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  • peterlaub
    Original poster 61 posts

    We where waiting and waiting, for nothing at all,
    the hopes where high, yet the failure was tall.

    The biggest conundrum though, of them all,
    will we ever meet, in the viking filled hall?.

    The answer is NO, the chance is spoiled!
    I thought this game was ready, polished, and oiled!

    But yet again, the food was spoiled.
    And even worse, the ground was soiled.

    The last and only thing left to do,
    Is let it be up, to the rest, of you..

    Come on Ubisoft! dont make me bring back the bad poetry.

    Sincerely the Danish Viking.

  • Mahluk.
    7 posts

    @peterlaub I started to think that ubisoft do not solve this problem just to read new poems from you.
    People here is not even writing anymore. ubi made people sick of this game.

  • Kormac67
    510 posts

    @peterlaub Next week next chance to get disappointed.

  • Yesin069
    465 posts

    Don't have any hopes that this will get fixed or even touched. It is more important to add the new seasonal event, which means new meaningles settlement decorations, new meaningles mini-games and new reskinned gear to get...WOW! And this all just for a limited time to get players back to this bugged game. The most interesting thing about those events are the quests and this should tell you how bad this content is because those quests are generic fetch quests with 5 sentences of dialogue. I cant wait to see the new bugs in this event or if they actually fixed the always-drunk bug from the yule festival.

    And of course some fixes and twice the number of new bugs.

    I am also still waiting for a fix to the bug with the Soma quest and always the wrong traitor selection. It is beyond me how they still didnt figured out how to fix this problem that is in the game for months now and i also experienced it. So i really had to choose the wrong traitor even if i picked the right one...great bugfixing effort here.

  • Kormac67
    510 posts

    @yesin069 The big influencers like Jorraptor all play console and don't care about PC problems.
    So Ubi's interest is probably low, and they have a bazillion of unfixed issues for console too.
    Last post from Ubi-Something here was about a month ago, duh.

  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    The problem also is that the PC port is done by a different Ubisoft studio, so nobody with actual deep PC knowledge is working on those patches. The only PC things they can fix are Ubisoft Connect bugs and .ini-Files showing false components. Performance fixes need a little mire work and expertise from the actual devs that made the PC port that are surely working on another PC port from Ubisoft.

    After the launch and the money from us they got, just the live service team is still on work on this game and they are more into consoles because this is the platform they develop the game for. PC is a whole different beast and would actually need some effort but this is something i would never expect from Ubisoft.

    At least the guy (or the woman) that changes the colour on armor sets to sell them for 15 bucks is fast at work...Just dont give us the option to dye gear like in AC2...this would destroy their whole system. Maybe another reason why they made their engine so hard to mod...a modder would give us a free dye system in one day...

  • Mahluk.
    7 posts

    Guys, rolling back to 1.0.4 is not a solution. I tried it and fps problem still the same... Im using amd cpu and gpu

  • Gilokdc
    6 posts

    just finished hamtunscire history, and i'm about to go hunt the last order member thus finishing the game, and still no fix for the frame rate issue.

    what a f**ing joke!

  • longjohn119
    428 posts

    @yesin069 Good points .... and hopefully going forward this will no longer be such a big problem because the DirectX API has been unified across both the Xbox and the PC plus the new gen consoles use PC CPUs (Ryzen x86-64) with the same memory controller and the same GPU architecture (RDNA) which should mean it will be less of a port and more just changing a few basic instruction but for that to become a reality it also means they'll have to rebuild the AnvilNext engine from the ground up .... Last gen consoles use a two way superscalar (parallel) CPU capable of out of order instructions and that's a completely different architecture than the x86-64 Vector SIMD (Single Instruction Multi Data) with SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading) architecture ......

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 500 posts

    Hello Vikings,

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing FPS drops.

    Can you please perform all the troubleshooting steps listed in this article? It will help to eliminate any potential software conflicts.

    Additionally, I can see that similar issues have been reported to the development team already and they're being investigated at the moment. Once we have an update, we are going to let everyone know through the patch notes. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

    Official Response
  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    The PS4 and Xbox One also used x86-architecture and the ports in this generation got better because of that. Sadly the Jaguar CPU in those consoles limited the whole gaming industry...

