it drops to 15 and it becomes unplayable. After restart it becomes normal again. This happens often.
    My configuration:
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
    nVidia Geforce GTX 1050 ti 4GB

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    Maybe we should start to spamming here to see if somebody decides work

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