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  • peterlaub
    Original poster 61 posts

    Well, this is exciting news. Lets hope this fixes it!

  • kvsh88
    49 posts

    Keeping my fingers (and hidden blades) crossed

  • kvsh88
    49 posts

    @slevexz well acc to me. They couldn't officially acknowledge that they goofed up after an update because it's bad for PR, kinda like what happened with age of empires 3 de horrible bug that could wipe users hard drive. They did fix it but never mentioned it clearly.

  • FierceJeopardy
    10 posts

    Nothing's written in the patch note so I wouldn't get my hopes up...

    Anyway, as I said in a previous comment: I've had this issue since the game launch, but I found a workaround (that might work for you too?). I simply restart my computer before launching the game, and that garantees me like 2h of gameplay without any FPS drop. Maybe that can help some of yous... !

  • ruanseth
    32 posts

    @ubikobold Thank you... Great news to hear an update is finally going to be released, which, hopefully, will resolve the performance issues the patch introduced. I will report back as soon as possible after it's released with my results.... Fingers crossed I can enjoy the game properly once again.

  • Snt.Grem
    27 posts

    It will not solve anything. The upcoming update will only bring more problems because they are not testing their patches. No more trust, this was my last purchase from ubisoft. Good luck everyone, but I'm not going to get involved in this anymore.

  • ruanseth
    32 posts

    @fiercejeopardy That is a different issue though. The problem discussed here is the post 1.1.0 performance loss. I honestly could play for many hours in one session with no performance issues at all prior to 1.1.0, but it seems like some configs may, for whatever reason, be susceptible to some sort of memory leak. Maybe the forthcoming patch will sort those out too.

  • Zarael1721
    95 posts


    Lets be optimistic , they write there that the patch should improve performance (that can cover this issue) so maybe this one update will be the real improvement and not the reverse as a last one...

  • dodokjv
    21 posts

    They wrote "improved performance and stability" just like last time and we know what happened. I dont trust them at all

  • T1GFX
    33 posts

    Surprise, surprise... Nothing has been done to resolve this major bug in 1.1.1. I've just updated the game and cpu/gpu utilization is still at 50% causing major stutters as the hardware does not want to receive data properly. Just give us a way to "update" to 1.04 without involving piracy.

  • peterlaub
    Original poster 61 posts


    Hi UbiKobold.

    Maybe you should update the thread to the following:
    After TU 1.1.1 I still get CONSTANT FPS drop / low CPU / GPU utilization. It has't helped a [censored]!

    Oh, BTW, the game crashes now!!.
    I'm gonna try to verify the game, and come back and report if that did anything.

  • B454R
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • SirWoldrenYT
    28 posts

    Aaaaaanddddd.....U wouldn't believe mmeee but nothing happend. Utilization is still at 50% like it was.

  • SirWoldrenYT
    28 posts

    @peterlaub It wasn't xD

  • peterlaub
    Original poster 61 posts


    This sucks !

  • Kormac67
    613 posts

    @peterlaub Especially since

    the team is working as fast and efficiently as they can to come to a resolution.


  • peterlaub
    Original poster 61 posts

    Well they weren't working fast and efficiently enough!

  • Zarael1721
    95 posts


    Hello there,

    So new patch is out and i did realize like "amazing" 3 - 4 FPS boost and maybe 1-2 % better cpu utilization (not sure if i got 3 - 4 fps extra thanks to update or thanks to my antivirus was off in that time CPU utilization still sucks and not sure about gpu utilization was improved somehow still arround 55% - 60%) and i think its time to stop make jokes from us and give us back at least the next 20 FPS for now from missing 30 after patch 1.1.0 at least... And GIVE US THE PERFORMANCE BACK AT HOTFIX JESUS nobody wants wait next month for next [censored] update anymore........

  • Oresp94
    13 posts

    Imagine having pre-ordered the ultimate edition of a game only to be waiting like some players wait for the crack to play!I pre-ordered because I don't want to wait.That's so messed up.They got 120 Euros from me and did not deliver what was promised.If that does not justify a refund I don't know what does.The game worked as intended at release.Anyway has any of you guys tried the epic version of the game?Is it the same as the Uplay version performance-wise?Pretty much the only thing I haven't tried so far.

  • Zarael1721
    95 posts


    I use epic version seems to be completely the same.... and i did preorder all DLCS already too and what more even bought some helix extra things what i cant enjoy already since that horrbile patch is out..

    How hard must be for dev team look into performance settings of patch 1.04 and copy that into this patch [censored]......... I think that has to be question of hours not months....

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