    The strange thing is that Valhalla is using DX12 but didn't take advantage of it at all. I really think Valhalla would run better in DX11 and it shouldn't be hard for the devs to give us the option to switch to DX11 in Valhalla. DX12 seems like a beta effort in Valhalla. There is no raytracing and no DLSS. Also no improved multithreading compared to Odyssey.

    I really hope that they use the Snowdrop Engine from The Division for AC titles in the future. This engine is much more modern and they can more easily build on it. Anvil is used since AC2 (in AC1 it was called Scimitar Engine i think).

    I really hope the next gen AC will show something new and will be handle by better PC devs.

  • longjohn119
    428 posts

    @yesin069 Jaguar cores are NOT x86-64 Vector CPUs they are superscalar CPUs which have a completely different pipeline structure that allows for some (limited) parallel execution much like a GPU .... It does however use the x86-64 instruction set but internally it is a lot different ..... It also can't do clustered multithreading (FX Bulldozer) or SMT multithreading (Ryzen) and instead relies on parallel processing to get similar performance

    A lot of games used it like it was x86-64 CPU because of the instruction set but the more advanced game engines like AnvilNext, the GTA5 and RDR2 game engines, the HZD game engine etc. took advantage of the unique parallel processing capabilities which is why those games were able to get so much out of those relatively low speed Jaguar cores and why they all had problems with the PC ports that took months to iron out and in several cases didn't even make it to PC until a year or more after the console release and still took months to iron out (GTA5 RDR2 and HZD)

  • Kormac67
    510 posts

    @longjohn119 Horizon Zero Dawn is running pretty solid on PC now. No comparison to Valhalla. They just forgot mediate which can be annoying.

  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    Great in-depth post! 😁


    HZD runs like a dream now for me. Also the cloth physics in Horizon are fixed now and look amazing. I never experience an AC PC port that actually improved performance after launch. I play AC since AC1 and since Black Flag i play on PC (2013). Ubisoft never tried to really improve performance after launch. When the game is officially out it feels like every PC dev with actual knowldge turns around and never ever touches the released game.

    HZD showed that it is possible to improve PC ports even after launch. Not just in things like controls but in the most hard thing to improve without downgrades- performance!

  • longjohn119
    428 posts

    @kormac67 When it came out I had a RX 5700 and had minimal problems with it, the usual 30 FPS hair and other issues and some crashing during the final two quests (Defending the Meridian and the big boss fight at the end) .... The problems were more with the Nvidia graphics ..... However when I replayed the game back in late November - early December I did a 98% completion (Everything but a couple of hunter lodges) and had zero crashes and only one bug where I shot the belly tank on a Frostclaws when I was too close and the explosion threw me into some rocks and my arm clipped and got stuck and I couldn't move but reloading a save fixed that and I only lost 5 minutes of gameplay .....

    Hopefully when they port Horizon Zero West over to the PC Sony doesn't make the same mistake of using a third party to port it and and let the Devs at Guerilla do the port themselves because they did a really good job of fixing a sloppily done port ..... When it came out there was still a lot of debug code in the game left by whatever automated program the outside group used to make the PC port so there was a lot of cleanup that needed to be done by Guerilla before they could even start addressing the problems ...... They released 10 patches and several Hot Fixes in under 5 months which is pretty impressive IMO .....

  • mueenahmad786
    13 posts

    Wassaaapp? Guess who's back from the jail. Yeah baby, it's me The OG babayy *shows tattoos got from jail

  • TheHumanSpectre
    4 posts

    Title Update 1.2.0 will be realease soon and I'm here to check you replies. I hope it will be fixed this time spoiler

    9 posts

    So can anyone here let us know if the new update 1.2.0 fixed FPS drops. I m at work for the next 5 hours so I want to know if I will be playing AC Valhalla tonight or not 😁

  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    Short answer...NO! Performance is exactly the same as before...

  • SoberStone999
    56 posts

    @yesin069 For me it's even worse, I was at 50 fps to 30 before patch, now it's 20 fps right from the start. I guess I won't touch the game for another month then!

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