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  • Snt.Grem
    28 posts

    So. Next comment from staff after about 2 months, they ask us again for dxdiag and msinfo...

    It would be funny if it weren't so offensive...

    We tried very hard, over eight hundred messages and three months of patience. But it turned out that the developers can only break the game, and the staff can only copy and paste their stupid stereotyped answers.

    I can no longer store a non-working product on my computer. These scammers will go unpunished one way or another. I was denied a refund. I am leaving this forum and this company of swindlers. My condolences to all who, like me, were deceived. Good luck guys!

  • longjohn119
    547 posts

    @gilokdc It's mainly dependent on the area .... For instance the more NPCs, and this includes animals, birds, fish as well as humans the more AI overhead you have which is worse in some areas than others and as games on this game engine have become graphically complex and weapons and abilities have become more complex the numbers of NPCs in an area has dropped considerably. This can be seem by comparing Unity, the first game on Anvil 2.0 with Odyssey and Valhalla.

    But the main issue is asset streaming in and out of memory and from storage drives. This game engine is written for low power low memory devices (PS4 and Xbox One) which have limited power but especially limited memory which is shared between the CPU and GPU. In order to get around those limitations the game engine constantly has to load and unload assets and anticipate where you are going to look or move to next which works OK for the most part at 30 FPS. However when it is ported over to PC which doesn't have the same limitations the Game Engine still treats it like it does and the constant loading and unload of assets to and from memory and from the storage drives eats up a lot of time unnecessarily and limits the FPS a system can obtain. That is what a program like Special K tries to fix but it can only do so much since it doesn't have an real access to the core game engine, it just tweaks memory and CPU Scheduling to speed things up a bit and smooth things out so you don't get as large of peaks and dips in FPS

    This game engine is for all practical purpose EoL (End of Life) and actually has been for 2-3 years now but because Sony and Microsoft were so pathetically slow in getting the next Gen console to market (A 7 year Development Cycle in an Era where 1-2 is common in every other tech sector) They didn't have any choice but to stick with it .... That's why they really need to build a new Anvil engine from the ground up to take advantage of the 8 core 16 thread CPUs faster and more memory and faster storage available (finally) on the new consoles .... If they do it right porting it over to PC should be a breeze because unlike the last gen consoles the new gen use the same CPU type, the same memory controller type and the same GPU type as PC's do ..... The downside is PC gamers will likely need a minimum of 6 core/12 thread CPUs to be able to run the games at a decent FPS .... Even an 8 core/8 thread CPU is going to struggle with a Game Engine written for 8 cores/16 threads

  • peterlaub
    Original poster 61 posts

    Here is my latest answer to their generic mail answer, that they presume that my problem has subsided!!:

    No, the game did not recieve any fixes. Why should the problem have been solved?
    You guys, its okay.. I know the drill:
    Thank me for reaching back to Ubisoft Support and for my feedback regarding the update, or lack of update!
    Please be advised that you are still investigating the issue and I can look for news here:
    You apologise for any inconvenience and thank me for my patience while you work to resolve this issue.
    For any further assistance, or if any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact you UBISOFT!
    Sincerly the tired, feed up Danish viking.

    ( I know its not our fault... just ignore my burst of rage, but this is getting tiredsome!)

  • Kormac67
    617 posts

    Short update how it is performing for me at the moment:
    I'm running it in 4k which my GPU (GTX1060) is not really up to. I'm finding 20-25 fps fine. 10 is unacceptable.
    Game now usually starts with 20.
    After fast travel it often falls down to 10. Save/exit/restart/reload often fixes this.
    So I'm getting both ok fps (like pre 1.1.0) and bad fps in the same areas, based on some random effect possibly triggered by fasttraveling.

  • RitzPaul94
    22 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • auridulis
    38 posts

    At random times, I'm experiencing FPS drop after having teleported from one location to another one too. It drops by 50% (from 60 to 30, give or take).

    I haven't been able to link it to a specific teleport destination or time played.

