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  • UNSOLVED [PC] After TU 1.1.0, I am experiencing FPS drops / low CPU and GPU utilisation | POST HERE

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    Well they have updated the issues megathread finally with the correct thread.

  • AndyPDD5
    13 posts

    @sparhawk122 Linus would be all over it.

  • Zarael1721
    96 posts


    i think today Ubi-Woofer did change the main title of the thread and did let it in the section of technical issues only. Anyway even when the new title isnt exactly correct because its not experiencing FPS drops ( like its random drops or something) but more likely one big constant FPS nerf what can be obvious most in the locations like towns and villages... Whats great is that he moved it already into section of Megathreads you can see it in in the end between technical issues and should be officially investigating or at least i hope :)...


  • Slevexz
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    Good, after a month they realize it's a problem, now another month to fix

  • Zarael1721
    96 posts


    Well i deeply hope the fix comes at the next patch if not at hotfix... That would be complete disapointment if the fix will not be delivered at the next patch...

  • ryankwaker
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    @zarael1721 finally

  • peterlaub
    Original poster 66 posts

    Well, I just got an e-mail fro Ubisoft.

    There are investigating the problem.

    No [censored] sherlock... But thanks anyways! 😆

  • Zarael1721
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    I got the email today too, but what supriced me there was except of telling me that they are investigating the problem was, that they wrote this

    " We will assume your issue has been resolved if we do not hear from you within 4 days"

    So what does that mean ? That if i dont send another ticket within 4 days they will think problem is resolved jesus christ... Did they send you in email the same? 😄

    And i saw today video on youtube from 10. 1. and there said new update should come in the middle of january but even not one word about this fix am starting to be nervous again ..

  • peterlaub
    Original poster 66 posts

    " We will assume your issue has been resolved if we do not hear from you within 4 days" I think that just some automatic respones that comes in every mail, but we could always
    spam them 😆

    Well, they are not gonna mention a problem that they created! That would be bad for them 😉

    Lets hope the patch mid January will be worth the waiting 😴

  • Tore1905
    2 posts

    Alright, so i managed to find out the reason why this was happening, Im going to post it here in case someone else gets this problem and stumbles upon this forum.
    It was my Xbox One controller that was doing it, for some reason. I first noticed it on CoD that I got input lag through bluetooth with the controller, and when that happened my fps would go from 90 to 60. This never happened when i used a cable with the controller, but the terrible micro usb plug on the xbox one controllers break as soon as you breathe into them. I tried playing valhalla with my mouse and keyboard for a bit and got stable 70 fps on highest settings. Im not sure if it's the controller itself or the bluetooth adapter that causes this. Im buying the new xbox series x controller that uses USB C and hope that it doesn't break as fast as the old ones did.

  • Plan3tCrackr
    46 posts

    @zarael1721 Should respond with "I will be requesting a charge back from my financial institution since you will not offer a refund for your going on 2 months broken game if you do not respond with a fix within 4 days"

  • longjohn119
    626 posts

    The next scheduled update is 2 weeks from today if my math is correct .... There will be an update on the 24th and then new content released on Feb. 2 one week later

    However if it's not fixed in 2 weeks you'll have to wait another 6 weeks for the next content update ...... Just like it was with Odyssey ..... The horse was broken for 12 weeks, the elemental resistance engravings were broken for 12 weeks and so were other things ..... And with every new content update for every 2 bugs that get fixed a new bug will be introduced into the game ..... Just like with Odyssey

    If nothing else Ubisoft is consistent ...... LOLOL

  • zheega
    22 posts

    I upgraded my graphic card at the same time when 1.1.0 came out and I was shocked that my FPS with identical settings to previous GPU went down (it went up by 3x in all other games), to about 45FPS average from 50FPS average. But increasing the graphic settings to maximum didn't decrease my average FPS at all. CPU and GPU utilization never reach 100% at any point, no matter what, not on a single CPU core.

  • Zarael1721
    96 posts


    Well they should realize that this issue is not a horse issue god damn thats about game playability and its already horible and sad that we are waiting for such a long time and for sure its about disrespect to us too because that should be fixed already weeks ago... meanwhile i couldnt play AC Valhalla i did install again Red dead redemption 2 and its running perfectly to me on high details just off motion blur and shadows and watter on medium getting constatly arround 60 fps ... and AC Valhalla cant even play because after few minuts wanna vomit how they messed this off... But if the AC VAlhalla was the same smooth play as before this FPS nerf disguting patch i would choose play Valhalla bcs its simple closer to me than being cowboy on new continet :D..

    And if they dont fix this major and most serious issue in the game it will be as spit into our face by Ubisoft... and even close to modern robbery because i gonna take it as robbery of my money and my time by letting us play great gameplay on previous patch and then took it away from us without being fixed...

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    @zarael1721 It's alredy a robbery, they delivered a product that is not working and refuse to fix, ohh wait, they are "investigating"

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    And btw i wish was just like the title says, just some FPS drops, fps is a [censored] pretty much every single place with more than 3 npc's

  • longjohn119
    626 posts


    Well it took them about 6 months to fix the problem with the RX 5700 graphics cards and the Fate of Atlantis DLC so don't get your hopes up ...... That's how I got into Skyrim modding, I couldn't play the Atlantis DLC starting in mid December shortly after I got a new RX 5700 and it wasn't fixed until the Covid-19 lockdown in early March ..... Then I played Odyssey again until this released and once it and CP 2077 both became a bust I put together another modded build of Skyrim and have been playing it ever since ..... I experience my first lockup/crash in 3 weeks yesterday but an autosave just a couple of minutes before the crash saved me from having to do anything over ..... Now it's time to craft me a new Dawnguard armor set, upgrade it to the max and start the Dawnguard DLC that' I've never played before .... I can't wait to see how my Fort Dawnguard graphics mods turned out

    Now it's off to hunt some vampires with a working crossbow and the crafted bolts I've been making

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 664 posts

    Hey everyone! I'm sorry I have not been able to return to this thread recently, but thank you all for your continued updates and information. We have been forwarding up your files to the Game team as they further investigate this issue. I am very sorry for any trouble that this may be causing in the meantime, but please know that it is something we are working hard to resolve. I do understand just wanting to play your game smoothly and with a consistent and higher FPS. If you have not provided your case number here with your system files, please post it so we can continue forwarding up your info.

    Additionally, we have seen a couple of reports with this happening on other platforms. If you do not play on PC, please provide a video of your gameplay that shows these FPS drops and let me know if they are happening in the same areas of the map or if they are random. For videos, you can post them to YouTube as unlisted and then provide the link here.

    Official Response
  • brad_lawther
    10 posts

    Hi folks, I had the same low fps issue with the 1.1.0 update. I don't know if my solution will help other people, but I was able to resolve the low frame rates. I have a rtx 3090 and a 7700K intel cpu. Ac Valhalla was running great until the 1.1.0 update, then frame rates dropped from mid-80's to low teens. I figured out the issue because I was remotely logged in to my machine using RDP and ran Ac Valhalla. Suddenly, I was back getting mid-80's frame rates with the 1.1.0 patch. So I guessed there might be an issue with the onboard intel gpu. The intel gpu was disabled (not visible) in the windows device manager, however I needed to go into the bios and disable it from there. Once I did that and booted windows, AC Valhalla was back to mid 80's FPS.

    I hope this helps others, if not hopefully the next update from Ubisoft addresses this issue.

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