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  • UNSOLVED [PC] After TU 1.1.0, I am experiencing FPS drops / low CPU and GPU utilisation | POST HERE

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    I tried getting my hopes up with this patch, but when i read the Ubi support guy telling people yesterday to keep sending tickets and files, and asking them to report back if they still have "fps drops" after the update, deep down i knew nothing was going to be fixed. If this issue were "casual" fps drops like other games have, it would be ok from him to ask that, but we are talking about a GUTTED 20 TO 30 FPS IN POPULATED AREAS, the worst part being it came AFTER A PATCH. We can't play the game we paid for over a month, and no one can get a refund because we already played for dozens of hours. Ubi needs to stop treating this as some sort of bug or glitch, this is a major malfunction in one of their main products, and they were the ones to introduce the issue after a patch. If this isn't hotfixed and we have to wait weeks again for another patch i will not be buying any Ubisoft products ever again, and i ask all of you to do the same, as customers we can't tolerate something like this.

  • RyanHalevyX
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  • peterlaub
    Original poster 66 posts

    Someone should consider informing Jorraptor.
    He seems to be spitting out Valhalla videos like my head's spitting out dandruff in a storm!!

  • AndyPDD5
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    @shockb0lt I didn't expect it to be fixed, Ubisoft are useless. I've already decided that I'll never buy another Ubisoft game, their customer support is abysmal. No wonder people resort to piracy.

  • ruanseth
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    I'm very sorry to say performance with 1.1.1 is no better than 1.1.0 😞

    I am still getting around 50% less performance than 1.0.4 and it still seems to be down to very low CPU usage across my four cores, which does not exceed 50% overall.... Please listen to us when we say a change made in 1.1.0 has broken CPU utilisation and crippled frame rates, making the game unpleasant to play, if not unplayable in certain scenarios.

    I find it hard to believe whatever change was made in 1.1.0 cannot be reversed to give back 1.0.4 performance.

    Please separate this issue out from other problems and give us the fix we deserve.

  • ruanseth
    32 posts

    @slevexz I'd rather have the game fixed, but I think we deserve something in terms of compensation.

  • Carejo2321
    4 posts

    exactly the same ... we lost all this time waiting for the update ... they did not solve anything at all

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    @ruanseth i lost all motivation to play this [censored]

  • Carejo2321
    4 posts

    It is not fair that they make us wait so long to avoid solving a problem that affects everyone ... we should make a joint lawsuit against this company

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    @carejo2321 i think we should do that

  • kvsh88
    49 posts

    Gotta say this.

    Malaka 🙄

  • dodokjv
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  • Zarael1721
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    Still remember words of one clueless Ubi support person here who told us Ubi team is working on resolve problem till Christmas... (Seems like he did forgot mention year of the Christmas...)

    Since broken patch 1.1.0

    1. We did create thread what became in few days one of the biggest threads on here
    2. We did provide detailed description of the issue
    3. We did provide screenshots of benchmark
    4. We did provide Youtube video
    5. We did provide some useless tickets with msinfo and dxdiag
    6. We did provide enough time to fix the game
    7. We did force (because most likely they didnt realize it belongs there) Ubi support to put our thread between megathreads

    So UBISOFT what we have to do more to fix our time and money investment what you took away from us?

  • AndyPDD5
    13 posts

    @zarael1721 The only power we have is with our money. Never buy a Ubisoft game again, I know I certainly won't.

  • Slevexz
    79 posts

    That is why o dont do a ticket, i knew was gonna be useless, the staff is just useless

  • longjohn119
    620 posts

    Well it looks like it's back to modded Skyrim, killing Vampires and seducing Serana ......


  • KintinJ
    6 posts

    Please release a hotfix ! Stop the CPU usage limit at 50-60%, I have 25/28 fps now, before the update I had 60fps !!!!!!
    I don't play this game since one month.......
    Give my money back 😠

  • Snt.Grem
    34 posts

    Lets be optimistic...

  • x22_zoso
    7 posts

    same situation here

  • Smiley_ie
    5 posts

    I bought this game just before Christmas played 2.5 hours waiting for this update still low CPU usage Benchmark CPU 21% - 32% GPU 95/96%)

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