    Restarting the game fixes the issue, but overall I don't recall having that issue prior to Update 1.1.0.

  • Hunterr12
    22 posts

    The fact this still hasn't been fixed is just amazing.

  • prytz
    1 posts

    The game is still unplayable after PATCH 1.1.0 to me.. The game is not fixed yet,and that is to bad:)
    Still cant enjoy this game after 3 months. Som time i think am happy i did pay only 109 Norwegian KRS for ultimate Edition on PC.

  • Gilokdc
    6 posts

    As of march 4 i'm taking back all off the improvements i said i got from the last patch, the hotfix completed destroyed my fps, dropping it every time i fast travel, before it did after some 1 hour or more of play!

    i've built this pc TO PLAY ac valhalla, i bought this game even going against my moral standarts after that sexual harrassement expose from ubisoft and i can't play it even tough i have a pc that in theory can do it, since the first time i played this game christmas last year it has been dropping fps, missing features etc.

    i'm done with this game, gonna rush trough the last 16% (3 shires) left and move on to more optimized stuff like control.

    i've spent to much on this pc to spent playing a powerpoint presentation while i could be playing other more optimized games from less lazy developers.

  • Hunterr12
    22 posts

    Well just saw where their biggest priorities are. Bugs and performance issues that linger around from launch or the 1.1.0 patch still around, a bug that messes with helix store items...that stuff is fixed in a few days lol

  • Adder1812
    1 posts

    huh. it started happening to me yesterday. after ~22 hours of game, from 50 to 18 fps ;/ ubisoft...

  • guvenerturk
    13 posts

    guys, my game is fixed because I upgraded my cpu, it gone 40 to 60 (vsync) at settlement 

  • Yesin069
    548 posts


    A game is never "fixed" if you need to upgrade your PC that could handle graphically intense games from the same year or the year before that looked better.

    This is just brute forcing through bad optimization. I am sure if i buya new Intel 10th gen CPU with 8 cores and a new GPU this game will run great. But its not due to great optimization...The hardware is just too OP.

    My PC should have no problem with staying at 60 fps in 1080p and tweaked settings all the time but if i come near places like Fornburg i get like 40 fps. This is inacceptable when i played RDR2 just fine which lookes much better than Valhalla.

    But i am happy that it works for you!

  • mueenahmad786
    13 posts


    FIX: ROLLED GAME BACK TO VERSION 1.0.4 AND MY FPS RETURNED TO 70ish FROM 30ish. [removed 08/03/2021 by @Ubi-Woofer]

    My Specs:

    Gigabyte GTX 1070 Rock Edition
    Core i5 2500K OC'ed @ 4.5 GHz
    16 GB RAM 1600 MHz
    Nvidia Drivers Version: 461.72.

  • Mahluk.
    8 posts

    @mueenahmad786 hey man i wrote you in private and im sure many people will write you as well for how to roll back to older patch. The community needs that knowledge very much. Please answer us.

  • mueenahmad786
    13 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • mueenahmad786
    13 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • mueenahmad786
    13 posts

    undefinedCheck my specifications and Performance. Average FPS 69 on Core i5 2500K with GTX 1070 and 16 GB 1600MHz RAM. I achieved this b rolling back my game to version 1.0.4. I am not using SSD. Surprised? Yes you must be. Because after Update 1.1.0, CPU Usage is locked to 50% and FPS went straight to 30ish in my case. I rolled back game and achieved 69 FPS again. Rollback the game and get ultimate performance. I know some of you might have 2070s, 3070s..3080s and high end processors, you guys can get even more FPS after rolling back to version 1.0.4. And yes, don't forget, actual credit goes to Ubisoft who created AC Valhalla. If there was no Ubisoft, there would've never been Valhalla..

  • Oresp94
    13 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Zarael1721
    95 posts

    guys why did they ban him? @mueenahmad786
    He said he had solution for this issue no? And could tell us how to roll the patch back... They did bann him because he coud help us? WHAT THE [censored] IS THAT?

    Did someone read how to roll back to patch 1.0.4 before they did bann him?

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